Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2120 - Time Waits for No One

Chapter 2120 – Time Waits for No One

When Shi Feng realized that the Lord of Fire was in the midst of an evolution, he gathered his team and began the raid on the Ancient Fiend.

Shi Feng had Cola, who wore the Flame Demon’s Crown, act as lead MT, while Turtledove and ye Wumian offered support from the sides. He instructed the rest of the team to stand by the Lord of Fire’s sides and wait for his command.

Shi Feng’s urgency confused his teammates, but when they thought about how they could only leave the Falling Star Secret Land by killing the Lord of Fire or dying themselves, they obediently approached the Boss.

“Go!” Shi Feng commanded once his players were in position.

Leading the charge, Cola dashed toward the slumbering Lord of Fire. Although molten lava covered the ground, the high Fire Resistance the Flame Demon’s Crown provided made the lava feel like seawater to Cola. Cola soon arrived before the Lord of Fire and slashed at the Ancient Fiend with his sword.


As the Lord of Fire received damage, he opened his eyes, releasing a blinding, golden light The Boss’s deafening bellow then echoed across the burning field.

The delay surprised Zero Wing’s players.

Normally, Bosses attacked once players were within a certain range, but the Lord of Fire had only moved after Cola had attacked. Something was definitely wrong here.

With a roar, the intensity of the Lord of Fire’s aura skyrocketed. The divine runes around his body began to glow brighter as if they were manifesting fully.

Sure enough, he’s trying to evolve. Shi Feng could not help but smile. “Everyone, attack with everything you’ve got! Be careful of the fire rain and lava on the ground! Do not kill any of the lava monsters that emerge no matter what! Just lure them to the side!”

In God’s Domain, monsters were at their weakest when trying to evolve, but if they were in danger, they could quicken their evolution forcefully. Although they had to pay an extremely high price to do so, they would become significantly more difficult to deal with once their evolution completed.

After Shi Feng issued his orders, he sacrificed 7,000 Magic Crystal to his Ring of Gospel and activated Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance.

The moment Miniature World took effect, the world’s power began to suppress the Boss. Unfortunately, the Lord of Fire was still an Ancient Fiend, and as a result, he only lost 20% of his Basic Attributes. His Strength was still far higher than any ordinary Mythic monster.

Following which, the Lord of Fire jabbed at Cola’s raised shield. Upon impact, Cola stumbled four steps backward, losing more than 80,000 HP.

“He’s so weak?” Cola was surprised to lose so little HP.

He had more than 240,000 maximum HP. An attack that dealt a little over -80,000 damage was well within his tolerance. The team’s healers might feel a little overworked, at most.

“Don’t hold back! Activate your Berserk Skills immediately! We need to kill the Boss before he completes his evolution!”

As Shi Feng watched the divine runes around the Lord of Fire continue to form, he estimated that they had less than 20 minutes before the Boss completed his evolution. Every second counted right now. If they tried to fight the Lord of Fire like they usually did, they wouldn’t defeat the Boss in time. Once the Ancient Fiend completed his evolution, he could easily annihilate every one of them, even if he only had 1% of his HP remaining.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, every member of the team activated their Berserk Skills and doubled their DPS. Now, their attacks dealt a minimum of -40,000 damage. Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, and Zhao Yueru easily dealt more than -100,000 damage with each attack.

Naturally, Shi Feng didn’t hold back, either. After activating Heavenly Dragon’s Power, he activated Twilight’s Shadow and Twilight of the Gods. His eight doppelgangers then attacked the Lord of Fire simultaneously, and damages exceeding -70,000 appeared above the Lord of Fire’s head, one after another, with the occasional critical hit dealing over -100,000 damage. Seeing Shi Feng’s total DPS, everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

If their opponent were only a Level 75 Great Lord, not a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend, they had no doubt that Shi Feng could defeat the monster in less than a minute.

After another ten minutes, Zero Wing’s main force wore the Lord of Fire’s HP down to 30%.

“Despicable mortals! You dare intrude on my slumbering grounds?! Burn to ash!”

The Lord of Fire bellowed once more, and a blade of fire appeared in his hands. He then swung the blade before him. Boom!

As the blade crashed into the ground, the impact felt like a volcanic eruption. The attack killed eight players instantly, and the earth under the flaming blade had vanished, leaving nothing but a cracked crater.

The surviving team members gasped.

With just one attack, the Lord of Fire had altered the battlefield’s terrain. Not only was his Attack Speed extraordinarily high, but the range of his attack was also absurd.

“Don’t panic! Keep your distance! When the Boss begins to channel Mana, don’t stand in front of him!” Shi Feng calmly commanded.

Shi Feng understood the Lord of Fire well. The additional fire-type damage the Bosses attacks inflicted was what made this monster so powerful. Without high enough Fire Resistance, even MTs of the same level would die instantly.

This was why Star-Moon Kingdom’s various major powers had been utterly helpless against the Lord of Fire in Shi Feng’s previous life. Fortunately, Cola currently wore the Flame Demon’s Crown and had consumed a Master Fire Resistance Potion. Even when struck, he only took several thousand points of fire-type damage.

Although the Lord of Fire had AOE Skills and Spells, as well, these attack patterns were quite simple. The attacks would be easy to avoid as long as players paid attention.

As the seconds continued to tick by and the Lord of Fire lost more HP, the Boss became increasingly frenzied. From time to time, he activated Meteor Hand and bombarded Zero Wing’s players with multiple flying, flaming stones. Any player that these meteors struck, aside from Cola, died instantly, and as a result, the team continued to lose members.

When the Lord of Fire cast Sea of Lava, a large-scale destruction Spell, Shi Feng activated Absolute Domain and protected his team from annihilation.

When the Lord of Fire had only 5% of his HP remaining, Zero Wing’s team had fewer than 30 players. Seeing this, Gentle Snow activated Will of Light, her ultimate Skill.

Five swords of light descended on the Lord of Fire, each dealing over -300,000 damage. Some attacks were even criticals, dealing twice as much damage. After all five swords had struck, the Lord of Fire had lost over 2,000,000 HP.

Following which, Zhao Yueru activated the super-large-scale destruction Spell, Frostflame Hell, while Violet Cloud cast Dimensional Fracture and Shadow Rage. Aqua Rose and Blackie similarly cast their large-scale destruction Spells.

As Spell after Spell plundered the Lord of Fire’s HP, the Ancient Fiend’s rage continued to grow. The Boss responded by summoning two blades of fire and brandishing them against these intruding players, every one of his slashes causing waves of lava that washed over Zero Wing’s members. Even Cola watched his HP drain, little by little, despite his active Titan’s Will, which reduced incoming damage by 95%. Unfortunately, the lava had killed Turtledove and Ye Wumian.

When the Lord of Fire had less than 1% of HP left, he dismissed his flaming weapons and summoned a tidal wave of fire that surged toward Zero Wing’s team. Even space began to crack under the burning tidal wave’s might.

“We’re doomed!” The color drained from Cola’s face as he watched the approaching attack.


Just before the fiery wave descended on his players, Shi Feng, who had already activated Power of Darkness, activated Blade Liberation and Divine Providence. He then countered the incoming tidal wave with a swing of his blade. Lightning Slash!

A blue lightning bolt tore the tidal wave in half, and the Lord of Fire’s eyes dulled as hie collapsed into the lava, the resulting impact causing a small wave.