Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2118 - Qualitative Transformation

Chapter 2118 – Qualitative Transformation

When the seal around the Falling Star Secret Land had enhanced the map’s monsters, it had also drastically increased the number of Great Lord ranked Lava Giants in the secret Land. Zero Wing’s members felt as if there were no end to these monsters as they continued to grind in the inner region. Only after eight days of constant grinding did they finally clear out most of the Lava Giants in the inner region.

However, they had to admit that the Falling Star Secret Land was an excellent leveling spot. When Zero Wing’s members had first arrived in the secret land, they had been Level 66, but after eight days of grinding, every team member had reached Level 70. Even the various superpowers’ experts would be jealous of their leveling speed.

As for Shi Feng, he had leveled up from 72 to 74.

However, these players increased Attributes were far more significant than their higher levels. Every five levels was a minor turning point in God’s Domain, and as Zero Wing’s members leveled up, their Epic and Fragmented Legendary items rose with them. Now that they had reached Level 70, these item’s Attribute bonuses had received a small boost.

If this team had been powerful when they had fought the various superpowers’ experts in White River City’s Auction Arena, they were monstrous now, especially Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, Zhao Yueru, and Cola.

The team had also collected 11 cloth-armor Forgotten Sets, 9 leather-armor Offtrack Sets, and 8 plate-armor Earthvein Sets over the last eight days. They had also collected more than 900 pieces of standalone Mysterious-Iron and Secret- Silver Equipment. Their harvest was many times more bountiful than grinding in Hell Mode Team Dungeons for the same amount of time.

At this moment, Zero Wing’s members ganged up on an eight-meter-tall Grand Lord ranked Lava Beast in the deserted canyon. The Lava Beast bellowed in rage as its HP continued to fall under Zero Wing’s bombardment. When the Lava Beast was close to death, Fire Dance maneuvered behind the monster and used Absolute Strike to obliterate the last strand of the Grand Lord’s HP; her actions were so smooth that even her teammates were stunned.

As the Level 74 Lava Beast crumbled into a pile of scorching rubble, everyone’s experience bars rose by a small chunk.

“These Lava Beasts are really a challenge,” Turtledove complained as she looked at her HP bar. Currently, she had less than one-third of her HP remaining, and her Defense had fallen by 85%.

With so little Defense left, she took more than -70,000 damage just from blocking one of the Lava Beast’s attacks with her shield. Unfortunately, due to the monster’s massive frame, every one of the Lava Beast’s attacks had a large AOE.

As a result, the Lava Beast didn’t need special techniques to prevent its targets from dodging.

If the team’s three main MTs hadn’t rotated tanking the Lava Beast, defeating the Grand Lord would’ve been impossible.

“They are certainly tough. Its Lava Shield reduced out magical damage by half, too. Fortunately, we have good equipment. Any other team from our Guild wouldn’t likely be a match for it,” Aqua Rose said as she looked at the dead Lava Beast.

The Lava Beast had a whopping 100,000,000 HP, and its battle recovery regenerated 2% of its HP every five seconds, double that of other monsters. If these players hadn’t had high enough DPS, they would’ve been helpless against the Lava Beast.

Although the Lava Beast had been difficult to defeat, it had given Zero Wing’s players a surprise after its death.

This one Lava Beast had dropped more than a dozen items. Its drop-rate was many times higher than the Lava Giants the team had faced earlier.

“Guild Leader, how is it? Did any set equipment drop?” Blackie asked, giving Shi Feng an expectant look as he inspected the loot.

This was the first time they had fought a Lava Beast, but no matter how Blackie looked at it, the Lava Beast should’ve dropped better loot than the Great Lord ranked Lava Giants since it was a Grand Lord.

“There’s no set equipment, but it did drop something interesting. Here, take a look for yourself,” Shi Feng said as he shared the item he had appraised in the team chat.

Only three of the dozen or so items the Lava Beast had dropped were equipment pieces, and they were all Level 70 Fine-Gold rank. Although these three pieces reduced Stamina consumption, they weren’t quite as powerful as the Level 70 Secret-Silver Set Equipment.

However, these three pieces of Fine-Gold Equipment weren’t the highlight of the Lava Beast’s loot. Rather, it was a Skill Book for Super Recovery.

[Super Recovery] (Super Spell)

Instantly heals all allied players within a 30-yard radius for 40% of their Stamina and increases Stamina recovery rate by 200% and Basic Attributes by 15% for the next one hour.

Cooldown: 12 hours

Class restriction: Cleric

“What a powerful Spell!” Blackie’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets after reading the Spell’s description.

Not only did this Spell regenerate Stamina and heal players, but it also increased its targets’ Basic Attributes.

“With this Spell, a 100-man team could easily explore neutral maps without worrying about their Stamina.” Aqua Rose was just as astonished.

Many of the required materials for producing Resistance equipment and high-ranked potions could only be found in neutral maps. Collecting these materials was one of the main reasons that the various major powers had been trying desperately to explore neutral maps, all to prepare for the fight for First Clear in the Level 70-plus, super-large-scale Team Dungeons in these neutral

Not only would a Guild become more popular and collect more top-tier equipment by securing one of these Team Dungeons’ First Clear, but it would also earn a Town Building Order, enabling the Guild to construct a new Guild Town in a neutral map. It was the equivalent of securing a neutral map’s management rights.

There were only a limited number of kingdoms and empires around neutral maps. With control over a neutral map, a Guild would have a tough time not growing stronger.

“We should let Violet learn this Skill Book,” Shi Feng said.

The rest of the team agreed with his decision. Only members of the Cleric class could learn Super Recovery, and Violet Cloud was the Guild’s number one Cleric. Moreover, she constantly traveled with the Guild’s main force or led her own team when exploring neutral maps. The Spell was perfect for her.

After Violet Cloud learned Super Recovery, Shi Feng continued to grind Lava Giants for EXP with his team. He also instructed Fire Dance and her Assassin party to split up in search of more Lava Beasts. If they were lucky, they might be able to obtain a few more Super Recovery Skill Books.

While Zero Wing’s main force continued to grind Lava Giants and level up, Melancholic Smile called Shi Feng.

“Has something happened?” Shi Feng asked when he saw Melancholic Smile’s anxious expression.

“Guild Leader, Starlink has captured the Ore Empire’s Ore Blood Fortress. Not long after that, our members started to run into ambushes in the various neutral maps, especially our teams in the Ore Empire’s inner region. Our casualties are severe. I wanted to as Unyielding Soul for reinforcements, but it seems that it’s in a similar predicament. Starlink has basically started an all-out war with Unyielding Soul in the neutral maps bordering the Dark Night Empire,” Melancholic Smile reported.

It’s no wonder why Starlink hadn’t responded. So, it was planning a massive assault in secret, Shi Feng thought as realization dawned.

He had to admit that Starlink’s latest move dealt a painful blow to Zero Wing.

At this point, Zero Wing’s influence permeated Star-Moon Kingdom. Since the Guild had regained its status as a basic member in the Secret Chamber of Commerce, almost no power could shake Zero Wing in its own kingdom.

Knowing this, Starlink must’ve decided to take a more forceful approach and establish a foundation in the Ore Empire. Now that it controlled a fortress in the empire, it could dispatch a large number of experts, using its numerical advantage to extinguish Zero wing in the Ore Empire and other neutral maps around Star-Moon Kingdom.

Furthermore, Starlink had solidified its position as the Dark Night Empire’s overlord. Other powers would have a very difficult time threatening its position, so it could afford to send a large group of experts abroad. And now that its position in the Ore Empire was stable, it wouldn’t have to worry about its experts’ development in the empire.

Although Zero Wing had the Guardian Puppets and Hell Tanks, these war weapons were only suitable for large-scale combat. With how few of these war weapons Zero Wing had, protecting its members across massive neutral maps would be impossible.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Melancholic Smile asked.

“Tell everyone to stay together for now. If needed, spend some Magic Crystals and send our members through the Otherworld Gate to level up. For now, we’ll disregard developing in neutral maps,” Shi Feng responded after giving the matter some thought. “We’ll make further arrangements once I’ve finished my quest here.”

“Understood.” Melancholic Smile nodded.

After disconnecting the call, Shi Feng gathered his team, and they made their way toward the Lord of Fire. As for leveling up and grinding for equipment, they were out of time.

The Falling Star Secret Land’s core was a molten hell. Only a few boulders still stood among the lava, barely large enough to hold 30 players. Meanwhile, a 50-meter-tall figure, made of flowing lava, lay among the liquid stone. The mountain-like figure radiated a frightening pressure that deterred any lava monster from approaching.

“Guild Leader, are we really going to fight this Boss?” Blackie could not help his bitter smile as he looked at the Lava Giant.

The rest of the team expressed similar reactions.

The word ‘strong’ was no longer appropriate for this Lava Giant. This thing was practically invincible to current players.

[Lord of Fire (King of Flames)] (Elemental Creature, Ancient Fiend, Mythic) Level 75

HP 580,000,000/580,000,000