Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2113 - Giving Starlink a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Chapter 2113 – Giving Starlink a Taste of Its Own Medicine

“Revoke Starlink’s advanced membership?” Yuan Tiexin was stunned by Shi Feng’s new condition.

Purple Jade, who sat beside Yuan Tiexin, gaped at Shi Feng in shock. She had never thought that this man would make such a demand. Instead of securing more benefits for Zero Wing, Shi Feng wanted Secret to revoke Starlink’s advanced membership. He was simply insane!

“Guild Leader Black Flame, whether or not the higher-ups agree, do you understand the consequences for doing something like that?” Yuan Tiexin asked after taking in a deep breath. “Starlink has paid a massive price for its advanced membership. If it finds out that it lost it due to Zero Wing, it won’t rest until your Guild had been destroyed.”

“Elder Yuan, I am only doing what Starlink has done to Zero Wing. If Starlink wants to face Zero Wing in an all-out fight, we welcome it,” Shi Feng said, unperturbed.

Within Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing wouldn’t fear Starlink even if the Guild launched a full military assault.

On an open battlefield, the Guardian Puppets and Hell Tanks were invincible against Tier 2 players, and even if Zero Wing were no match for Starlink in guerilla warfare, Zero Wing had the home-ground advantage. Zero Wing already occupied most of the valuable leveling maps in the kingdom, and if the war dragged on, it would only be in Zero Wing’s favor.

In fact, Zero Wing would rather face an assault than deal with these financial attacks. Zero Wing’s development already required significant funding and resources, and now, it had to split a portion of its assets to fight Starlink. If this persisted, it was easy to imagine what outcome awaited Zero Wing.

But advanced membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce was extraordinary. The 5% of the Chamber’s revenue alone was enough to sustain Starlink in this financial war. If Starlink lost its status, however, not only would the Guild’s finances suffer, but the suppression Zero Wing faced would also lighten.

“Alright, but I cannot make this decision alone. I still have to report to the higher-ups. Naturally, I cannot guarantee what they will decide,” Yuan Tiexin said, sighing as he looked at Shi Feng’s fearless expression.

“Of course.” Shi Feng nodded.

Kicking a basic member out of the Secret Chamber of Commerce was already extremely difficult. Trying to demote an advanced member was even more challenging. At the end of the day, however, it was up to the Secret Pavilion.

All members, both basic and advanced, only exchanged 1% of their shares with the Secret Chamber of Commerce. Advanced members merely received better benefits than basic members. Moreover, the contracts all powers signed with Secret were one-sided. The Secret Pavilion could dismiss any member on a whim, including advanced members. However, the Secret Pavilion would not casually dismiss or demote advanced members as they brought in far more profits than basic members.

The Secret Pavilion had only agreed to remove Zero Wing from the Chamber because Starlink had paid a large enough price. Now that Zero Wing wanted Starlink demoted, it had to pay an equally high price.

Yuan Tiexin walked over to a corner of the room and contacted the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s higher-ups.

After about half an hour of discussion, he returned to his seat before Shi Feng. Based on his stern expression, he had received an answer.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the higher-ups have made their decision, but before I relay it, I need to ask; are you certain that you can establish Stone Forest Town in the Bottomless Abyss?” Yuan Tiexin asked seriously.

“I cannot guarantee it,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“Do you understand what our advanced membership represents, Guild Leader Black Flame? If you cannot offer us a guarantee, we cannot continue this transaction,” Yuan Tiexin explained with a twisted expression.

“Don’t be in such a rush, Elder Yuan. Although I cannot guarantee success, I can sign a contract regarding it,” Shi Feng said as he retrieved an empty contract. He then said, “I can offer two options. If the Secret Chamber of Commerce is willing to revoke Starlink’s advanced membership immediately, the Chamber will gain 30% of Stone Forest Town’s shares after its establishment in the Bottomless Abyss. I will also accept Starlink’s demotion after Stone Forest Town has been moved. However, that option is only worth 20% of the town’s shares.”

“I thought you had offered 40% earlier, Black Flame? Have you changed your mind so quickly?” Yuan Tiexin’s eyebrows twitched slightly.

“That was the price Zero Wing was willing to offer for advanced membership. Since we are only discussing Starlink’s demotion, the price must change,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

“Do you know how much Starlink had to hand over of its fortress’s shares in the Ancient Undead Country to become an advanced member?” Yuan Tiexin had the urge to vomit blood when he heard Shi Feng’s reply. “Seventy percent. Starlink paid approximately 70% of the fortress’s shares to become an advanced member, Guild Leader Black Flame. On the other hand, you are only offering shares for an Advanced Town. Don’t you think your offer is a little too weak?”

You also have to consider the location,” Shi Feng calmly replied, not budging at the slightest.

The difference between a town within a Regional Dungeon and one without was massive, not to mention a God Mode Regional Dungeon. He refused to believe that the Secret Pavilion didn’t know this difference.

Shi Feng would never have considered selling Stone Forest Town’s shares if not for his goal to drag Starlink down and regain access to the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s sales channels. Once he moved Stone Forest Town to the Bottomless Abyss, he could gain a fortune in entrance fees alone.

“Although I see your reasoning, it isn’t enough shares. If you’re willing to increase your offer by another 20%, we can continue these negotiations. The higher-ups will not agree otherwise,” Yuan Tiexin said.

“This is the highest Zero Wing is willing to go. If you cannot accept that, then I’m afraid that there is nothing we can do,” Shi Feng, shaking his head.

Shi Feng had considered using the secret of linking NPC Auction Houses with player Auction Houses as a bargaining chip, but he couldn’t afford to expose this information just yet. Every day he could maintain its secrecy was another day of advantages. In any case, he had control of Stone Forest Town’s Auction House, and only he could see how many people truly sold items through it. At most, players would be surprised by how many items passed through the Auction House.

“This…” Shi Feng’s uninterested expression rendered Yuan Tiexin speechless. It was as if the man didn’t mind this deal going sour.

If the higher-ups hadn’t been so tempted by the Bottomless Abyss and the idea of a Guild Town within the Regional Dungeon, including how much said town could help the Secret Pavilion’s development, he would’ve already left the room.

“Agree to his deal. We will revoke Starlink’s advanced membership immediately.”

Suddenly, Yuan Tiexin heard a solemn voice.

“Guild Leader?” Yuan Tiexin’s eyes drifted to the dignified man on the screen at the bottom right corner of his vision. This transaction was immensely important to the Secret Pavilion, so he had deliberately maintained the video call with his Guild Leader, allowing the man to listen in on the conversation.

“The loss is manageable, and I’ve seen Stone Forest Town before. It has developed quite smoothly thus far and has already become an Advanced Town. If Zero Wing can truly reestablish the town in the Bottomless Abyss, it will only be a matter of time before Stone Forest Town becomes a Basic City. However, we need a clear timeframe. If Zero Wing cannot accomplish the task within a reasonable time, it will have to compensate for our losses with the Combat Puppet Design!” the dignified man said.

“Yes, I understand,” Yuan Tiexin replied as realization dawned on him. A Basic City was far more valuable than a fortress. He hadn’t really thought Shi Feng’s offer through. Following which, he turned to the Swordsman in question and said, “Guild Leader Black Flame, we agree to your first condition. However, you must give us a time limit. If you cannot fulfill your promise within the given time, you will have to offer the Combat Puppet Design as compensation. This is the most the Secret Pavilion is willing to concede!”

All of the various superpowers sought their own Combat Puppets, which were easily as valuable as an entire fortress in the Ancient Undead Country.

That won’t be a problem.” Although Yuan Tiexin’s reply surprised Shi Feng, he quickly answered the man, “As for the time limit, I think ten days should be appropriate!”

“Alright, let’s sign the contract, then.” Yuan Tiexin nodded.

Both Liang Jing and Purple Jade watched the exchange in shock. With just a few words, Shi Feng had guarantee Starlink’s demotion. No one would believe this if they heard it.

Once Shi Feng and Yuan Tiexin signed the contract, the Secret Chamber of Commerce had revoked Starlink’s advanced membership within less than half an hour.

Although this matter had only been announced internally, news quickly spread across God’s Domain.