Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2135 - Peak Legacy Forest Saint

Chapter 2135 – Peak Legacy Forest Saint

“Healers, stabilize the MTs’ HP. Melee unit, keep Starlink’s members away from our healers!” a purple-clad, Level 67 Cursemancer standing among the independent team commanded while swinging his blue, wooden staff, buffing his teammates.

Like well-trained soldiers, the independent players followed the Cursemancer’s commands to the letter. Even if they faced imminent danger, they followed their orders.

“Commander, Starlink’s offensive is too strong. The Boss still has 24% of its HP. I don’t think we’ll be able to outlast it,” a woman expressed her concern as she eyed the Boss’s HP. In an exquisite, light-green dress, the woman looked like a fairy as she wielded her green cane. She wore a Tier 2 Class Insignia for Druids.

Monsters in the Psychedelic Forest were quite strong, and to make matters worse, the forest’s Mana density was painfully low. Magical class players would only be able to exert half of their normal combat power here. Naturally, this affected healers, as well.

Fighting one of this area’s Field Bosses was incredibly difficult, even more so when trying to fight one of Starlink’s expert teams.

“I know! But if we hand them the Boss, we’ll have wasted our suppression scroll!” Late Autumn, the Cursemancer commander, said as he glanced at the silver-armored Berserker leading Starlink’s team. Gnashing his teeth, Late Autumn growled, “Moreover, Bright Dawn is leading this team. He’s a vicious bastard that kills any player he comes across. He has wiped out more than ten teams in the Ancient Undead Country thus far. He won’t just let us leave even if we retreat!”

“I support the commander! We are Purple Shadow, one of the Dark Night Empire’s top-ten adventurer teams! If we’re going to lose this fight, we’ll make sure that no one gets this Boss!” Half Feather, a Level 66 Ranger guarding Late Autumn’s side, confidently declared.

The rest of the team members nodded in agreement.

The Dark Night Empire had countless adventurer teams, so competition was intense. Any adventurer team that could rank among the top 100 in the empire was powerful enough that even first-rate Guilds treated them with some respect. Ordinary third-rate Guilds wouldn’t even dare offend the empire’s top-100 adventurer teams.

Every one of those teams was, without question, a peak adventurer team. Many first-rate Guilds would give anything to recruit them.

Although the Purple Shadow adventurer team was no match for a superpower like Starlink, it was strong enough to challenge one of the superpower’s expert teams.

“Commander, I don’t think our frontline can hold out against Starlink for much longer. Should I help them out?” Colorful Fruit, the female Druid, asked as she watched the enemy push back her team’s frontline.

“I’ll help, too. I’m tired of attacking the Boss. I want to teach those Starlink bastards a lesson!” Half Feather roared.

“Alright, but be careful. Starlink’s members aren’t pushovers,” Late Autumn said after giving the matter some thought.

Although their team hadn’t yet suffered any casualties, he knew Bright Dawn’s aim. The Berserker likely wanted to use their team to whittle down the Boss’s HP. Once the Boss’s HP was low enough for him, he’d join the fray and wipe out Purple Shadow’s healers. Without their healers, the rest of their team would fall.

Colorful Fruit and Half Feather had the best chances of stopping Bright Dawn among the team. Both were, after all, experts that ranked among the top 20 of their respective classes within the Dark Night Empire.

Colorful Fruit was particularly powerful within a forest. Although she was a Druid, a healer class, she had acquired a Peak Legacy called Forest Saint. The hidden class greatly enhanced her combat power whenever she stood in a forested area.

“Understood!” Colorful Fruit and Half Feather replied before joining the PvP battle near the Boss.

Both teams did their best to avoid sending too many players near the Boss’s perception range to avoid triggering a power boost for the monster. Hence, they restricted themselves somewhat while in combat. To be precise, the teams had only tested each other’s strength so far.

Vice Guild Leader, the Boss has less than 20% of its HP now,” a Level 67 Cleric reported to Bright Dawn, who commanded Starlink’s members in this fight.

“Good! Everyone, follow me into battle! Leave none alive!” Bright Dawn roared, licking his lips as he led the rest of his team in a charge against the Purple Shadow adventurer team.

With his command, the rest of Starlink’s members grew serious about eliminating their enemies.

The Purple Shadow experts might seem powerful to first-rate Guilds, with many of them capable of reaching the Trial Tower’s sixth floor, but they were nothing before Bright Dawn’s personal security team.

Bright Dawn’s team consisted of experts that could reach the Trial Tower’s seventh floor. Forty of them were even Refinement Realm experts. They could easily decimate a first-rate Guild’s main force, much less a meager adventurer team.

A moment later, Starlink’s experts smashed through Purple Shadow’s defensive line, which had remained stable until now. Not even the cooperation between two or three Purple Shadow experts was enough to stop one of Starlink’s, and their HPs plummeted as the fight dragged on.

In the end, Starlink only needed a dozen or so players to suppress the 30-plus frontline players from Purple Shadow. The remaining 20-plus then barreled their way toward Purple Shadow’s healers alongside their commander. Every one of these players was a Refinement Realm expert.

When only 100 yards separated the healers from Bright Dawn’s experts, Colorful Fruit and Half Feather reached the battlefield. They were surprised by the sudden turn of events, but they quickly recovered from their daze and engaged the enemy.

Immediately, Colorful Fruit cast the Tier 3 Overtier Spell, Forest’s Descent.

Waving her cane, the Forest Saint manifested a Domain that spread out around her, enveloping everything in her surroundings. The trees within the Domain then gained sentience, becoming Level 67 Great Lord ranked Treants. Six Treants responded to Colorful Fruit’s call in total, moving to block Starlink’s advance. Moreover, Colorful Fruit gained full control of the vines on the still-dormant trees. She commanded more than a dozen vines, every one containing Tier 3 Strength.

Nearby, Half Feather’s crimson bow suddenly brightened with a dazzling glow. Five crimson magic arrays manifested around the Ranger, and whenever he loosed an arrow, the magic arrays did the same, launching flaming arrows to accompany his attacks.

Although these flaming arrows were weaker than Half Feather’s normal attacks, they couldn’t be blocked. Even a Refinement Realm expert would fall under this Ranger’s assault.


“The Purple Shadow adventurer team actually has such powerful experts?”

Starlink’s members were stunned for a moment. They had seen their fair share of experts as the members of a personal security team for one of the Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders. Thus, witnessing one move was more than enough to give them a general idea of an expert’s strength.

Based on their experience, they recognized both Colorful Fruit and Half Feather as Refinement Realm experts. Moreover, the two had incomparably powerful Skills. Colorful Fruit, in particular, had received a considerable boost to her Basic Attributes with her last Spell. If an ordinary Refinement Realm expert attacked her, they’d likely get a onesided beating in return.

In contrast, Purple Shadow’s members expressed their glee as they watched their two comrades take action.

When this Druid and Ranger fought together in a forest, they could even defeat a 200-man expert team by themselves.

While Starlink’s Refinement Realm experts struggled against Colorful Fruit and Half Feather’s attacks, Bright Dawn wielded his white-bone greatsword as he charted through the Great Lord ranked Treants and vines like a speeding bullet. Even though Half Feather fervently fired at the Berserker, Bright Dawn easily maneuvered past the arrows’ trajectories. The Berserker was astonishingly fast, no slower than a peak Tier 2 Assassin, which made it hard to for Half Feather to aim.

Within three seconds, Bright Dawn stood before the Ranger, swinging his greatsword.

Suddenly, six white flashes blinded the combatants. As they faded, they revealed six deep slashes in the ground, each 15 yards long. Although Half Feather had tried to use his bow to defend himself, three of the attacks had landed, and he died on the spot…

How is this possible?! Colorful Fruit was stupefied.

Half Feather ranked among the top-20 Ranger experts in the Dark Night Empire, yet against Bright Dawn, he was as weak as an infant. His life had ended in a single move. The strength difference was astounding.

“A mere ant dares to oppose me?!” Bright Dawn sneered at Half Feather’s corpse. He then shifted his gaze toward Colorful Fruit and said, “Alright, you’re next!”

The Starlink Berserker then transformed into a blur as he flew toward the Forest Saint, who stood around 20 yards away.

Seeing this, Colorful Fruit panicked. She tried to use her vines to stop Bright Dawn, but she quickly discovered that they were practically non-existent before this madman. He easily deflected them with his greatsword, not even pausing.

So, this is the strength of a superpower? At this moment, Colorful Fruit understood that this battle was a lost cause and intended to disregard her defense.

Just as Bright Dawn reached Colorful Fruit and raised his greatsword against the Druid, he froze and turned toward a figure that had suddenly appeared from behind the nearby trees. When he saw this figure, his expression turned grim.

Colorful Fruit and the rest of the players engaged in battle were confused by his abrupt change.

When Purple Shadows’ Forest Saint followed her enemy’s gaze, she noticed a man slowly approaching. This man wore a suit of pitch-black armor with a silvery-gray cape draped over his shoulders and carried two longswords at his hips. As if he were oblivious of the battle around him, he lightly strolled toward her.

“Who is that?”