Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2102 - New Era

Chapter 2102 – New Era

Once the competition reached its official end, the surviving participants were teleported out of their respective battlefields. Zero Wing’s participants were transported to the Auction Arena’s podium.

When Zero Wing’s 107 participants appeared on the gorgeous platform hovering in the center of the Auction Arena, they instantly became the center of everyone’s attention. The Magic Mirrors across the city displayed this scene, so almost everyone in White River City had their eyes on Zero Wing’s representatives.

“We won!”

“Our Guild won!”

The innumerable Zero Wing members throughout the city cheered excitedly when they saw their Guildmates on the platform.

White River City’s citizens were not the only ones amazed by this outcome. Practically every player and power in Star-Moon Kingdom was stunned.

With just 107 players, Zero Wing had held White River City against four superpowers. Moreover, it had won the competition by a landslide!

This was practically a dream.

When the system had announced the Auction Arena’s activation, even players who had just joined God’s Domain knew that the Auction Arenas would become a playground for the various superpowers. Lesser powers had no place in the competitions. Even if they wanted to fight for an NPC city’s Auction House, they’d have to wait for the second round of promoted NPC cities.

Ordinary powers couldn’t hope to understand the superpowers’ level of strength. This fact had been proven true multiple times in God’s Domain already. Even before the Auction Arena System, countless powers had fallen, caught in the crossfire between competing superpowers. Even first-rate Guilds had fallen,which ordinary players already considered unreachable.

Hence, nobody had expected for White River City’s Auction Arena to end like this.

By the time Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader,held up the crystalline certificate that granted the Guild the management rights over White River City’s Auction House, the arena’s atmosphere had reached its peak.

I finally have it. Shi Feng burned with excitement as he gazed at the crystalline certificate that glowed with a multi-colored light.

In his previous life, he had been forced to watch the various major powers obtain control of the Auction Houses in NPC cities from the spectator stands. In this life, however, not only had his Guild secured an NPC city’s Auction House, but Zero Wing was also one of the first Guilds to do so.

Countless Zero Wing members shouted their elation throughout White River City, their voices echoing down every street. It seemed like these players were trying to tell the world that from today, Zero Wing was White River City’s true overlord.

Now that Zero Wing had control of White River City’s Auction House, it had control over the city’s economic lifeline. Even if multiple superpowers moved against Zero Wing, they couldn’t touch the Guild in this city.

Moreover, Zero Wing now had an additional income source, which would guarantee a certain level of the Guild’s development. Zero Wing’s position in Star-Moon Kingdom was also unshakeable now. Surpassing the Guild within its kingdom was nearly impossible after this victory.

In addition, as one of the first Guilds to win the management rights to an NPC city’s Auction House, Zero Wing qualified to contest with the various superpowers for neutral maps. With a nigh-impenetrable mean headquarters, Zero Wing could afford to send more manpower to neutral maps. Now, Zero Wing truly had the potential to become a superpower in the future.

A superpower!

Countless powers and players in the virtual gaming world dreamed of commanding such power.

When Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose saw the crystalline certificate in Shi Feng’s hand, they were just as emotional and excited.

Neither of them ever thought that Zero Wing would reach this point.

As the Guild’s core upper echelons, no one understood Zero Wing better than they did. The fact that Zero Wing had started as a Guild with nothing, yet developed into something so powerful so rapidly was a miracle!

Although some assumed otherwise, Zero Wing truly lacked a background. It didn’t even have any financial support from major companies. Zero Wing had reached this point by relying on its own abilities. It wasn’t anything like the various large Guilds that didn’t have to worry about needing funds.

“Black Flame has really tricked me. It’s no wonder why Zero Wing has always been uninterested in the various superpowers’ olive branches, going so far as to provoke multiple superpowers.” Galaxy Past, who sat in the spectator stands, couldn’t help his rueful sigh as he watched Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members bask in their glory.

When he thought back to his plan of surpassing Zero Wing with the Star Alliance, he found the idea laughable.


How was the Star Alliance going to do that?

The 107 players on the levitating platform were enough to make the best first-rate Guilds tremble in fear, not to mention Zero Wing’s potential for growth.

He more or less understood why Gentle Snow, Ouroboros’s former Guild Leader, had joined Zero Wing. Many first-rate and pseudo-super-first-rate Guilds had reached out to Gentle Snow when Blackwater had annexed Ouroboros’ but in the end,she had chosen to join Zero Wing,becoming a laughingstock.

“This is strange,Guild Leader. Why do I feel like the various major powers here are actually excited about this?” Purple Eye asked strangely as she looked around her.

Zero Wing had won this competition. The various major powers present shouldn’t have anything to do with this victory, yet they acted as if Zero Wing had won this Auction Arena for them all.

“It’s only natural,” Galaxy Past said,chuckling. “Zero Wing broke the superpowers’ undefeatable curse and birthed a new era, so of course, the various major powers are excited.”

“A new era?” Realization dawned on Purple Jade.

Superpowers had always been undefeatable in God’s Domain. Only other superpowers could contend with a superpower. In fact, this was common sense in the virtual gaming world.

Although there had been instances of a non-superpower defeating some of God’s Domain’s superpowers, these fights had been mere squabbles. They proved nothing. Moreover, these victors had relied on super-powerful items with limited effective periods. These items only allowed non-superpowers to shine for a limited time, and there was no relation between these items and a power’s true strength. At most, these powers had attracted others’ attention and envy.

However, the Auction Arena tested the participating powers’ comprehensive strength. No external items were allowed in the competition. Moreover, the various participating superpowers took this competition very seriously.

Thus, Zero Wing was the first non-superpower to achieve true victory over multiple superpowers.

This victory also proved that superpowers could be defeated.

“Interesting. The superpowers actually lost.”

“It seems the era of superpowers’ rule over God’s Domain has finally come to an end! After today, this is the era of new powers like us!”

In one of White River City’s crowded Advanced Bars, upper echelons from powers that had been operated in secret began to grow restless after witnessing the Auction House competition’s outcome.

Meanwhile, like the plague, news of Zero Wing’s victory in White River City’s Auction Arena spread throughout God’s Domain, reaching every major power and superpower on the continent.