Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2101 - Monster Galore

Chapter 2101 – Monster Galore

The dissipating particles of light looked like fading fireworks on Battlefield No. 3. Gentle Snow, who stood among the fading particles, looked like a war goddess that had just descended onto the battlefield, her silver armor and golden greatsword only adding to her sacred, majestic beauty.

However, the only thing the watching players felt when they looked at her was panic.

“How?” Dust Blood could not believe his eyes.

Gentle Snow had just slain more than 100 experts from Starlink and Blackwater!

Every one of those experts had even posed a threat to him, yet they had been nothing more than pests before Gentle Snow. With five slashes, She had wiped out 80% of the two superpower’s joint team, and those that had survived had less than 50% of their HP remaining…

“Is she really a player?”

“Spatial tears? Can current players even be this strong?”

The various major powers’ exerts nearby couldn’t help but watch Gentle Snow in fear.

If she had used some sort of dazzling technique or powerful Skill to defeat those experts, they’d, at most, be amazed. After all, that strength would’ve been on par with monster-level experts. However, that was clearly not the case here.

Gentle Snow hadn’t used a superb combat technique or Skill at all. She had simply relied on brute force. With her extraordinary speed and Strength, she had stomped on more than 100 Refinement Realm experts as if she were stomping on an anthill. This was ten times more shocking than if she had defeated her opponents with a combat technique or Skill.

The system prohibited players from using tools or Berserk Skills in the Auction Arena.

Yet, Gentle Snow had displayed Strength that defied common sense. Only Tier 4 attacks and above could cause spatial tears.

Even God’s Domain’s current monster-level experts could, at most, exhibit the Strength of upper-rank Tier 3. Although the difference between Tier 4 and upper-rank Tier 3 didn’t seem major, it was actually massive. It was like the difference between a Grand Lord and a Mythic ranked monster.

Even Shi Feng was astonished. He had to admit that Fragmented Legendary items were truly amazing.

Gentle Snow currently carried two top-tier Fragmented Legendary items, and both were Strength-based and quite compatible with the Berserker Class. Furthermore, one of the items was a two-handed weapon. As Gentle Snow reached higher levels, her Strength would only rise to frightening levels. Purely comparing their Strengths, Gentle Snow’s was even higher than Shi Feng’s, and her physique rivaled his.

When Gentle Snow had been questing, she had miraculously discovered a Bloodline called the Great Earth Bloodline. Although it was a Basic Bloodline, it focused on improving a player’s Strength. Although this new-found Strength didn’t help Gentle Snow become as powerful as a Mythic monster, she wasn’t far from it.

She was truly a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex!

She has Tier 4 Strength? After watching Gentle Snow’s display, Heart Demon couldn’t help but tense with fear.

He’d rather fight old experts like Sword Demon than face a player with Tier 4 Strength. With such an overwhelming advantage, Gentle Snow could easily outmaneuver any of his offensive or defensive moves. Fighting this female Berserker head-on would be suicidal.

While everyone was shocked over Gentle Snow’s terrifying Strength, the crimson-clad Zhao Yueru, who stood some distance behind her Berserker friend, had finally finished casting her Spell.

“Go!” Zhao Yueru shouted as she waved her staff.

Tier 2 Curse,Scorching Thorns!

Suddenly, hundreds of burning flowers appeared above Starlink and Blackwater’s remaining experts. Under Zhao Yueru’s control, these fire flowers shed thorns that rained down on her targets.

Every one of these fire thorns had the Strength to rival a Grand Lord of the same level. Moreover, her attacks were precise and numerous, making them impossible to dodge.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of explosions shook the battlefield, followed by towering pillars of fire that rose into the air, one after another.

When the flames subsided, only three peak experts from the two Guilds remained alive. Everyone else had burned to death.

This turn of events broke the spectators’ minds.

“Isn’t she a little too powerful!?”

“Another monster?!”

“Just how much power has Zero Wing hidden?!”

Everyone was in shock as they stared at Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru. Although none of them wanted to believe it, they had no choice after witnessing such a dazzling display.

“She’s even stronger than before?” Yi Luofei, who sat in the spectator stands, was dumbfounded by Zhao Yueru’s performance.

She had a far better understanding of how powerful the woman was than the other spectators around her. If not for the Auction Arena’s restrictions, Yi Luofei guessed that Zhao Yueru could even solo Heart Demon.

However, Yi Luofei was even more surprised by the woman’s improved combat standards.

When Yi Luofei had fought Zhao Yueru in the Black Dragon Empire, the latter had only been at the Refinement Realm, but now, she had moved beyond that, and Yi Luofei could see hints of Black Flame’s abilities in Zhao Yueru’s performance. Although she wasn’t as powerful as Black Flame, Zhao Yueru had displayed incredible control over her Spell. Yi Luofei doubted that she could control hundreds of fire thorns as well as Zhao Yueru.

How much time had actually passed since the ranking competition in the Black Dragon Empire?

Improving one’s combat standards wasn’t as easy as upgrading one’s equipment. It took a lot of time and effort to improve combat standards. A few months shouldn’t be long enough, yet Zhao Yueru had managed it…

Could it be because of Zero Wing? Yi Luofei could not help but wonder. What did Zero Wing do?

There was the same situation with Graceful Moon. Before joining Zero Wing, Graceful Moon had only been a relatively talented expert, but nothing compared to true geniuses. And yet, she had actually defeated three Refinement Realm experts from top-ranked first-rate Guilds by herself. Now, Zhao Yueru displayed similarly frightening improvements.

The various superpowers’ members that watched from the sidelines had fallen silent. They no longer looked down at Zero Wing in ridicule. Rather, they looked on in fear.

Everyone had thought that Blackwater and Starlink had Battlefield No. 3 in the bag, but now, only Heart Demon remained of the 120-plus experts on the team. On the other hand, none of Zero Wing’s members had taken damage. This didn’t look good for Heart Demon.

Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru might not be Domain Realm experts, but they had the combat power to rival Domain Experts. These two women might actually be even more difficult to deal with than actual Domain Realm experts.

Moreover, these women’s classes complemented each other perfectly.

The only option Heart Demon had left was a retreat. The old monster didn’t have a second option.

“Damn it! How does Zero Wing have so many players with such monstrous Attributes?!” Jing Yang, who watched via one of the gigantic, hovering Magic Mirrors, paled when he saw the one-sided battle.

The fact that Zero Wing had monsters like Fire Dance, Alluring Summer, and Shadow Sword was already unbelievable, but now, two more monsters stepped out of the shadows.

For a moment,Jing Yang even wondered if Zero Wing had found a way to cheat.

However,he very quickly recovered his composure.

Although Zero Wing now held an overwhelming advantage in two of the five battlefields, there were still three other battlefields. As long as Blackwater and Starlink dealt with the smaller Guild on these battlefields, Zero Wing might still lose this competition.

Only, the hope didn’t last long as the other Magic Mirrors displayed more scenes that shattered Jing Yang’s fantasies.

In Battlefield No. 2, Zero Wing’s Violet Cloud fought Mad Demon to a standstill. Moreover, Cola and Blackie trampled over Starlink and Blackwater’s experts alongside her. In the end, Zero Wing’s secured an overwhelming victory in this battlefield, as well.

In Battlefield No. 4, Aqua Rose and Turtledove worked together, displaying absurdly high combat power and holding their advantage over Blackwater and Starlink’s experts. Wearing the Crystal Light Set, Silent Blade, Remnant Cloud, and Seven Light easily overwhelmed the two superpowers’ peak experts in Battlefield No. 5 with their superior Basic Attributes.

For a time, an uproar shook the Auction Arena. Nobody had dreamed that Zero Wing was actually so powerful. The Guild had an absolute advantage in all five battlefields, increasing its collection of energy crystals.

The first three battlefields were practically Zero Wing’s home turf. The Guild claimed over 70% of the energy crystals in these maps.

The watching crowd only snapped out of its daze after the competition’s ending bell had rung.

In the end, Zero Wing secured first place in the Auction Arena with an overwhelming number of energy crystals. The system then repeated the results throughout Star-Moon Kingdom five times.

Not only had Zero Wing won White River City’s Auction House, but it had become one of the few Guilds that owned one throughout God’s Domain!