Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2108 - Dark Night Empire Shaken

Chapter 2108: Dark Night Empire Shaken

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Although Melancholic Smile wasn't a combat player, she understood the Exotic Stamina Potions and Stamina Gemstone's value perfectly.

Zero Wing's exchange prices for the Exotic Stamina Potions rose each day, and now, not even the Guild's basic elite members qualified to purchase the potions. The Exotic Stamina Potions were only available to those who had been Guild members for a long time, significantly contributed to the Guild, and were advanced elite members. Moreover, advanced elite members were limited to one bottle every three days. Even so, the Guild's daily supply wasn't enough to maintain its stock.

It was clear how important the Exotic Stamina Potions were to combat players.

However, Melancholic Smile didn't find the situation unreasonable. Current players had moved beyond grinding within kingdoms and empires' borders. Most players ran toward neutral maps as soon as they were a high enough level. Not only did neutral maps offer more opportunities, but leveling in these maps also proved faster than the alternative.

This was a part of God's Domain's balance. Players wouldn't earn much if they developed in save areas, but if they took a risk, they could reap more rewards.

The Exotic Stamina Potions were a large part of the reason that Zero Wing's members had reached Level 50 so quickly.

The Stamina Gemstones were even more impressive. Although they weren't as powerful as the Exotic Stamina Potions, they were everlasting. Moreover, the Stamina Gemstone would only become more effective as players reached higher levels. Players could use the gemstones forever, and they were a treasure that could give the various major powers a significant advantage over their competitors.

Melancholic Smile immediately ordered a subordinate to set up a new counter for the Exotic Stamina Potions. She also set up a small cabinet beside the counter to display the Stamina Gemstones and the necessary qualifications to bid for them in the auction.

The moment these new features appeared in the Shop, they attracted the few visiting players' attention.

"Quick, look! There's a new counter!"

"A new product?"

The independent players browsing the Shop weren't from the Dark Night Empire. They were merely visiting Dark Night City to purchase and sell items. Hence, they didn't particularly care about Starlink's ban. Their base of operations wasn't in the empire, and if they couldn't purchase items from Dark Night City's Auction House, they could simply visit an Auction House in another empire.

Since the Candlelight Trading Firm was selling items below market price, they couldn't miss this opportunity to make a profit.

"Hmph, so what if Zero Wing is pushing out a new product? Zero Wing overestimates itself if it thinks it can defeat Starlink in the Dark Night Empire!" an Assassin from Starlink, disguised as an independent player, said disdainfully as he looked at the new counter.

As far as he was concerned, his superiors' orders to watch Candlelight was unnecessary.

Even if the Dark Night Empire's various major powers had ten times the courage they currently displayed, they wouldn't dare offend Starlink for a little profit.

Trying to counter Starlink's influence in the empire's market by relying on independent players was simply a dream. Many of the Dark Night Empire's precious materials could only be obtained with a certain degree of strength, and generally, only the various adventurer teams and Guilds were strong enough.

But as the Starlink Assassin entertained such thoughts, someone's exclamation reached his ears.

"Crap! The Exotic Stamina Potion! This Shop is actually selling Exotic Stamina Potions!"

With those few words, the first-floor hall fell silent. Almost every customer turned toward the counter at the same time, a hint of madness flashing in their eyes. They immediate dashed toward the counter.

In less than ten seconds, every customer inside the Shop had crowded around the Exotic Stamina Potions' counter.

"It really is the Exotic Stamina Potion!"

"For real!? Zero Wing is actually selling this here?!"

"Crap! You can only purchase it for the Dark Night Empire's specialty materials!"

The independent players panted a little when they saw the potions.

"Boss, give me ten bottles!"

"I want 20!"

"Boss, I want every Exotic Stamina Potion you have!"

After a brief moment of shock, the several hundred independent players in the shop frantically shouted their orders for the Exotic Stamina Potions. If the system's rules hadn't protected the counter, they likely would've tried to destroy it and steal the potions within.

Meanwhile, Melancholic Smile, who watched from the second floor, was stupefied.

When Candlelight sold the potion in Star-Moon Kingdom, the kingdom's players had merely been surprised. Nobody had ever reacted like these independent players. They all seemed as if they had found a priceless treasure that was worth killing over.

However, if Shi Feng saw this, he wouldn't be overly surprised.

Empires not only had more resources than kingdoms, but their competition was also far more intense. Kingdom's players couldn't even imagine how fierce the competition was in an empire.

Furthermore, items that could increase players' Stamina recovery were extremely rare in God's Domain. Normally, independent players had no access to such items.

While the players in the Shop made a fuss over the Exotic Stamina Potions, some noticed the cabinet next to the counter. Again, they expressed their shock.

"Stamina Gemstone?!"

"God's Domain actually has such an item?"

"If I equipped three or four of these gemstones, I wouldn't have to worry about surviving in God's Domain's maps in the future!"

"This won't do! Even if I go bankrupt, I have to get these Stamina Gemstones!"

Everyone stared at the crystal-clear Stamina Gemstones in the cabinet with bloodshot eyes. Naturally, these players paid no heed to the participation qualifications and the auction's minimum 100 Gold bid. They immediately contacted their friends to borrow the necessary funds.

The Exotic Stamina Potions might be very important, but compared to the Stamina Gemstone, the potions were insignificant. With the Stamina Gemstones, players could treat neutral maps like their own backyards, hunting for more opportunities than other players.

News of the Candlelight Trading Firm's Exotic Stamina Potions spread like wildfire. Not only did it reach every corner of Dark Night City almost instantly, but players also began to discuss the gemstones on the empire's official forums.

"Is Zero Wing insane?! It's actually selling such a treasure!?"

"It seems Zero Wing really wants to go to war with Starlink. Fortunately for us, we can profit from this war. As long as we have enough Stamina Gemstones, exploring neutral maps won't be a problem."

For a moment, the Stamina Gemstones' appearance caused an uproar in the Dark Night Empire. The various adventurer teams, in particular, sent their members to Candlelight's Shop in Dark Night City to purchase a stock of the gemstones for their members. Other players might be afraid of being barred from the city's Auction House, but adventurer teams like theirs weren't. After all, they could simply visit other Auction Houses. At most, they might have to visit another empire to shop.

However, once they had the Stamina Gemstones, they would have an advantage over other powers when exploring neutral maps. They simply couldn't miss such a rare opportunity.

The Dark Night Empire's various large Guilds secretly sent members to the Candlelight Trading Firm as well. This was just as much of an opportunity for them as it was for the various adventurer teams. Not even Starlink could dissuade them from purchasing Stamina Gemstones. If they disguised their members as independent players, Starlink would have a difficult time discovering their actions.

Less than an hour after the public discovered the Stamina Gemstones, players crowded Candlelight's previous deserted Shop in Dark Night City. It was even more crowded than the city's Auction House right now.

Moreover, the prices for the empire's specialty materials in Dark Night City had doubled within the past hour due to Candlelight's auction requirements. Even so, none of the various large Guilds or adventurer teams harbored any thought of taking advantage of this opportunity to sell their materials for a quick profit. For a time, chaos reigned over Dark Night City's market.

Eventually, the various superpowers' upper echelons, who were preoccupied with exploring neutral maps, received news of Zero Wing's Stamina Gemstones.