Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2138 - Regional Treasure

Chapter 2138 – Regional Treasure

Purple Shadow’s members were surprised to see the brilliant lights that escaped the treasure chest.

Normally, Dark-Gold Treasure Chests only caused a commotion that affected a 3,000- or 4,000-yard radius when opened, but the lights this treasure chest released were even visible from 7,000 yards away.

The various adventurer teams hated this particular feature the most. Every player within 7,000 yards would now know that someone had opened a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest. Meanwhile, they were in the Ancient Undead Country, which had far more resources than other neutral maps. Naturally, the contents of this Dark-Gold Treasure Chest would be worth far more than usual.

While it was amazing that Shi Feng had scared away Bright Dawn’s team by himself, he couldn’t change the predicament they were now in. Such a dazzling light show would certainly lead a large number of teams to their location.

Regardless of Starlink, plenty of powerful Guilds and adventurer teams operated in the Ancient Undead Country. Although Shi Feng might escape, what were they supposed to do?

Any competent team in the fields carried a Magic Mirror. Although Magic Mirrors could only view a small area, they had a very long reach. If a team spotted a treasure’s lights, they would refer to their Magic Mirrors immediately to scout the area and locate the treasure.

If the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest’s lights had only been visible from 4,000 yards away, only six or seven teams might have noticed it. With their strength, the Purple Shadow team could’ve escaped with the treasure. At worst, they might have lost a few dozen members while they fled. However, a minimum of 20 teams would notice this treasure chest’s lights, and every one of them would be an expert team.

While Purple Shadow’s members cursed the system, the various adventurer teams within 7,000 yards of the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest used their Magic Mirrors to search for its exact location.

“A Dark-Gold Treasure Chest is radiating such a powerful light?”

“Isn’t that Late Autumn from the Purple Shadow adventurer team? His team sure is lucky. They actually found a Dark- Gold Treasure Chest with such brilliant lighting.”

“Quick! We mustn’t let the other teams get to the treasure before us!”

The nearby teams recognized the Purple Shadow adventurer team and began to move. Although Magic Mirrors only displayed images, not sound, and players couldn’t inspect the images’ data, the Purple Shadow adventurer team was famous throughout the Dark Night Empire. Recognizing its members wasn’t difficult.

Normally, ordinary players would don Black Cloaks before opening a treasure chest in the fields; only powerful Guild teams or adventurer teams didn’t bother to conceal their identities. However, it was obvious that Purple Shadow’s team had miscalculated. It must not have taken into account the commotion opening this Dark-Gold Treasure Chest would cause. With the strength of this chest’s light, it undoubtedly contained extraordinary items. Knowing this, how could the various teams ignore such an opportunity?

After obtaining a treasure chest’s items, players gained a two-hour debuff that guaranteed the items would drop if they died.

“Commander, we used a Spatial Exploration Scroll and discovered that 26 Magic Mirrors are locked onto our location. Getting out of here won’t be easy,” Colorful Fruit reported grimly.

Twenty-six expert teams were watching them. They’d have to face a full force of 2,600 experts. With just 100 players on their side, getting past so many players would be incredibly difficult.

“How can there be so many?” Late Autumn could not help but feel powerless.

Meanwhile, Bright Dawn and his team, who were already quite far from the Purple Shadow adventurer team, were stunned when they saw the light pillar rise up behind them.

“Vice Guild Leader, that treasure chest is astounding! It is releasing such a powerful light! The items inside must be extraordinary!” the Level 67 Assassin beside Bright Dawn exclaimed as he gazed at the towering shaft of light in the distance.

“Hahaha! Good! Very good!” Bright Dawn began to laugh.

Vice Guild Leader?” The Assassin gave his commander a confused look.

Although the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest had yielded incredible items, they weren’t related to it in any way. He didn’t understand why Bright Dawn laughed. It would make more sense if the man were enraged by the situation, not joyful. That treasure chest would’ve been theirs if not for Shi Feng’s intervention, after all.

“I guess it’s not unusual that you don’t understand,” Bright Dawn said, chuckling. “The teams in the Ancient Undead Country aren’t just from the Dark Night Empire. Powers from other empires and kingdoms have sent their people, as well. According to my sources, two other superpowers are operating in the Psychedelic Forest alone. They’ve disguised themselves and independent players, and both expert teams are led by monster-level experts. The Guild Leader warned me about these teams before we headed out. Neither of those teams will ignore the appearance of such notable treasure.”

Realization dawned on Starlink’s members after listening to their commander’s explanation.

Teams with monster-level expert leadership were incredibly strong. Normally, superpowers used these teams as strategic pawns, assigning multiple peak experts to them. Even the weakest member would be a Refinement Realm expert.

Even a 1,000-man legion of experts would have to avoid such a team.

“We’re not going to return just yet. I want to stay and watch what Black Flame intends to do about his latest predicament!” Bright Dawn said as he told his teammates to rest.

Meanwhile, astonishment overwhelmed Shi Feng has he watched the treasure chest’s colorful lights fade.

Others might not recognize a Dark-Gold Treasure chest, with the ability to influence a 7,000-yard-radius, for what it was, but Shi Feng was no stranger to the phenomenon.

A Regional Treasure!

A Regional Treasure was the most important treasure chest in an area. Even if the Psychedelic Forest hid an Epic ranked Treasure Chest, it’s items would pale in comparison to this Dark-Gold Treasure Chest’s bounty.

Whenever a Regional Treasure had been discovered in the past, massive wars had ensued.

Regional Treasures actually had a chance of dropping an Ancient Document!

Ancient Documents were one way players could search for treasures in God’s Domain. Many powers had discovered Legendary and Fragmented Legendary items with the help of these documents.

Hence, the various powers had fought fiercely to claim any Regional Treasure they could find. Regional Treasures also gave ordinary Guilds a chance to claim Legendary or Fragmented Legendary items, giving them a fair chance to compete with the various superpowers for such items. After all, Regional Treasures appeared randomly. Not even superpowers could claim them all.

Shi Feng had found multiple Regional Treasures in the past, but unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to claim any for himself. Every Regional Treasure he had encountered had been snatched away by a top adventurer team or first-rate Guild.

Once the treasure chest’s light faded fully, Shi Feng inspected the items within.

The Dark-Gold Treasure Chest contained a total of five items. One was a Level 70 Dark-Gold Helmet for Shield Warriors, one was a Level 70 Fine-Gold Staff, one was a cloth hat for a Level 70 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, one was a Tier 3 Magic Scroll, and one was an ancient tome with silver, divine runes on its cover.

A Silver Ancient Document? Shi Feng’s heartbeat accelerated as his gaze rested on the Ancient Document.