Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2117 - Forgotten Set

Chapter 2117 – Forgotten Set

System: Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest has been stored in bag space.

System: A powerful Spell has been cast on this Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest. The treasure chest will drop upon death and cannot be opened within the Falling Star Secret Land.

System: The King of Death has learned of the robbery and sealed off the Falling Star Secret Land. All monsters in the area have been enhanced.

How vicious!

Shi Feng did not know whether to cry or laugh after hearing the three system notifications.

He had thought that he had secured the Inferior Legendary Chest, getting away scot-free, but it seemed that the trap still closed around him.

Now that Eloch had sealed off the Falling Star Secret Land, players had only two means of escape. The first method required dying and resurrecting in the nearest graveyard. The second way was to kill the Lord of Fire.

The Lord of Fire was the Falling Star Secret Land’s overlord, serving as the land’s power source. If this Boss died, the secret land wouldn’t be able to maintain any life. Then, the seal on the map would lift.

However, due to the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, the secret land’s monsters had grown stronger, including the Lord of Fire.

The Lord of Fire was already stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters since his territory was a secret land. Now that the seal around the area enhanced the monsters here, the Boss had likely grown as powerful as a Mythic ranked Archaic Species.

Although players’ combat and equipment standards had improved a lot, dealing with Mythic monsters was still a challenge. Even the various superpowers relied on magic arrays and numerous attempts when raiding a Mythic monster.

Not even an MT with a Fragmented Legendary Shield would last long against a Mythic ranked Archaic Species. Fortunately, players were permitted to use Summoning Spells they had learned in secret lands, although they couldn’t use items that summoned monsters.

It seems we’ll have to level up before raiding the Lord of Fire. Shi Feng concluded after calming down.

An Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest was worth far more than an ordinary Fragmented Legendary item. Based on their current situation, the system wanted his team to earn the treasure chest.

Fortunately, he wasn’t on a time limit to kill the Lord of Fire.

Although he had a ten-day arrangement with the Secret Pavilion, moving Stone Forest Town to the Bottomless Abyss wouldn’t be difficult. As long as players had the necessary status and 6,000 Mana Stones, it could easily be accomplished. Only, current players did not know how to transfer a town.

The true difficulty would be acquiring the 6,000 Mana Stones.

Six thousand Mana Stones was an astronomical amount to God’s Domain’s current powers. Even with the Philosopher’s Stone, Shi Feng would need 300,000 Magic Crystals to synthesize so many Mana Stones. Even superpowers would have a hard time sacrificing such a large number of Magic Crystals.

However, the task wouldn’t be difficult for Zero Wing. Aside from the Manatite vein in the Sea of Death, Zero Wing had the Source Fire vein in the Flame Demon’s Valley. Although the Guild could only send a small number of players to mine the Source Fire vein, those players could collect a considerable number of Magic Crystals each day. Overall, not even ordinary superpowers could match Zero Wing’s Magic Crystal income.

After deducting daily expenses and including the stockpile Zero Wing currently possessed, collecting 300,000 Magic Crystals within ten days would not be a problem.

When Zero Wing’s members saw the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest in Shi Feng’s possession, they breathed a sigh of relief, especially Fire Dance and the other Fragmented Legendary item wielders. If Zero Wing secured another Fragmented Legendary item, the Guild would have one more peak expert, which was something it desperately needed right now.

“Bad news, Guild Leader. Thousands of monsters have appeared around us. Most of them are Level 72-plus Great Lords, with quite a few Grand Lords mixed in. They’re all heading straight for us,” Minor Wind, who acted as the team’s lookout, quickly reported.

“Already?” Looking at the map Minor Wind had shared with the team, Shi Feng noticed a large number of red dots.

So many Level 72-plus Great Lords and Grand Lords could easily capture a Guild Town.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng led his team toward the Falling Star Secret Land’s central area. He had just activated Twofold Berserk, so he was still in a Weakened state. He would’ve normally hidden from these monsters, but now…

Although Shi Feng was being particularly careful, man Great Lord Lava Giants roamed the path to the map’s core. Eventually, Shi Feng and his team had to stop and deal with these monsters.

MTs hated Lava monsters more than any other. These monsters’ attacks could reduce their target’s Defense, and although each attack only dropped players’ Defense by 5% for 10 seconds, the debuff stacked.

After a little over half an hour, Shi Feng’s team defeated the dozen or so Lava Giants they had encountered, but as the team began to move out, several glowing items appeared on the ground. It surprised Shi Feng.

What?! This is Level 70 Secret Silver Equipment?! Shi Feng’s surprise grew into astonishment after he inspected one of the dropped equipment pieces. Could this be a result of the monsters’ enhancement?

The Falling Star Secret Land had a high monster population, and they were stronger than average monsters. However, since these monsters didn’t drop loot, the Falling Star Secret Land had only become a good leveling area for players during Shi Feng’s previous life. If these monsters had dropped equipment, this secret land would’ve become a sacred grinding spot.

Although Secret-Silver Equipment was average, the several pieces that had dropped from the Lava Giants were Level 70 equipment. The various major powers had barely begun to collect Level 65 equipment, much less Level 70. It was easy to imagine how valuable these pieces were.

“The Attributes on these Level 70 Secret-Silver boots are amazing! Their Defense is even higher than Level 65 Dark- Gold boots. They also reduce Stamina consumption by 3%. If my current boots didn’t have better Basic Attribute bonuses, I’d equip these in a heartbeat,” Ye Wumian exclaimed as he inspected the Level 70 Secret-Silver boots’ Attributes Shi Feng had shared in the team chat.

“Those are nothing. Look at what I picked up,” Blackie said, delighted as he shared a cloth armor’s Attribute Panel. Everyone was stunned when they saw the item’s information.

“Secret-Silver Set Equipment!?”

Although the cloth armor was also Level 70 Secret-Silver rank, it was a part of the Forgotten Set, a four-piece set equipment. Moreover, this set focused on reducing Stamina consumption. When wearing all four pieces, players’ Stamina consumption would drop by 30%. The cloth armor was far more valuable than the Level 70 Secret-Silver plate armor boots.

The resources in neutral maps were tempting enough that most current players searched for a way to develop in these areas. However, neutral maps had harsh environments that placed a heavy burden on players’ Stamina.

But as luck would have it, neutral maps were home to plenty of Field Bosses that dropped plenty of rare materials and items, including Skill Books, designs, and recipes.

However, the various large Guilds were helpless against these Field Bosses. That difficulty wasn’t due to these Field Bosses’ immense power or players’ lack of Basic Attributes, but because they could increase players’ Stamina consumption. As a result, many raids on these Field Bosses failed because players ran out of Stamina…

Meanwhile, Level 70 Secret-Silver Set Equipment that could reduce Stamina consumption was far more valuable than Level 70 Fine-Gold Set Equipment with Elemental Resistances.

When Zero Wing’s players thought about the monsters in this area dropping set equipment that reduced Stamina consumption, their hearts raced.

“Aqua, make the necessary arrangements. We won’t be venturing to the map’s core just yet. First, we’ll get rid of these Lava Giants. We’ll advance once we’re done,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

Equipment that reduced Stamina consumption was even rarer than equipment that provided universal Resistance. Although Shi Feng knew how to obtain a few such pieces of equipment, they were located in Level 100-plus neutral maps.

In any case, his team members needed to level up before they could raid the Lord of Fire. Since these Great Lord ranked Lava Giants dropped equipment and set equipment that reduced Stamina consumption, he wouldn’t miss this opportunity. They might not have this chance once they killed the Lord of Fire.

If they could collect enough equipment to arm a 100-man team, Zero Wing could use the many Field Bosses in neutral maps as a personal ATM.