Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2119 - Secret Land's Lord

Chapter 2119 – Secret Land’s Lord

Ore Empire, on a vast plain a short distance away from the Ore Capital City-

Lacking the usual patrolling Ores, this was the safest location near the Ore Capital City. Practically every power intending to explore the city had set up a campsite to shelter its members.

A power that had recently arrived occupied a large plot of land in the crowded plain, but despite this power selfishly taking up so much area, none of the other powers dared to comment. This power was none other than Starlink, a superpower that even the various Super Guilds feared.

As a 100-man team approached Starlink’s campsite, it attracted the attention of every player around.

Every member on this team rode a pitch-black, three-meter-tall bear. The Mounts looked imposing and majestic, even from afar. Moreover, these mounted players were all Level 67 or above, and they radiated an intense bloodlust and moved like well-trained soldiers. To top it off, the weakest piece of equipment these players wore was Level 65 Fine- Gold rank.

The surrounding players recognized that the pressure they felt from this 100-man team wasn’t simply due to a difference in Basic Attributes, but a difference in Life Ratings.

Players felt stifled as the middle-aged man in the lead passed by. This man felt like a ferocious beast, and they knew he would shred them to pieces if they moved in the slightest.

“Guild Leader, who is that? He looks somewhat familiar, but I can’t place him,” Purple Eye, who rested in the Star Alliance’s campsite, asked as she watched the stalwart man enter Starlink’s campsite.

“Of course, you find him familiar. He came from a destroyed kingdom on God’s Domain’s western continent. You might not know his name, Startled Wind, but I’m sure you’ve heard his nickname, Mad Beast,” Galaxy Past said, a hint of fear flashing in his eyes as he watched the man pass. “I would never have thought that Starlink would recruit that lunatic. I’m afraid that Zero Wing may be in danger this time.”

“He’s that Mad Beast?” The revelation surprised Purple Jade.

Players on the eastern continent might not have heard of Mad Beast since the two continents didn’t have much interaction, but as a first-rate Guild’s upper echelon, Purple Jade had heard of some matters concerning the western continent.

According to her sources, Mad Beast was famous for shaking the western continent. With a single adventurer team, he had destroyed a superpower’s kingdom. The various superpowers just didn’t have the power to stop that lunatic.

Galaxy Past wasn’t the only player to recognize Mad Beast. Many of the Guild upper echelons in the area noticed the man.

“As expected of Starlink. It has even recruited the Mad Beast. It’s no wonder why the various superpowers are so afraid of the Guild. Since Zero Wing made Starlink a laughingstock in front of the other superpowers, it’s definitely doomed.”

“I wonder what Mad Beast plans on doing to Star-Moon Kingdom? Hopefully, he isn’t too ruthless. I don’t want to suffer alongside Zero Wing.”

Startled Wind’s appearance sparked many discussions among the resting players.

As Startled Wind arrived in Starlink’s campsite, Three Kills, Starlink’s Fourth Vice Guild Leader, moved to welcome the man.

“Brother Wind, long time no see. It is truly wonderful that you are willing to help us out,” Three Kills said. He couldn’t help his inward sigh when he felt Startled Wind’s aura.

Three Kills and Startled Wind were old acquaintances. They had even made their debut in the virtual gaming world around the same time. Only, Three Kills had been supported by the Super Guild, Jormungandr, while Startled Wind hadn’t had any backing.

Now, however, Startled Wind’s nickname, Mad Beast, had spread across the western continent. He had even become Starlink’s Second Vice Guild Leader. Three Kills, on the other hand, was only Starlink’s Fourth Vice Guild Leader.

“I understand that the Guild Leader wants to remove any trace of Zero Wing from God’s Domain. Since I’ve come, Zero Wing will meet its end,” Startled Wind said. “However, the Zero Wing members I’ve killed on my way here don’t seem overly impressive. To think that the Four Shadow Demons actually lost against these people…those four old men have truly fallen.”

“Brother Wind, Zero Wing hasn’t yet dispatched its true experts. The Guild also has its Combat Puppets and Hell Tanks. A fight with Zero Wing won’t be easy,” Three Kills explained.

“Zero Wing’s true experts and Combat Puppets? Interesting. I wonder whose blade is sharper, Zero Wing’s or mine!” Startled Wind said as he licked his lips, excitement flashing in his eyes. “Since Zero Wing’s experts refuse to meet me, we’ll make them show themselves. I’ve heard that Zero Wing has a town in the Ore Empire. I think my men and I will pay it a visit.”

Following which, Startled Wind spun on his heel and led his men toward Silverwing Town.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng watched the slumbering Lord of Fire in silence for a moment in the Falling Star Secret Land’s core.

Why is he so much stronger? Shi Feng felt a headache begin to brew as he looked at the Boss’s Attribute Panel.

The original Lord of Fire had already been much stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters, but now that he had become an Ancient Fiend, not even a 100-man team of Tier 3 peak experts would have much of a chance of defeating him, much less a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts.

Ancient Fiend’s Life Ratings could rival Ferocious Beasts, overlords in God’s Domain during ancient times.

Shi Feng had only killed the Flame Demon King due to his quest drastically reducing its strength, but this Lord of Fire was at his peak. Now, however, the Lord of Fire was at the peak of his strength. Even a 1,000-man team filled with experts of the same level would fall quickly to the Lord of Fire.

No, something’s not right! Shi Feng quickly noticed the glowing, golden divine runes hovering around the Lord of Fire’s body. Those runes were gradually merging with the Boss’s form. As far as Shi Feng could remember, the Lord of Fire shouldn’t have bom any divine runes. Moreover, the Boss’s aura was growing stronger, albeit very slowly. Is he in the middle of an evolution?

Although God’s Domain’s Boss monsters rarely evolved, it wasn’t unheard-of. Generally, these evolutions only happened after players triggered certain events, but the process wasn’t easy to complete. Boss monsters normally needed half a month to evolve successfully. Of course, there had been cases of Bosses completing the evolution in two or three days.

“Quick! Everyone, move together!” Shi Feng hurriedly shouted.