Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2139 - Silver Ancient Tome

“I want this book. The rest of the items are yours,” Shi Feng told Late Autumn as he picked up the Silver Ancient Tombe and stored it in his bag, acting as if he had no interest in the four other items in the treasure chest.

The four other items were indeed valuable at this stage of the game, especially the Level 70 Dark-Gold helmet for Shield Warriors. Even superpowers’ experts would drool over such an item. However, even combined, these four items weren’t worth nearly as much as the Silver Ancient Tome.

God’s Domain had all kinds of Ancient Tomes to offer. Some contained clues to items, while others could cause devastating destruction. This Silver Ancient Tome could improve players’ natural response time.

Normally, a player’s neural response time

depended on their real-world body. Players typically had to use specialized training methods to improve their natural reaction time, as well as have the innate talent to do so. Otherwise, their success would be limited, regardless of how hard they trained.

However, the Silver Ancient Tome broke this rule and could forcibly improve a player’s response time in God’s Domain.

Of course, the improvement was minor, and the Silver Ancient Tome’s effects varied from person to person, but even a minor improvement could significantly impact a player’s performance in the game.

This tome was a special item that could make up for a player’s congenital deficiencies. Even though the tome’s effects weren’t as substantial as a boost to physique, each Silver Ancient Tome had sold for tens of thousands of Gold during Shi Feng’s previous life. Some of the superpowers’ elderly experts had even traded Fragmented Legendary items or Basic Bloodlines to get their hands on one of these tomes, trying to make up for their deteriorating reaction time.

Shi Feng was actually quite surprised to get his hands on a Silver Ancient Tome so early. If he gave it to one of his Guild’s Refinement Realm experts, it wouldn’t be long before they broke through to the Flowing Water Realm. After all, improved neural response time would indirectly improve players’ combat standards. In fact, when the various large Guilds recruited internal members, they typically prioritized players with above-average response time.

Currently, Zero Wing had four experts stuck between the Refinement Realm and Flowing Water Realm: Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Gentle Snow, and Violet Cloud. If they could use the Silver Ancient Tome, they might become Flowing Water Realm experts very quickly.

Once they reached the Flowing Water Realm, combined with their abilities in the Truth Realm, they’d finally blossom into bona fide peak experts.

After Shi Feng stored the Silver Ancient Tome, Late Autumn gave the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest a hesitant look.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, this item is a piece of Level 70 Dark-Gold Equipment,” Late Autumn said as he examined the helmet for Shield Warriors. He then turned to Shi Feng and said sincerely, “Our Purple Shadow adventurer team has only avoided annihilation because of you. Accepting such an item is too much.”

At this stage of the game, even the various superpowers madly contested for Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment, not to mention Level 70 Dark-Gold Equipment. Moreover, this was a helmet for MTs. It was far more valuable than ordinary equipment of the same level and rank.

“I’ve already told you that I only wanted one item from the treasure chest. Moreover, it is only Level 70 Dark-Gold Equipment. It is nothing to Zero Wing,” Shi Feng responded. Seeing the Cursemancer’s guilty expression, he chuckled and continued, “If you really can’t bring yourself to accept it, why don’t you help me out with something else? Then, you can consider the helmet your compensation.”

He didn’t know much about the Purple Shadow adventurer team, but based on the team’s performance and camaraderie, he could see that its members were righteous people. Otherwise, they likely would’ve split up and fled from Bright Dawn’s expert team.

That was one of the reasons that Shi Feng had chosen to help them. At most, he might have saved any other team from Bright Dawn’s bullying; he wouldn’t have allowed them to keep the Boss and treasure chest.

“Compensation?” Late Autumn was inwardly surprised, looking at Shi Feng’s calm expression. This Swordsman had offered a piece of Level 70 Dark-Gold Equipment as if it meant nothing to him. Moreover, Late Autumn could tell that Shi Feng was telling the truth. Immediately, he replied, “That won’t be a problem. Guild Leader Black Flame, please tell us what you need us to do. Our Purple Shadow adventurer team will assist you with everything we got.”

“I’m heading to the Bottomless Abyss to take care of something. I’d like your help in clearing out the mobs. The whole affair will take roughly half a day. How about it?” Shi Feng asked.

The Bottomless Abyss was the lowest-leveled God Mode Regional Dungeon in God’s Domain. Not only did an abundance of monsters call the Dungeon home, but they were also quite challenging to deal with. Without enough strength, most teams would find themselves on a one-way trip if they tried to enter the Dungeon.

Initially, Shi Feng had planned to clear out the monsters in his path by himself. Mobilizing the Guild’s main force to help him would only be a waste of time and resources. With Zero Wing’s current predicament, the Guild couldn’t afford such an operation.

However, since the Purple Shadow adventurer team had volunteered its help, he was more than glad to accept. From what he had seen thus far, Purple Shadow was quite strong overall. Although the team couldn’t compare to Zero Wing’s main force, it was close to rivaling other first-rate Guilds’ main forces. The only real difference between Purple Shadow and a first-rate Guild’s main force was their equipment.

“You’re heading to the Bottomless Abyss?” Colorful Fruit’s jaw dropped, and she stared at Shi Feng in astonishment.

For the players grinding in the Ancient Undead Country, the Bottomless Abyss was a forbidden land, yet Shi Feng had originally planned to head straight into the beast’s maw by himself.

The various major powers had already attempted to enter the Bottomless Abyss, but every one of them had returned in defeat. Some of those teams had even been comprised of experts, led by peak experts.

“Alright!” Although Late Autumn found Shi Feng’s request surprising, he decided to go through with his promise. “Are we setting off now, then?”

“Mhnn, the sooner we get there, the better.” Shi Feng nodded.

“In that case, let’s rest and recover. We’ll set off in one minute,” Late Autumn announced, glancing at his teammates’ conditions.

“Commander, are we really going into the Dungeon?” Colorful Fruit whispered, sounding worried. “Even the Windwolf adventurer team retreated after less than an hour!”

Windwolf was the fifth ranked adventurer team in the Dark Night Empire and much stronger than Purple Shadow overall, and they hadn’t even made it a full hour in the Bottomless Abyss. Moreover, only half of the team had escaped the Dungeon alive. Because of this, the empire’s adventurer teams had begun to fear the Regional Dungeon.

Asking them to spend half a day in the Bottomless Abyss was no different than asking them to commit suicide.

“Of course, we’re going. I’ve already promised him our help,” Late Autumn said. “Besides, we’re in just as much danger now as we would be in the Bottomless Abyss. We might as well take out chances.”

Currently, more than 20 expert teams were targeting them. It was almost guaranteed that they wouldn’t all make it out of the Psychedelic Forest alive. Since that was the case, they might as well try their luck in the Bottomless Abyss.

After giving the matter some thought, Colorful Fruit found Late Autumn’s reasoning sound. Since both paths led to death, they could at least try to establish a friendship with an expert like Shi Feng.

Once the Purple Shadow adventurer team had rested, Shi Feng led them toward the God Mode Regional Dungeon.

About five minutes after Shi Feng and his new companions left the area, a team with an averaged around Level 67 found the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest. These players weakest piece of equipment was Level 65 Fine-Gold rank, and some of its experts even wore multiple pieces of Epic Equipment. Every member of the team radiated an imposing aura, as well. Overall, this was certainly no ordinary adventurer team.

“Boss, those people have already left. By the looks of it, they’re heading toward the Bottomless Abyss,” a bald, Level 68 Assassin in blue reported to the stalwart man in a suit of crimson armor. “They should only have departed recently.”

“They’re heading to the Bottomless Abyss? A wise decision,” the crimson-armored man said, chuckling. “It’s a pity that they caught our attention. Notify the other scouts. We’ll give chase immediately!”