Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2100 - Divine Appearance

Chapter 2100 – Divine Appearance

As soon as Jing Yang issued the command, Blackwater’s members on the other four battlegrounds began to cooperate with Starlink’s members against Zero Wing.

Although Battlefield No. 1 had a collection of monsters, the other battlefields had barely any. For example, Blackwater didn’t have a single monster-level expert among the four other battlefields, and Starlink only had the two remaining Shadow Demons. However, while the four remaining battlefields did not have many monster-level experts, more players had been assigned to these battlefields than those on Battlefield No. 1.

Every one of the four remaining battlefields had at least 100 Blackwater and Starlink members in total, and even the weakest of these players was a Refinement Realm expert. In contrast,even when added together,Blackwater and Starlink had fewer than 40 members on Battlefield No. 1. There was simply no comparison between Battlefield No. 1 and the others.

Blackwater and Starlink’s forces on Battlefields No. 2 and 3, were led by Mad Demon and Heart Demon. Even the other superpowers were afraid of facing those forces.

Zero Wing is in trouble now,” Yi Luofei from the FFF adventurer ream commented as she watched Blackwater and Starlink’s joint forces.

Although Zero Wing had emerged victorious on Battlefield No. 1, despite the monsters there, it was at an overwhelming disadvantage on the other battlefields,especially Battlefields No. 2 and 3. A 100-man team of Refinement Realm experts, led by a Domain Realm expert, could even hunt down lone Domain Realm experts.

On the other hand,Zero Wing only had around 20 players on each of these battlefields, and they didn’t have any monster-level experts to lead them. They stood no chance against Blackwater and Starlink’s forces.

The Auction House competition was about securing energy crystals, and as time passed, more crystals would descend onto the battlefields. At that time, the advantage of having more players would become obvious, and Zero Wing would suffer an even greater disadvantage.

“Black Flame’s decision was really unwise. If he hadn’t provoked Blackwater into cooperating with Starlink, Zero Wing might’ve had a chance of victory. At the very least, Zero Wing could have taken advantage of the chaos as the various superpowers would eventually fight over the energy crystals. Now, however, the participating superpowers want to avoid a battle with the two Guilds. There won’t be any chaos for Zero Wing to take advantage of,” Yan Tianxing said, sighing as he watched Shi Feng through a Magic Mirror.

This was the problem all developing Guilds faced. Even if a developing Guild had the strength to fight a superpower, other superpowers wouldn’t sit idle and allow a new superpower to rise. They would usually cooperate to apply pressure on the developing Guild and prevent the growth of a new rival.

Yan Tianxing had faced the same when he had established his own Guild some years ago. In the end, he had been forced to abandon the Guild and establish an adventurer team instead. Now, it was Zero Wing’s turn.

The situation somewhat saddened the various major powers, as well. They had thought that they’d get to witness a Guild with no background become a new superpower, but it seemed that opportunity was gone.

First- and second-rate Guilds dreamed of becoming superpowers, titans in the virtual gaming world, but the road to becoming a superpower was an arduous one. Without a powerful background and the support of major corporations,reaching such heights was nearly impossible.

The fact that Zero Wing had become so powerful despite its lack of support or a background had shown these major powers a ray of hope.

Now, however, that hope was about to be extinguished.

Despite such a powerful monster like Shi Feng in its midst, Zero Wing would suffer in the end. Needless to say, ordinary first- and second-rate Guilds wouldn’t fare any better.

Hahaha! Black Flame, I’ll finally have my retribution!” Singular Burial, who currently wore Blackwater’s Guild Emblem, laughed maniacally as he watched the Magic Mirror hovering above Battlefield No. 3.

He had waited for this day for a long time now. He should’ve been Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord, becoming a titan in the virtual gaming world, but Zero Wing had foiled his plans,and in the end,he was nothing more than a commander in Blackwater.

His hatred for Zero Wing was endless due to this.

He had thought he had lost his chance to see Zero Wing perish, so he was overwhelmingly delighted at the moment.

Without White River City’s Auction House, Zero Wing would lose the city. Without the headquarters it had painstakingly developed, Zero Wing’s development would suffer. In this era of fierce competition, even a small setback could destroy a Guild’s positions, not to mention something as major as losing one’s main headquarters.

While Singular Burial celebrated Zero Wing’s downfall, Blackwater’s team in Battlefield No. 3 had met up with Starlink’s team near a descended energy crystal. Starlink’s Heart Demon then took command of the joint team.

The other superpowers, who had been waiting for the energy crystal to drop, promptly moved aside. The nearby major powers’ experts gasped when they saw this.

“So, this is Blackwater and Starlink’s joint force?” Dust Blood from Bloodbath Family felt his scalp tingle when he saw the gathered expert players below the descending crystal.

The team consisted of more than 120 Starlink and Blackwater members, and every one of these players felt incredibly dangerous to Dust Blood. There were also six specific players that Dust Blood couldn’t even bring himself to look at. Each of these six wore at least two or three Epic Weapons or Equipment pieces.

However, these six players paled in comparison to Heart Demon, the hunchbacked old man that led the team and truly instilled fear in Dust Blood’s heart. Even though Dust Blood was not a magical class player, he could see the Mana circling Heart Demon’s body. Meanwhile, Heart Demon wore a total of five pieces of Epic Equipment. Although Dust Blood could not tell what rank the old man’s staff was, the weapon radiated a soul-shuddering pressure.

As far as Dust Blood was concerned, these 120-plus experts from Starlink and Blackwater could even destroy a top-ranked first-rate Guild like Bloodbath Family if given enough time.

“Sure enough, Guilds like ours cannot afford to provoke superpowers.” Morning Sun, the female Elementalist leading Holy Reincarnation’s team in Battlefield No. 3, sighed when she saw the gathered force.

This was superpowers’ strength!

Non-superpowers like the Bloodbath Family and Holy Reincarnation simply couldn’t compete.

Setting aside monster-level experts, Blackwater and Starlink had even more combat power on Battlefield No. 3 than on Battlefield No. 1.

Despite the great lengths Zero Wing had gone to defeat the two Guilds on Battlefield No. 1,these superpowers had immediately formed another formidable team on another battlefield. Moreover, they had three more teams on the other battlefields…

While the various major powers were awestruck over Blackwater and Starlink’s strength, a team of 20-plus players made its presence known. Everyone made a ruckus when they saw this team.

“Why are Zero Wing’s members here?”

“Don’t they know that Blackwater and Starlink will attack them the moment they show themselves?”

The various major powers’ experts shot the team incredulous looks. They couldn’t believe that Zero Wing’s members would be so daring.

Unlike the team on Battlefield No. 1, this team didn’t have any monster-level experts like Shi Feng, Fire Dance, Alluring Summer, and Shadow Sword.

“Very good! And here I thought you would only act after a significant number of energy crystals had dropped. This will save me the trouble of looking for you.” Heart Demon watched Zero Wing’s team approach through narrowed eyes. With a wave of his hand, he said, “I’m not like Old Wind and Old Sword.

I prefer to settle troublesome matters as soon as possible. Everyone, attack! Do not let any of them get away!”

Blackwater and Starlink’s experts swarmed toward Zero Wing’s team under Heart Demon’s command.

However, once these experts got within 20 yards of Zero Wing’s ream, a silver-armored woman wielding a golden greatsword emerged from the group.

This woman brandished her greatsword at Blackwater and Starlink’s many experts.

One slash… Two slashes… Three slashes…

The silver-armored woman executed five consecutive attacks,sending five sword lights flying at her opponents. Wherever the sword lights passed, they left behind a pitch-black spatial tear.

Following which,the five golden lights enveloped the advancing players. When the light finally faded, Blackwater and Starlink had less than 20 players on their team. The rest had transformed into countless particles of light and vanished.

Suddenly, the battlefield was eerily silent…