Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2124 - Confrontation at the Entrance

Chapter 2124 – Confrontation at the Entrance

On a small hill outside Silverwing Town, dozens of members of the Mad Beast Legion had set up camp and were resting. Currently, these players were wining and dining without a care in the world, completely disregarding the heavily fortified Silverwing Town several thousand yards away.

“The commander is being too careful this time. He’s actually having us simply stand guard here. Can’t we just destroy Silverwing Town? What can Zero Wing do against us?” a Level 67 Guardian Knight said as he glanced at the distant Silverwing Town. “Previously, everyone was talking about how powerful Zero Wing’s Dark Gods Legion was. In the end, didn’t we slaughter that legion’s members?”

The Mad Beast Legion was an existence known throughout the western continent of God’s Domain for having destroyed over 20 Guild Towns, some of which were even controlled by superpowers.

Yet, now, their commander, Startled Wind, was actually having them stand guard outside Silverwing Town and had only tasked them with preventing players from leaving the town. This was completely different from their normal operations.

“Panther, stop grumbling. At least you got to get some exercise with those people from the Dark Gods Legion. We have only mobs to fight against. There’s not even a Field Boss in sight,” a Level 67 Berserker carrying a white-bone greatsword said, rolling his eyes at the Guardian Knight named Black Panther.

To maintain surveillance on Silverwing Town, the Mad Beast Legion had split into two groups. One group would either grind for levels or rest, while the other group would keep watch over the town. The two groups took turns, switching responsibilities with each other to prevent their levels from falling behind.

“Alright, that’s enough. The commander naturally has his reasons. Moreover, whether in terms of defensive structures or NPC soldiers, Silverwing Town is much stronger than the towns we’ve destroyed thus far. In a frontal confrontation, even if we do succeed in capturing Silverwing Town, we’ll most likely suffer significant losses,” a Level 68 scholarly man wearing silvery-gray leather armor said. In a deep tone, he continued, “While our task this time is indeed to destroy Zero Wing, we also have to conserve our strength. After all, our true enemy is not a measly Guild like Zero Wing but those bastards from the western continent!

“Since we can slowly whittle down Zero Wing without suffering any damage, we naturally don’t need to invest too much effort and reveal our trump cards.”

At the scholarly man’s words, everyone present immediately lost their sloppy manner and grew serious—especially at the mention of the “bastards from the western continent.”

“Vice Commander, I heard that Zero Wing’s Black Flame is very strong and that he had actually defeated the Four Shadow Demons’ Sword Demon. Between him and the commander, who do you think is stronger?” Black Panther could not help but ask curiously.

When the Mad Beast Legion members heard Black Panther’s question, they sent curious gazes at the scholarly man as well.

They were conversant with the Four Shadow Demons’ strength. Every one of the Four Shadow Demons was an absolute monster that had reached the Domain Realm decades ago. Meanwhile, among the four, Sword Demon was ranked number one when it came to a frontal clash.

However, they did not have a very clear idea of the strength of their commander, as they had never actually seen Startled Wind display it before. The only person that might know would be their vice commander, Cloudy Mountain. After all, Startled Wind and Cloudy Mountain were once enemies. Both of them possessed monster-level strength.

“Fifty-fifty, I guess. After all, a field battle is different from an official competition. There are many things you can use in a field battle that you can’t in a competition,” Cloudy Mountain replied after giving the matter some thought.

Vice Commander, aren’t you giving that Black Flame too much credit? In my opinion, that Black Flame might not even be a match for Party Leader Ink, let alone having an even chance against the commander.”

“That’s right! That Sword Demon is already an old man. His mental state is no longer at its peak. Although Party Leader Ink might not be a match for Sword Demon in terms of combat standards, in a field battle, she can definitely kill that old man.”

Everyone felt that their vice commander was blowing things out of all proportion. The Four Shadow Demons might be legends, but the Mad Beast Legion’s current fame and strength were both superior to the Four Shadow Demons’. Setting aside the Mad Beast Legion’s commander and vice commander, just its team leaders were already enough to inspire fear in even first-rate Guilds.

Take Ink Rain, the Mad Beast Legion’s number one party leader, for example. Shee had fought over ten monster-level experts thus far. Moreover, like every member of the Mad Beast Legion, she was also very adept at field battles. If Ink Rain fought Sword Demon out in the fields, even Sword Demon would be in serious trouble.

While the Mad Beast Legion members were bickering, dust clouds suddenly appeared a short distance away. Some of the players that were keeping a lookout on the campsite’s surroundings noticed this immediately.

“Vice Commander, there are people charging toward us from Silverwing Town!” a Ranger shouted after observing the dust clouds using Eagle Eyes.

“Zero Wing’s members are finally unable to sit still. We’ll finally get to exercise our bodies,” Black Panther said, smiling as he licked his lips.

“Your luck really is good. I’ll definitely ask to be in the same group as you next time,” Brilliant Python, the Berserker carrying the white-bone greatsword, said with excitement.

“How many people did they send?” Cloudy Mountain asked as he stood up from his seat.

“A little over 30!” the observing Ranger reported carefully.

“Just 30-plus?”

For a moment, the Mad Beast Legion members could not help but be stunned. They even wondered if the Ranger had seen missed one or two zeroes.

“That’s right, just 30-plus. However, judging by their appearances, I think these people are part of Zero Wing’s main force,” the Ranger explained.

“Main force? Is Zero Wing really that stupid? Does it think it can deal with our Mad Beast Legion with just 30-odd players?”

Vice Commander, let my sixth party take the field. I’ll make sure that none of these people return alive!”

Laughing at the number of players Zero Wing had dispatched, the Mad Beast Legion members immediately took the initiative to volunteer themselves for the upcoming fight, afraid that someone would steal this opportunity from them.

“Ink and Panther, bring your two parties and go teach those people a lesson. However, this is also a rare opportunity. Contact Three Kills’s men and have them come here immediately using a Group Teleportation Scroll. We need to launch a full encirclement and make sure nobody escapes!” Cloudy Mountain commanded as he looked at the approaching figures of Fire Dance and the others from Zero Wing.


Black Panther and the others could not help feeling a little stunned when they heard Cloudy Mountain’s orders.饥 never imagined that their vice commander would take Zero Wing’s members so seriously. However, they still obeyed without hesitation.

The Mad Beast Legion had a total of 20 parties. Each party had six members and was fully capable of slaying expert teams consisting of several hundred players. In reality, just one party would be more than enough to deal with Zero Wing’s 30-plus main force members. Sending two parties against so few players was simply making a mountain out of a molehill.

Following which, Ink Rain and Black Panther, together with their party members, charged at Fire Dance’s team, the distance between the two sides rapidly closing. The players in Silverwing Town soon took notice of this situation.

At this point, everyone was already aware that Zero Wing was holing up in Silverwing Town. The fact that Zero Wing had suddenly obtained the Honorary Guild title further reaffirm their thoughts that it was planning on lying low in Star-Moon Kingdom. Hence, Zero Wing taking the initiative to send its main force members at the Mad Beast Legion was outside of everyone’s expectations.

“Zero Wing’s main force is going up against the Mad Beast Legion! We’re going to have an interesting show to watch!”

“I wonder who will win?”

You must’ve never seen how frightening those people from the Mad Beast Legion are. With just a little over 100 players, they’ve killed over 10,000 players from Zero Wing. Every member of the Mad Beast Legion is a monster. Although Zero Wing’s main force members are strong, they’re probably still inferior to the Mad Beast Legion members. Zero Wing is truly reckless to send so few players. If it were up to me, I would organize at least a 1,000-man team to take on the Mad Beast Legion.”

While the players residing in Silverwing Town were discussing the upcoming battle, Yan Tianxing, who was chasing after Fire Dance’s team, frowned grimly when he saw the two parties the Mad Beast Legion dispatched.

“Not good! Those are Ink Rain’s and Black Panther’s parties! We need to help them quickly!” Yan Tianxing shouted hurriedly to his team.

He had fought Ink Rain and Black Panther before. He would already have his hands full just dealing with Black Panther alone. Black Panther possessed extraordinary Strength, fighting more like a fierce Berserker than a Guardian Knight. Going up against the Guardian Knight in a frontal confrontation was simply impossible. Ink Rain was even more frightening. In just one exchange, Yan Tianxing had nearly lost his life. If not for a special Magic Scroll that forcibly saved his life, he wouldn’t have been able to block Ink Rain’s second hit at all.

Even if Zero Wing had Fire Dance taking the lead, Yan Tianxing did not think that her group could last very long against both Black Panther and Ink Rain.

Unfortunately, Yan Tianxing’s team was still a tad too slow. In the end, they could only watch as Fire Dance’s group and Ink Rain’s group got within 30 yards of each other and started attacking each other.

“Zero Wing! Die!”

Black Panther laughed as he leaped into the air, the icy-blue shield he wielded transforming into a gigantic energy shield that smashed down on Fire Dance’s group. Not only did Black Panther’s attack cover a 30-yard radius, but the Strength it carried also warped the space around it.

The distant spectating members of Zero Wing paled reflexively at this scene. This move was most likely sufficient to annihilate a 100-man expert team instantly.

Just as the mountain-like energy shield was about to land on the Zero Wing group, Cola suddenly jumped into the air with Titan Guard raised. The Fragmented Legendary Shield then transformed into a blazing streak of light that clashed with the descending energy shield.

Tier 2 Skill, Divine Impact!


An explosion echoed throughout the entire battlefield. In the next moment, Black Panther’s gigantic energy shield cracked and disappeared. As for Black Panther himself, he went flying back. Even after he landed, he stumbled three steps backward before he managed to stabilize himself. In contrast, Cola remained standing steadily where he lighted.