Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2111 - Condition

Chapter 2111 – Condition

White River City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

Due to Starlink’s all-out economic suppression, the previously crowded Shop had calmed. Its current customers were only here to purchase Candlelight’s specialty products. None of them showed any interest in the trading firm’s common items.

The Candlelight Trading Firm even saw a drop in the number of Lifestyle applicants. Now, only a dozen or so players lined up to take the application test.

The players that passed the Shop sighed at its decline.

The Candlelight Trading Firm’s Shop was the most eye-catching building in the business district, aside from NPC- owned buildings. The Shop loomed like a giant, overlooking White River City. Why wouldn’t they be surprised to see the Shop practically deserted?

In comparison, a three-story Shop not far from Candlelight boomed with business. Practically every player in the business district rushed toward the Shop.

“Starlink really is ruthless. Not only has it set up Shop in every NPC city that the Candlelight Trading Firm occupies, but it’s also selling common goods at half the normal rate. It is basically selling items at cost,” Purple Jade was astonished when she saw how popular the Starlink Trading Firm had become.

Starlink was throwing away enough money to give an ordinary superpower a heart attack. Not even the Secret Pavilion would casually sacrifice so much income.

However, Purple Jade had to admit that Starlink’s strategy was effective, practically stealing all of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s customers.

Not only had Candlelight’s sales plummeted, but its Lifestyle players’ income had suffered as well. Including Starlink’s mass-recruitment for skilled Lifestyle players, many of Candlelight’s Intermediate and Advanced Lifestyle players had jumped ship.

If this persisted, it would destroy the Candlelight Trading Firm, and Zero Wing would stagnate due to the lost profits.

Zero Wing was no longer a small Guild; it had become a gigantic existence. Even if the Guild avoided massive operations, it still needed to spend an astronomical amount of money each day.

The Guild might maintain its lead over its competition for a while, but if Zero Wing’s development ground to a halt, it would only be a matter of time before it was overtaken by the other powers. Furthermore, multiple hostile superpowers still searched for a chance to tear the Guild apart.

These factors were a large part of the reason that Starlink had invested so much into targeting the Candlelight Trading Firm’s business. Otherwise, it never would’ve paid such a painfully high price.

“This situation is why we are here. If this weren’t happening, we wouldn’t have any leverage to negotiate with Zero Wing,” Yuan Tiexin said seriously. “Alright, let’s hurry inside.”

Yuan Tiexin then entered the Candlelight Trading Firm, while Purple Jade followed behind him after taking one last look at Starlink’s Shop.

The moment these two players entered the Shop, the various reconnaissance players from Star-Moon Kingdom’s various powers focused on the pair.

“Why are the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade visiting the Candlelight Trading Firm?”

“Didn’t the Secret Chamber of Commerce already expel Candlelight? Why are these two here?”

“Does Secret intend to re-invite Candlelight?”

The various powers’ players quietly discussed their guesses as they watched Liang Jing lead the pair to the second floor.

News of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s exile from the Secret Chamber of Commerce had spread throughout Star- Moon Kingdom. It was precisely the reason that Starlink’s suppression against Zero Wing was so effective.

Meanwhile, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were some of the Secret Pavilion’s VIPs. These two shouldn’t have any reason to visit Candlelight now that it wasn’t a member of the Secret Chamber of Commerce.

The only plausible explanation involved the Stamina Gemstones Zero Wing sold in the Dark Night Empire.

The Stamina Gemstone’s importance to the various powers went without saying, especially to superpowers. However, only Zero Wing currently had access to their source. The Secret Chamber of Commerce would find it difficult to convince Zero Wing to share these gemstones unless it offered a token of its sincerity. The best expression it could offer required reinstating the Candlelight Trading Firm’s membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce and offering additional remunerations.

Tese reconnaissance members immediate reported the situation to their superiors, and very quickly, news of Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade_s visit reached the kingdom’s various powers.

“Things are going to get interesting, Commander. Starlink has gone through great lengths to kick Zero Wing out of Secret, yet Zero Wing’s Stamina Gemstones are about to ruin its plans,” Yi Luofei, who read her subordinate’s latest report in FFF adventurer team’s Residence in the distant Black Dragon Empire, said. Smiling, she continued, “When Starlink’s upper echelons learn of this, they’ll die from anger.”

That depends on whether or not Zero Wing wants to rejoin the Secret Chamber of Commerce,” Yan Tianxing responded absently as he polished his short sword.

“Why wouldn’t it?” Yi Luofei asked strangely. “Zero Wing can resolve the issues it faces in Star-Moon Kingdom immediately by rejoining Secret. Although Starlink’s efforts will still affect its business to a certain extent in Star-Moon Kingdom, it’ll be tolerable. Why wouldn’t Zero Wing want to rejoin Secret? Will Black Flame really abandon his Guild’s development because of the minor humiliation?”

“Any other Guild would definitely accept Secret’s attempts to reconcile, but Zero Wing has always been overbearing. There’s a high chance that the Guild will refuse the offer,” Yan Tianxing said. “This is also Zero Wing’s flaw. If Zero Wing can fix that, it has a high chance of becoming a superpower in the future.”

That can’t be possible, can it, Commander? Would Zero Wing really sacrifice such a vibrant future?” Yi Luofei asked, surprised.

“It’s highly possible. After all, Zero Wing has always operated in such a way,” Yan Tianxin said, sighing. “I used to be like that, too, and as a result, I missed that final step. Hopefully, Zero Wing will make the right decision.”

Star-Moon Kingdom’s various superpowers were eager to hear Zero Wing’s final decision, but unlike Yan Tianxing, most of them assumed that Zero Wing would jump at the chance to rejoin the Secret Chamber of Commerce. It was, after all, the only way that Zero Wing could recover from its current predicament.

While the various powers secretly discussed the matter, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade waited in Candlelight Trading Firm’s VIP reception room in silence, watching Shi Feng.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, the Secret Pavilion will reinforce Zero Wing’s permanent membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce. From now on, not even advanced members will have the authority to expel your Guild. In addition, if Zero Wing agrees to sell a large number of Stamina Gemstones, several of the Chamber’s advanced members will offer 10 additional sales channels in their own headquarters. With this, not even Starlink will achieve much by targeting Zero Wing financially,” Yuan Tiexin said. “May I know your thoughts on this offer, Guild Leader?”

Even Yuan Tiexin found the higher-ups’ conditions surprising.

The ten additional sales channels were an extraordinary offer, all of which came through the Shops in empires’ imperial capitals. These sales channels were far more valuable than those the Chamber’s basic members had access too. With them, the Candlelight Trading Firm’s profits would rise to a whole new level.

“Your conditions are quite tempting,” Shi Feng said, nodding slightly as he read the contract Yuan Tiexin had handed him. “However, they’re not enough!”

Yuan Tiexin found Shi Feng’s reply understandable. After all, the man should be enraged over Candlelight’s removal from the Secret Chamber of Commerce. Softly, Yuan Tiexin asked, “What conditions do you have in mind, then?”

“I only have one condition.” Looking straight at Yuan Tiexin, Shi Feng chuckled and said, “I want advanced membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce!”