Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2116 - Another Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest

Chapter 2116 – Another Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest

Although the treasure chest’s orange glow was very faint, Zero Wing’s members audibly gulped when they saw it.

An Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest had a high chance of dropping a Fragmented Legendary item.

While most Guilds in the game had very little idea of a Fragmented Legendary item’s true value, Zero Wing’s core upper echelons were no strangers to the rare items, particularly Cola, Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and Zhao Yueru, who all owned their own Fragmented Legendary items.

A single Fragmented Legendary item was enough to elevate a player to peak-expert status. Such items were precisely the reason that Cola and the others could suppress peak experts. Without them, these four wouldn’t have been able to defeat a single peak expert even if they worked together and had the same Basic Attributes as their opponent.

In fact, if not for Fragmented Legendary items, Zero Wing would’ve needed another three to five years to have any hope of contending with the various superpowers.

Why is an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest here? Shi Feng stared at the treasure chest on the altar with narrowed eyes, confused.

He had visited the Falling Star Secret Land dozens of times during his previous life, but he had never heard or seen of this altar, not to mention the treasure chest on it. Moreover, it was an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

The only Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest Shi Feng had ever seen was in the Fallen Ark. He hadn’t even heard of another Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest,

Yet, now, he had stumbled across an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest in the Falling Star Secret Land.

Could the Falling Star Secret Land have secrets I don’t know about? Shi Feng wondered.

In the past, the only noteworthy thing anyone had found in the Falling Star Secret Land was the Lord of Fire. Once the Lord of Fire had been slain, the secret land had become a land of death. Even monsters had stopped spawning.

Moreover, the altar’s Divine Might was extraordinary. This definitely hadn’t been constructed by mortals, but by Ancient Gods.

“Guild Leader, should we work our way toward it?” Aqua Rose asked, unable to pull her gaze away from the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

Although there were around 500 Level 72 and Level 73 Lord ranked Lava Hounds roaming around the altar, these monsters were easy pickings for Zero Wing’s main force. It wouldn’t take long to clear out the area.

“Wait a minute,” Shi Feng said.

He then activated Omniscient Eyes and inspected every Lava Hound in the area. In God’s Domain, caution was necessary when encountering a treasure that didn’t match its location’s quality. A slight mishap could potentially be fatal.

And that lethality would affect players’ careers in God’s Domain.

Normally, players would only encounter situations like this after visiting Level 150-plus maps. To encounter such circumstances in a map below Level 100 was simply unheard-of.

Of course, better safe than sorry.

[Lava Hound (Eloch’s Avatar)] (Elemental Creature, Lord)

Level 72

HP 24,000,000/24,000,000

“A hidden title?” “Shi Feng very quickly noticed something peculiar. When inspecting these monsters with an ordinary Identification Skill, players would only see ordinary Lava Hounds, but with Omniscient Eyes, these Lava Hounds had an additional title. “Eloch’s Avatar? Sure enough, this is a trap!”

“A trap?” Fire Dance gave Shi Feng an odd look before asking, “But I’ve already inspected the area and didn’t discover any traps.”

Before the full team had arrived, she had scouted both the altar and its surroundings, but she hadn’t discovered any traps, magical or physical. Her Disarm had already reached Master rank. Even if she couldn’t disarm Grandmaster Traps, she could easily detect them.

“This isn’t your ordinary trap,” Shi Feng said, laughing. He then said, “Fire, lead an Assassin party and find a way to lure these Lava Hounds 100 yards away from the altar. Remember, do not kill a single Lava Hound.”

Now, Shi Feng, more or less, realized why no one had mentioned this altar or the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest it held in the past.

Eloch was one of the Purgatory World’s Four Kings, known as the King of Death.

Eloch was a bona fide Tier 5 World Boss. During the war between worlds in Shi Feng’s previous life, the Purgatory World had been one of the worlds the various Guilds had invaded. However, the Guilds had suffered a miserable defeat against Eloch. Despite sending 25 Tier 5 experts to raid the World Boss, the King of Death had slain them all in one move. it had been horrific.

If a Tier 6 God-ranked expert hadn’t made an emergency appearance on the battlefield, every player in that war would’ve been annihilated.

Even though the various large Guilds had eventually killed Eloch, they had sacrificed tens of thousands of expert players to do so, including more than 100 Tier 5 apex experts. Tier 4 experts had been of little use in the raid.

Knowing that the Lava Hounds around the altar were Eloch’s Avatars, Shi Feng realized that this altar was Eloch’s treasury. Treasuries like this would appear in God’s Domain randomly. Players would only have one opportunity to claim these treasuries’ items.

If they killed Eloch’s Avatars, Eloch would discover the transgression. If Eloch didn’t arrive personally, he would send a doppelganger. Even if this doppelganger were one tier lower than the World Boss and only Level 70, players still couldn’t afford to challenge it.

Not only would every Zero Wing member in the area die, but Eloch would also move his treasury to a different location. Although such occurrences were rare in God’s Domain, Shi Feng had heard of a few instances.

After Shi Feng finished issuing commands, Fire Dance led a party of Assassins to lure away the Lava Hounds around the altar. Once the last Lava Hound was more than 100 yards away from the altar, the magic barrier around it shattered. A boundless Divine Might gushed past the broken barrier, and Zero Wing’s members felt much heavier. Seeing this, Shi Feng activated Gale Domain and flew straight toward the altar.

As he drew closer, he encountered stronger Divine Might. Eventually, the pressure was so powerful that his flying speed slowed to a crawl.

As Shi Feng came within 50 yards of the altar, he didn’t have the Strength to move forward.

Gritting his teeth, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his Strength skyrocketing. He then continued toward the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, one inch at a time.

As a Tier 5 World Boss, Eloch was only a step away from becoming a God. Obtaining such a being’s treasure wouldn’t be easy.

Not only were the Lava Hounds guarding this altar Eloch’s Avatars, but they were also the energy source that protected the treasury.

These Lava Hounds powered the magic array that protected the treasury, maintained its presence here, and sealed the Divine Might the treasury radiated. Without this energy source, the magic array would fade. Once it was gone, not only would the treasury’s Divine Might be released, but it would also destabilize space around it The treasury would forcibly return to its original space after no more than 30 seconds.

In other words, Shi Feng only had 30 seconds to retrieve the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest once the Avatars had been lured away.

However, Shi Feng’s speed was painfully slow, even after activating Heavenly Dragon’s Power. It felt as if some gigantic beast desperately pulled him back.

Blade Liberation!

With less than 20 seconds remaining, Shi Feng abandoned all hesitation and activated Twofold Berserker.

With Twofold Berserk, Shi Feng’s Strength could rival a Mythic monster’s of the same level. He accelerated slightly, but he still felt slower than an ordinary player’s walking speed…

As the seconds ticked by, Shi Feng inched closer to the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

Twenty yards… Ten yards… Five yards…

Shi Feng’s remaining time continued to decrease.

Fifteen seconds… Twelve seconds… Ten seconds…

When only 10 seconds remained, space around the altar began to shatter.

Just as the altar began to fade, Shi Feng finally placed his hand on the treasure chest.

“Collect!” Shi Feng shouted.

Collecting an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest required eight seconds, and Shi Feng tensed as he watched the loading bar. The altar’s base had already disappeared, and the middle section had begun to fade away.

Just as the treasure chest began to disappear, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng’s ears.