Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2126 - Sudden Cry

Chapter 2126 – Sudden Cry

After seeing Fire Dance in action, the distant spectating Mad Beast Legion members realized this was serious. Unlike Ink Rain, glowing, silver runes didn’t cover Fire Dance’s body. Instead, her form was shrouded in a black mist as if she were some kind of Demon Lord.

“That woman’s amazing! She actually blocked Party Leader Ink’s killing move!”

Everyone in the Mad Beast Legion knew how powerful Ink Rain was; not even a handful of them could block her attacks. She had also activated Divine Phantasm already.

Divine Phantasm was Ink Rain’s exclusive Berserk Skill, and it was much stronger than ordinary Skills of the same type. When active, Divine Phantasm granted Ink Rain godly reaction speed. She could kill even monster-level experts instantly if they were not careflil.

Even Cloudy Mountain would have to avoid facing her head-on if she had the Berserk Skill active.

Yet, someone who could block Ink Rain’s attacks while she had Divine Phantasm active had just joined the fray. Why wouldn’t they be surprised?

“Fire Dance? You’re the commander of Zero Wing’s main force?” Ink Rain gave the woman a playful smile as she observed Fire Dance. “I never would’ve thought that, aside from Black Flame, Zero Wing had another powerful expert. It seems this battle will finally become interesting. Alright, come at me, both of you!”

Ink Rain’s arrogance enraged Zero Wing’s main force members.

In contrast, Yan Tianxing and FFF’s former members didn’t seem angry as they arrived on the scene. Rather, they watched Ink Rain with fear in their eyes. They knew how strong this willowy woman truly was.

“Be careful, Commander Fire Dance. She’s far stronger than what she’s shown thus far. I suggest that we work together to take her down while she’s still being reckless. I’m afraid that we will find her far more difficult to deal with once she gets serious,” Yan Tianxing quietly suggested.

Yan Tianxing had gained a faint understanding of the woman’s prowess when he had fought her. She wasn’t just a Domain Realm monster; she had actually progressed quite far in the Domain Realm. Moreover, she hadn’t taken Cola seriously since she had joined the fight. He was certain of that much. When Ink Rain had previously activated Divine Phantasm, she had single-handedly destroyed a Guardian Puppet and Hell Tank.

However, that wasn’t the woman’s most frightening aspect. Her speed was far more dangerous, even heaven-defying. When heh ad fought her, none of the supporting Guardian Puppets or Hell Tanks had been able to land a single hit.

Although Cola currently had the Strength to rival Mythic monsters, he was far slower than the Guardian Puppets. His overall combat power was only on par with the constructs; he wouldn’t be able to hit Ink Rain despite his best efforts.

Even though Fire Dance had joined the battle, her participation was no different than pitting two Guardian Puppets up against Ink Rain. Killing this female Assassin would still be arduous. They only had a chance if they worked with him and Yi Luofei. If the four of them cooperated, even Ink Rain would be in trouble.

“No, I’ll deal with her myself. I want you guys to make sure the others don’t escape,” Fire Dance said, shaking her head. “This…” Fire Dance’s reply made Yan Tianxing anxious.

He could guess what Zero Wing’s top Assassin was thinking. He, too, had thought that he could defeat any expert he encountered when he had been young. But Ink Rain was no ordinary expert. She was even stronger than ordinary monster-level experts, and not even Black Flame would necessarily defeat this Assassin.

“Since Big Sis Fire is sure, Brother Yan, there shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s focus on the other Mad Beast Legion members,” Cola advised.

Cola’s confidence rendered Yan Tianxing speechless.

They had just thrown away the perfect opportunity to deal with Ink Rain. Now, she’d be far more difficult to defeat. Ink Rain likely had a firm grasp of Zero Wing’s strength by now, and with her speed and wits, entrapping her would be impossible.

“Are you done yet?” Ink Rain asked, flashing Yan Tianxing and Yi Luofei a faint smile. “If you want to come at me together, I won’t mind.”

She was absolutely confident in her Strength and speed. Two more Void Realm experts wouldn’t change the outcome of this fight.

“It would be a waste to face you with four people. I’ll be more than enough,” Fire Dance calmly replied.

You? Alone? How confident. I wonder if you really are strong enough to back up your claim?” Ink Rain’s gaze grew chilly when she heard Fire Dance’s response, and the experts around them shuddered as they felt her killing intent. Ink Rain then vanished and transformed into five phantoms as she dashed toward Fire Dance.

“Nine Phantom Steps! Party Leader Ink is getting serious!”

That girl, Fire Dance, is definitely dead now. She’s actually dared to anger Party Leader Ink.”

When they saw Ink Rain vanish and reappear alongside four copies, the Mad Beast Legion members’ eyes glowed with respect and admiration.

Nine Phantom Steps was a Bronze Combat Technique Starlink had obtained through a Bronze Legacy Tablet. Of all of the Mad Beast Legion members, only Ink Rain had learned a portion of the technique.

Although Ink Rain still couldn’t create nine phantoms, the fact that she could create five was astounding. Moreover, not even Domain Realm experts could differentiate between the five phantoms.

Although the Nine Phantom Steps was an incredibly powerful technique, it had glaring flaws. Using the combat technique consumed an extraordinary amount of Stamina and Concentration. Even a monster like Ink Rain could only execute the technique four times with full Stamina and Concentration. Seeing her utilize the technique in combat was a rare treat.

It’s over! Yan Tianxing’s expression sank when he saw Ink Rain’s five clones.

He knew that she was an absolute monster, but he hadn’t realized that she was this strong. Not even he could determine which phantom was Ink Rain’s real body, not to mention Fire Dance.

As the five phantoms reached Fire Dance, they all brandished their gleaming white short swords, launching ten attacks in total. The attacks were imperceptibly fast and accurate, impossible to block or dodge. Moreover, Ink Rain had launched all ten in intervals. Even if Fire Dance used Vanish or Wind Steps, the Skills’ brief invulnerability could save her from all ten attacks.

“Activate!” Fire Dance shouted as she activated the Falling Fire Orb in her bag. Her aura skyrocketed instantly, and everyone around her was suddenly overwhelmed with terror as its intensity washed over them. For a moment, they felt as if a true Mythic monster stood before them.

Zero Wing’s Assassin then brandished her Thousand Transformations. Fire Dance didn’t seem to move quickly. In fact, everyone watching could see her actions clearly. However, the world seemed to freeze as she brandished her Fragmented Legendary Weapon. It looked like only Fire Dance moved while everyone around her stood still.

Where Thousand Transformations passed, it left behind a black spatial tear surrounded by faint arcs of electricity. As everyone watched, the weapon slowly collided with Ink Rain’s snow-white short swords.


Starlink’s female Assassin shot backward like a cannonball, crashing into the ground 15 yards away from Fire Dance. Her hands trembled uncontrollably as he short swords hummed with an ear-piercing sound. A moment later, one-fifth of Ink Rain’s HP bar vanished…