Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2123 - Hero Ranked Reward

Chapter 2123 – Hero Ranked Reward

Shortly after the Level 70 weapons and equipment appeared in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse, news of these items reached Starlink’s Blood Ore Fortress. Several Level 66 or higher experts watched Three Kills, who gazed at the scenery outside the window, nervously in the fifth-floor meeting room in Starlink’s residence.

Vice Guild Leader, according to our spies in Zero Wing, the Guild has offered nearly 1,000 Level 70 weapons and pieces of equipment for purchase in its Guild Warehouse. Moreover, every equipment piece reduces Stamina consumption,” a Level 66 Ranger reported, watching Three Kills with a hint of desire in his gaze. “Zero Wing’s members are on cloud nine because of this. Many of them are desperately trying to earn GCPs to purse the Stamina-rate reduction equipment. This turn of events has certainly increased morale within the Guild.”

The various superpowers still considered Level 70 weapons and equipment extravagant at this stage of the game. Even experts like himself only wore Level 65 Fine-Gold items. If he could get his hands on one or two more pieces of Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment, he’d sleep with a wide grin on his face.

However, Zero Wing had just offered its normal and elite members the chance to use Level 70 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment. This benefit was truly enviable. Moreover, the Secret-Silver Equipment reduced Stamina consumption.

He’d have a much easier time developing if he could purchase a few pieces of such equipment, yet players who weren’t even ordinary experts had been given such an opportunity. The situation was maddening.

“How kind of Zero Wing to offer up such equipment.” Even Three Kills was slightly surprised by Zero Wing’s generosity. He chuckled and said, “Unfortunately, this is only a temporary measure. We have already prepared equipment for a protracted war. The Guild Leader has even amassed 300,000 Gold to persuade outside experts to move against our enemy. The fact that Zero Wing is offering its normal and elite members such equipment only makes them juicier targets.

“I had thought that Black Flame would recall his Guild members to Star-Moon Kingdom and hold up there. If would’ve taken our Guild a lot of time and resources to destroy Zero Wing if he had. However, it seems that he truly believes his Guild is on equal footing with the various superpowers just because he’s small victories against superpowers in the past. How foolish!”

“Zero Wing is mistaken if it thinks it can face us head-on. It’s simply overestimating itself,” a tall woman in pitch-black leather armor said, frowning. She then said to Three Kills, “Vice Guild Leader, let’s make our move before Dark Soul. We can’t let Startled Wind and Dark Soul claim all of the glory!”

“Of course. Yue Meng, go prepare. We’re going to cut off all paths between Star-Moon Kingdom and Silverwing Town! We’ll eliminate the town’s income!” Three Kills said, nodding.

“Leave it to me, Vice Guild Leader! I’ll make sure that no one can reach the town by land!” Yue Meng declared as she patted the heavy hammer she carried, absolute confidence shining in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had secretly reached the Adventurer’s Association’s second-floor hall.

“Lord Protector, how may I be of service?” a senior administrator asked as he approached Shi Feng.

“I wish to turn in a quest. Here is the Falling Fire Heart I’ve retrieved,” Shi Feng said as he pulled a rock enveloped in blue flame from his bag and handed it to the senior administrator.

Every Crusade Quest required proof of completion. The Falling Fire Heart was evidence of the Lord of Fire’s defeat.

The senior administrator was stunned when he saw the Falling Fire Heart. Once he snapped out of his daze, the NPC looked at Shi Feng with even greater respect.

After verifying the Falling Fire Heart’s authenticity, a series of system notifications altered Shi Feng.

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for completing the Hero Crusade Quest, Lord of Fire. Rewarding 30,000 Guild Popularity and promotion to 1-star Honorary Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom

The system announcement echoed throughout Star-Moon Kingdom three times, and every player in the kingdom heard it loud and clear. The various Adventurer’s Association branches throughout the kingdom also hung Zero Wing’s Guild Flag in their main halls. Any player that visited would see these flags. This was proof of the Guild’s glory. Even if Zero Wing faded from God’s Domain, it’s flag would remain in Star-Moon Kingdom’s Adventurer’s Association branches.

However, Shi Feng was far more excited by the fact that his Guild had become a 1-star Honorary Guild.

An Honorary Guild!

Countless Guilds had dreamed of obtaining the title during his previous life.

Even though the title was only effective in the kingdom or empire that had granted it, it was capital that would help a Guild grow stronger.

Even Shadow had fought desperately to earn the Guild title, yet Shi Feng had secured it for Zero Wing so soon in this life.

Normally, Guilds had to complete three Hero Crusade Quests to earn the 1-star Honorary Guild title, but since Zero Wing was the first to complete such a quest in Star-Moon Kingdom, the title had been granted as a bonus reward.

The 1-star Honorary Guild title was easily worth more than 100 Epic Weapons and Equipment pieces to the various Guilds. Not only would the Guild receive more high-ranked quests from NPC nobles due to the title, but its members would also receive a 5% boost to their Basic Attributes and EXP earned within the respective country.

While a 5% boost to Attributes and EXP didn’t seem like much, it was an extraordinary boon to high-level players. Besides, many a little makes a mickle. Players with these buffs would gradually pull ahead of those without. As a result, the difference between Guilds would continue to grow.

After becoming a 1-star Honorary Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing’s position in the kingdom was even sturdier than before. Without overwhelming strength, foreign powers could do nothing against the Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom.

This was one of the reasons that the various major powers had fought so desperately to complete Hero Crusade Quests in the past. A kingdom or empire’s Honorary Guild title was akin to a terrain advantage in war.

When Zero Wing’s members discovered the benefits of being a 1-star Honorary Guild, they couldn’t help their growing excitement.

Although they couldn’t currently grind in neutral maps, with this Guild title, they could grind in Star-Moon Kingdom, and they wouldn’t level any slower than in neutral maps. Moreover, they also had a certain advantage against the kingdom’s Field Bosses.

“Commander, Zero Wing has more hope of survival now! Even if Starlink prevents Zero Wing from developing in neutral maps, the Guild can safely develop in Star-Moon Kingdom,” Yi Luofei, who currently resided in Silverwing Town, exclaimed.

Due to Yan Tianxing’s suggestion, the FFF adventurer team had joined Zero Wing, but despite that, it couldn’t do much to change the Guild’s situation in the Ore Empire. Starlink was simply too strong when it got serious. Zero Wing’s members couldn’t even set foot outside the town.

The various powers that could explore neutral mas would eventually surpass those who couldn’t.

Fortunately, now that Zero Wing had received an Honorary Guild title, its development speed wouldn’t be affected if it couldn’t develop in neutral maps. At the very least, ordinary powers shouldn’t hope to surpass the Guild. Starlink would also find Zero Wing far more difficult to deal with in Star-Moon Kingdom. As long as Zero Wing persisted, it was bound to turn its situation around. God’s Domain constantly changed, after all, and Starlink couldn’t afford to focus all of its strength against Zero Wing all the time.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing hasn’t made it this far by relying on luck. It had been patiently enduring until it accomplished this feat.” Yan Tianxing breathed a sigh of relief when he read the system announcement.

He had fought Starlink’s experts plenty of times before, and he had to admit that it was a frighteningly powerful Guild. It had already dispatched an astonishing number of experts to the Ore Empire, and the Mad Beast Legion tore through the empire like a typhoon. The legion left devastation in its path. Its members had almost succeeded in killing Yan Tianxing, as well. If not for Silverwing Town’s Magic Towers and Guardian Puppets, Yan Tianxing had no doubt that Mad Beast and his legion would’ve captured the town by now.

“Commander, look! Zero Wing’s main force members have arrived! It looks like they’re planning to confront the Mad Beast Legion!” Yi Luofei said as she pointed at Fire Dance’s team, which had appeared near the town’s entrance and seemed to be heading for Mad Beast Legion’s campsite.

“Have they lost their minds?” Yan Tianxing’s anxiety peaked as he watched the 30-plus players direct their Mounts toward the enemy legion.