Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2105 - Road to Tier 3

Chapter 2105 – Road to Tier 3

An Inferior Legendary Quest? Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the system notification.

As far as he could remember, the quest to link an NPC Auction House to a Guild City’s had only neared Epic rank. Even if it were slightly more difficult to accomplish, the quest shouldn’t be more difficult than an Epic Team Quest. He had never heard of an Inferior Legendary ranked version.

Although there was only one rank between Inferior Legendary Quests and Epic Quests, the actual difficulty difference was massive. This was like the difference between peak and apex experts. Even apex experts would face extreme risks when completing an Inferior Legendary Quest, and that was with the support of a superpower.

Without a superpower behind them, completing an Inferior Legendary Quest would require heaven-defying luck.

During Shi Feng’s brief moment of shock, he received another system notification.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to activate the Road to Prosperity in God’s Domain. There will be no penalties for failing the quest. Upon quest completion, you will be awarded an additional Peak Construction Design or Gold Town Promotion Order.

A Peak Construction Design or Gold Town Promotion Order? Shi Feng began to grow excited as he read this second notification.

Both the Peak Construction Design and the Gold Town Promotion Order were painfully difficult to acquire in God’s Domain. Either of these items was easily as valuable as a Fragmented Legendary item.

Any Peak Construction could easily attract a flood of players, increasing a city’s popularity. Peak Constructions were also required to promote an Advanced City to a Main City.

A Guild City could only truly become a Guild’s main headquarters after becoming a Main City, which even individual Tier 5 players would find difficult to take down. To destroy a Main City, one would need a group of Tier 5 players or a Tier 6 God-ranked player.

This was also why only Guilds with a Main City were considered true first-rate Guilds. First-rate Guilds generally had quite a few Tier 5 players under their command, and with the home-ground advantage, these Tier 5 players could exhibit far greater combat power than ordinary Tier 5 players. Hence, even the various superpowers had invested a lot of time and effort to destroy a first-rate Guild’s Main City in the past.

Some superpowers had even spent two or three months trying to destroy a first-rate Guild’s Main City.

As for the Gold Town Promotion Order, it allowed players to promote an Advanced Town to a Basic City unconditionally.

Every superpower dreamed of commanding a Basic City at this stage of the game. Not only would a Basic City provide a stable source of income, but it would also allow its ruling superpower to control more territory. At the same time, a Basic City was the basis for survival in Level 100-plus neutral maps.

God’s Domain had plenty of Level 100-plus neutral maps, and every one of them had its own characteristics and resources. Occupying one of these neutral maps would certainly benefit a Guild’s members as they grew stronger.

God’s Domain’s current powers desperately needed both the Peak Construction Design and the Gold Town Promotion Order. Even though it would still be some time before players reached Level 100, much would need to be done before they could explore Level 100 neutral maps. Many powers in the past had only begun to prepare after players had reached Level 90, and by then, it had been too late.

Ideally, powers should prepare to explore Level 100 neutral maps once players reached Level 80. Players would need potions and items that would help counter the harsh environments players would encounter in neutral maps, for example. To amass these potions and items, the various powers would need to improve their Lifestyle players’ standards. They would also need to grind for recipes and designs.

If a power only began to prepare for this expansion after players reached Level 90, it wouldn’t be ready in time, and superpowers were no exception. Its development in Level 100 neutral maps would stagnate, and the process of elevating its expert players to Tier 3 would be affected.

Zero Wing’s foundations were still flimsy. Hence, Shi Feng needed to prepare for exploring Level 100 neutral maps as soon as possible. After all, after reaching Tier 2, players would need about the same amount of time for each level-up before Level 100. It only seemed like players’ leveling speed decreased as they reached higher levels due to increased PvP encounters, which, in turn, resulted in more deaths than necessary. In addition, top-tier weapons and equipment became more difficult to acquire.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng promptly unfurled the parchment Weissman had given him.

The parchment listed all the conditions that he would need to fulfill. Once he met these conditions, White River City’s Auction House would link with the Auction House in Stone Forest Town.

As expected of an Inferior Legendary Quest. These conditions are absurd. Shi Feng frowned as he read the parchment.

To put it simply, he needed to obtain 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal and complete one Hero ranked Crusade Quest.

Although the quest only had two conditions, fulfilling both would even be a challenge for the various superpowers. The various superpowers likely didn’t even know what a Hero Crusade Quest was.

A Hero Crusade Quest was also known as a Kingdom Crusade Quest. Even an entire kingdom would struggle to complete such a quest, so they were usually commissioned through the Adventurer’s Association. In the past, even the various superpowers had considered Hero Crusade Quests absolute nightmares.

In the past, first-rate Guilds had been powerless when it came to Hero Crusade Quests, and the various superpowers had sacrificed tens of thousands of expert players to complete them. Even apex experts had died multiple times during the quest.

Now, the system wanted him to complete one such quest just to connect two Auction Houses.

Obtaining 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal wasn’t particularly difficult for Shi Feng. After all, Zero Wing had already begun to explore the Tower of Time. Thus far, the Guild had collected more than 50 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. If he sent Cola and the other main force members to the Tower, acquiring the rest of the required Seven Luminaries Crystals wouldn’t be overly difficult.

The Hero Crusade Quest was the real problem.

Ouroboros had once accepted a Hero Crusade quest when players had been around Level 70. Their target had been the Lord of Fire in an ancient secret land. I can probably give it a go. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng recalled the Hero Crusade Quests in Star-Moon Kingdom during his previous life. Of those he could remember, the only one he was confident of Zero Wing completing was the crusade against the Lord of Fire.

Although Ouroboros had failed to defeat the Lord of Fire, the main reason for its defeat had been insufficient Fire Resistance. Ouroboros’s members hadn’t been able to withstand the Lord of Fire’s attacks at all. A foreign superpower had arrived to hunt down the Boss only after players had reached Level 100. The achievement had sparked a huge commotion in Star-Moon Kingdom at the time.

Players could only complete a Hero Crusade Quest once, and once it had been completed, it would vanish from God’s Domain forever. As long as a Guild completed a Hero Crusade Quest, it would be awarded a significant amount of Guild Popularity, which would attract more NPC nobles and even royalty to commission quests. A Guild could even earn the appropriate deeds to become a Territory Lord, although trying to reach that rank was extremely difficult.

After considering the matter for a moment, Shi Feng decided to hunt down the Lord of Fire. Other powers might find it struggle to amass enough Fire Resistance to raid the Lord of Fire, but it wasn’t an issue for Shi Feng and his Guild. He had already raided the Flame Demon King and obtained the Flame Demon’s Crown, a piece of top-tier Fire Resistance Equipment, after all. Furthermore, Zero Wing was far stronger than Ouroboros had been. With the help of Master Fire Resistance Potions, raiding the Lord of Fire was definitely possible for the Guild.

As Shi Feng left the City Hall and was about to head to the Candlelight Trading Firm to prepare for the Crusade Quest, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, something major has just happened! A moment ago, Starlink made a move and invited every core member in our Guild to join it. It is offering us three times what Zero Wing is paying, and it has poached a group of Advanced Lifestyle players from Candlelight Starlink has started selling weapons and equipment for Cred causing our sales to plummet,” Aqua Rose hurriedly reported. “Everyone in the Guild is talking about it.”

“I guess Starlink finally gave in and is trying to suppress us with its financial power?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh.

“How can you laugh at a time like this, Guild Leader? We are already tight on Credits. Now that Starlink is trying to sabotage us, many of the Guild’s members are growing concerned. If our people start to leave the Guild, our development will likely stagnate,” Aqua Rose said, exasperated at Shi Feng’s reaction.

“I get it. Notify Melancholic and Youlan; tell them to reduce our prices in the Dark Night Empire and purchase the empire’s specialty materials at a high price. Since Starlink wants to cause trouble in Star-Moon Kingdom, we’ll do the same in the Dark Night Empire.” Shi Feng calmly decided.