Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2129 - Inferior Legendary Quest Reward

Chapter 2129 – Inferior Legendary Quest Reward

White River City, City Hall:

Why are so many people here?

As Shi Feng entered the building, he noticed a large number of independent players in the first-floor hall.

Many of them were engaged in conversations with the NPC administrators, and quite a few stood in line before the Deed counter. Without exception, every player wore an excited expression. The venue was just as lively as a popular trading firm. The only difference was the lack of experts, replaced by extravagantly-dressed merchant players.

“Damn it! I’m too late. I hurried from Black Dragon City, but White River City’s advanced rooms have already sold out!”

“I know, right? I’ve heard that the advanced rooms sold out about half an hour ago. Only basic rooms are left.”

“I wonder when White River City will start selling VIP rooms?”

“VIP rooms? I doubt many players will be able to afford them even if the system does sell them to players.”

“Even if people can afford the VIP rooms, they won’t buy them in White River City. This is only a kingdom’s NPC city. At best, White River City’s VIP rooms will rival advanced rooms in empires. Why waste money on a VIP room in White River City when you could buy two advanced rooms in an empire?”

“Indeed. Recently, I’ve heard that Starlink has invested more funds into suppressing Zero Wing. Moreover, it has been purchasing specialty materials at high prices in Star-Moon City’s Auction House. As a result, it’s lured many players to sell their items there. Fewer and fewer players have been willing to conduct their business in White River City’s Auction House as of late.”

The players observing the situation in the hall quietly discussed the current affairs. When Shi Feng overheard them, he realized why so many players had come to the City Hall.

Shortly after the first Auction Arena ended in his previous life, the system had launched the Auction House rooms. These rooms had become quite popular among independent players. Not only could players rest in these rooms, but the rooms also granted plenty of benefits.

Item storage was one of these benefits. Players could use their rooms as private warehouses to store more items. They would no longer have to rent warehouses from the bank.

The rooms’ teleportation feature was the second benefit. Regardless of where a player was, they could use the teleportation stone the Auction House rooms granted to travel to their room at no cost. The only downside was the relatively long Cooldown and the fact that the teleportation stones couldn’t be used as freely as 把 being able to use an Auction House room as an additional teleportation point was quite a valuable feature for independent players.

Naturally, the ability to sell and purchase items was yet another benefit. Owning an Auction House room granted a player access to the Auction House interface, allowing them to conduct their business from the privacy of their room. They wouldn’t need to deal with the crowded hall.

The fourth and most important benefit was the free access to the Auction House’s Advanced Auction. Unlike players without their own rooms, they wouldn’t have to fulfill the participation qualifications and compete for the limited number of entry tickets available.

Because of these four benefits, independent players had eagerly fought for Auction House rooms.

Naturally, powers that controlled NPC Auction Houses also benefited from the Auction House rooms. As they sold more rooms, these powers would receive a higher percentage of the revenue shares.

However, Auction House rooms were not cheap, and players could only purchase a room on a monthly basis. Hence, the number of rooms an Auction House sold depended on the managing power’s abilities. If the powers’ NPC Auction Houses prospered, more buyers would be attracted to the Auction Houses’ rooms.

Because of this, the powers that ruled over an NPC Auction House took their management role quite seriously. Some had even done anything to improve their NPC Auction Houses’ business in the past, easily raking in as much profit as multiple ordinary Auction Houses.

Of course, doing so came with a huge risk. An NPC Auction House’s management wasn’t set in stone, and on f the off chance that the managing power lost the next Auction Arena, all of their hard work would only benefit someone else.

Since White River City’s first Auction Arena was over, independent players had begun to contest for the Auction House’s rooms. Only, there weren’t as many players here as Shi Feng had expected.

Shi Feng still remembered when Star-Moon City’s Auction House rooms had become available for purchase in the past. Pure insanity had reigned in the city’s City Hall, and the system had even held an auction for the rooms due to the number of interested buyers. By the end of the auction, both the advanced and the basic rooms had completely sold out.

The number of players interested in White River City’s Auction House rooms was pitiful in comparison.

But Shi Feng also understood. Zero Wing had multiple superpower enemies, and Starlink was still insistent on suppressing his Guild’s finances. It was natural for players to be concerned about the stability of the city’s Auction House. As a result, only the most valuable advanced rooms had sold out. Barely anyone was interested in the basic rooms.

Starlink has certainly moved quickly. As he looked at the hesitant crowd, Shi Feng couldn’t help his astonishment over Starlink’s actions. At this point, the superpower was doing everything it could to decimate Zero Wing’s finances.

While Shi Feng was mired in his own thoughts, an NPC senior administrator approached and led him to meet Weissman in the study.

When Shi Feng arrived, he found Weissman reading an ancient tome; it was the same scene he had witnessed during his previous visit. The NPC’s aura was undetectable. Anyone unfamiliar with the NPC would find it hard to believe that this man was, in fact, a Tier 5 Grand Wizard.

Quickly, Shi Feng handed Weissman 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal and the Hero Crusade Quest Certificate.

You really are a surprising adventurer. I hadn’t thought that you’d complete the requirements so soon. It’s no wonder why Sharlyn values you so much,” Weissman said, looking at Shi Feng with a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes. Seeing this reaction, it was hard to believe that Weissman was actually an NPC. He seemed more like an average, friendly elder. “Here is the Proof of Release you need. I hope it will help you progress!”

As soon as Weissman handed Shi Feng a roll of parchment, the sounds of a series of system notifications reached Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Inferior Legendary Quest, “Road to Prosperity.” Rewarding one Proof of Release for White River City’s Auction House, two Level increases, Legacy Skill Points +5, and Free Mastery Points +20.

Shi Feng instantly leveled from 74 to 76, but rather than spend the Legacy Skill Points he had just received recklessly like most players with a hidden class, he chose to save them.

First, he didn’t currently need any additional Skills. He was already quite strong, six levels higher than Fire Dance and the other main force members, who were already far above God’s Domain’s top-leveled players.

Second, Tier 2 was merely a transition period for players. The game became truly challenging once players reached Tier 3, and Legacy Skill Points would become far more difficult to acquire. If players spent their Legacy Skill Points recklessly for a brief boost to their strength, they’d pay for it later in the game. Many experts had regretted their rushed decisions during Shi Feng’s previous life.

System: You have completed the Road to Prosperity. You may choose between a Peak Construction Design and a Gold Town Promotion Order as a bonus reward. You have five minutes to decide.