Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2121 - Ancient Fiend’s Loot

Chapter 2121 – Ancient Fiend’s Loot

As the Lord of Fire fell lifelessly into the lava field, Fire Dance and Zero Wing’s other surviving members toppled backward in exhaustion. However, despite how tired they were, joy still flashed in their eyes.

It was common knowledge in God’s Domain that the stronger a monster was, the better its loot would be.

Although they did not understand what a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend represented exactly, they were quite aware of how powerful the Lord of Fire was. It was undoubtedly the strongest Boss they had fought since joining God’s Domain.

If Shi Feng hadn’t pulled out all the stops in that final moment, bisecting the Boss’s flaming tidal wave, they would’ve been annihilated.

The surviving players watched their experience bars grow with flying speed after the Lord of Fire’s death. The Boss had been a Level 75, Mythic ranked Ancient fiend, and unlike the Flame Demon King Shi Feng had defeated a while ago, their quest hadn’t suppressed the Lord of Fire. Even splitting the EXP among 100 players, each would receive a substantial amount, but with fewer than 10 players were still alive after the fight, it was easy to imagine how much EXP each had received.

Fire Dance and the others had risen from 70 to 71 on the spot, while Shi Feng climbed from 5% to 42% of Level 74.

While everyone was surprised by the awarded EXP, the Falling Star Secret Land began to transform. The lava hell that had surrounded Zero Wing’s members altered into a barren wasteland. The Lord of Fire’s body cooled and disintegrated, crumbling into a pile of hot rubble. At the same time, loot rained down from the sky, creating a small, dazzling mound. None of Zero Wing’s team could’ve imagined that this Boss would drop so much loot.

“Alright, let’s resurrect the team. Then, we’ll split the loot,” Shi Feng chuckled when he saw his teammates’ glittering eyes.

The surviving healers did as they were told and resurrected their fallen teammates while Shi Feng organized the dropped items.

In the end, it took Shi Feng more than half an hour to appraise the Lord of Fire’s loot. Every item he picked up was top- tier, and even he, someone who had seen countless treasures in the past, couldn’t quite control his elation.

He finally understood why the various superpowers had loved hunting Ancient Fiends, despite the extreme cost.

There was simply no comparison between an Ancient Fiend’s loot and that of a super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeon.

Although the Lord of Fire was only a pseudo-Ancient Fiend since it hadn’t completed its evolution, Shi Feng was certain that these items could drive any superpower mad. If the various superpowers found out about today’s raid, they’d do anything they could to get their hands on this loot, even if it meant destroying Zero Wing!

A total of 247 items dropped. Among them, 31 were Epic materials, six were Inferior Legendary materials, and 83 were materials of lower ranks. Five Seven Luminaries Crystals had also dropped, the equivalent of 14 units. There were 32 Attributed Gemstones of various types, 3 Mysterious-Iron Magic Crystal Treasure Chests, and 1 Secret-Silver Magic Crystal Treasure Chest, as well.

Thirty-seven Magic Scrolls had dropped, three of which were Tier 4,16 were Tier 3, and the rest were Tier 2 Magic Scrolls.

Eight Skill Books also lay among the items, seven of which were for ordinary Tier 2 Skills, and one was a Tier 2 Taboo Skill.

A total of 33 weapons and equipment pieces had dropped: 21 Level 70 Fine-Gold Equipment pieces, 8 Level 70 Dark- Gold Equipment pieces, 3 Epic items, and 1 Fragmented Legendary item.

The three pieces of Epic Equipment alone were enough to move Shi Feng’s heart, not to mention the Level 70 Fine- Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment.

The three Epic items were the Source Fire Ring, Unyielding Battle Armor, and Phantom Leather Boots, top-tier items even among Epic Equipment. Not only did the Source Fire Ring increase a player’s Fire Resistance and the power of their fire-type Skills and Spells, but it also had an innate Teleportation Skill. Although the Teleportation Skill wasn’t as powerful as the Seven Luminaries Ring’s, it allowed the user to cross a distance of 100,000 yards.

Although the Unyielding Battle Armor’s Basic Attributes were average at best, it had a Passive Skill that halved its wearer’s Stamina consumption. The Phantom Leather Boots, on the other hand, were top-tier boots for Assassins. Not only did the equipment boost the player’s concealment effects, but it also granted a 20% increase to reaction speed.

Although the Fragmented Legendary item the Lord of Fire had dropped was neither a weapon nor equipment piece, it was even more valuable than either of the same rank.

[Falling Fire Orb] (Fragmented Legendary Rank)

The Lord of Fire’s concentrated essence. This item contains all of the Lord of Fire’s power. When used, the Falling Fire Orb temporarily raises its user’s Tier by one for three hours. (Can upgrade up to a maximum of Tier 4.)

Cooldown: 12 hours

Normally, Fragmented Legendary items only improved players’ combat power by half a Tier, but this Falling Fire Orb boosted a player by a full Tier. The item’s only flaw was its Tier 4 restriction. The orb would become useless once players reached that Tier.

Even so, Shi Feng was amazed by the Falling Fire Orb. Reaching Tier 4 wasn’t an easy task in God’s Domain, after all.

The Lord of Fire had dropped another item that delighted Shi Feng.

An Advanced Construction Promotion Order!

Normally, players could only obtain this item by completing the First Clear of a Level 100-plus, super-large-scale Team Dungeon. Moreover, the drop rate wasn’t 100%.

With this promotion order, players could upgrade a Basic Construction in their Guild Town or City to Advanced rank.

This promotion order might not seem like much at first glance. In fact, most superpowers hadn’t paid it much attention in Shi Feng’s previous life. Securing the First Clear in a Level 100-plus, super-large-scale Team Dungeon was practically impossible for first- and second-rate Guilds, so they hadn’t paid any attention to the Advanced Construction Promotion Order, either.

Everyone had only realized the promotion order’s true value after players had reached Level 150.

It was nearly invaluable due to its ability to upgrade a Basic Battle Arena to Advanced rank.

Player-constructed Advanced Battle Arenas were much larger than Basic Battle Arenas, and they were actually larger on the inside than the building’s scale should allow. Advanced Battle Arenas also had higher Mana density than their Basic counterparts, allowing players to train their combat techniques more efficiently. Advanced Battle Arenas could also record and simulate combat techniques, which players could then learn from. Unfortunately, this function required a lot of Magic Crystals, and the stronger a combat technique was, the higher its cost would be.

Once he had finished examining the Lord of Fire’s loot, Shi Feng shared the weapons and equipment details in the team chat, holding an internal auction for these items.

Everyone gasped when they saw these items.

In a short moment, all of the Fine-Gold, Dark-Gold, and Epic Weapons and Equipment had been divided among the team.

Flying Shadow had won the Phantom Leather Boots, Zhao Yueru had won the Source Fire Ring, and Remnant Cloud had secured the Unyielding Battle Armor. All three of them felt their combat powers grow significantly.

“Now that we’ve finished our quest, it’s time to head home.”

Shi Feng then retrieved a Return Scroll and activated it. He transformed into a streak of white light and left the now crippled Falling Star Secret Land.