Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2098 - Peerless Aura

Chapter 2098 – Peerless Aura

Before anyone could react to Shi Feng’s command, Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s auras washed over the battlefield. Everyone fell silent as they unconsciously turned toward the two players, dumbfounded.

“What powerful auras!”

“How is this possible? Aren’t Berserk Skills prohibited in the Auction Arena?”

The feeling of the two Zero Wing members’ auras had changed completely. For a moment, everyone felt like they stood before two Grand Lord ranked monsters.

In God’s Domain, players would determine their opponent’s strength based on their auras in situations where they couldn’t inspect the opponent’s information. A player’s aura couldn’t be faked. Expert players, in particular, relied on this method to avoid unnecessary deaths.

The fact that Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s auras had abruptly grown stronger meant that their combat power had just increased.

However, players weren’t allowed to use tools or Berserk Skills in the Auction Arena. No one on the battlefield could figure out how these two had suddenly become so powerful.

Blackwater’s members paused their assault, shuddering, as they felt the sudden transformation. These experts stared at Zero Wing’s players in fear, too wary to attack.

Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword now displayed the auras of Domain Realm experts. If they attacked and exposed a weakness, this fight might end in an instant

“Don’t be fooled!” Snow Scar shouted when he realized that his allied had stopped their assault. “No one in this arena can use a Berserk Skill to increase their strength! They must be using some special Skill that increases the mental pressure other players feel Their combat power shouldn’t have actually increased! They are merely putting up a front!”

Although weapons and equipment that increased the mental pressure one’s enemies experienced were excruciatingly rare in God’s Domain, they existed nevertheless.

“Damn! That really spooked me! I almost thought that Zero Wing had two more monsters!”

“Black Flame nearly fooled me, too. It really would be heaven-defying if Zero Wing had another two monster-level experts.”

“I will admit, though, that Zero Wing is pretty impressive to get its hands on such weapons and equipment”

“That’s right! I’ve only heard of such items before today. I’ve never actually seen one. Although such items won’t improve one’s combat power, a stronger aura can affect an opponent’s mental state and slow their reactions. Such items would be incredibly useful in PvP.”

When they heard Snow Scar’s comment, realization dawned on the various major powers’ experts watching from a distance. They all agreed with his reasoning. It would simply be too horrific if Zero Wing had truly revealed more monster-level experts.

“Weapons and equipment that strengthen auras?” Sword Demon muttered to himself as he glanced at Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword. He then shook his head and smiled at Shi Feng, “And here I thought you were going to reveal another powerful trump card. It seems you’re at your wit’s end. Although such weapons and equipment would be awesomely effective in PvP, I’m afraid mere gimmicks are useless against experts who have experienced countless battles. At best, they might delay your players’ fate.”

“Is that so?” Shi Feng replied with a calm smile.

Suddenly, the atmosphere around Shi Feng changed. Like Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s transformations, Shi Feng’s aura became considerably more powerful. Space around him even began to blur.

Sensing this change, Sword Demon’s expression darkened.

If Shi Feng’s aura had resembled a great ocean that could even stifle peak experts, those who bathed in it now felt as if they had been submerged in mercury. Shi Feng’s aura felt incomparably heavy, and even Sword Demon struggled to breathe.

“You…” Fear flashed in Sword Demon’s eyes as he stared at Shi Feng.

He was an expert that stood at the apex of God’s Domain, a player that every superpower feared, yet he felt the threat of death loom over him as he stood before Shi Feng.

He felt as if he were standing before a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex, rather than another player!

Moreover, Shi Feng’s control of his aura was exceptional. Sword Demon could tell that Shi Feng had restrained his aura to his immediate surroundings, so no one but him sensed how horrifying it truly was.

“Do you still think that I’m just trying to buy time?” Shi Feng smiled at Sword Demon.

Secret Laws weren’t categorized as Skills or Spells, resembling combat techniques instead. They didn’t improve players’ Basic Attributes, only allowing players to exhibit more of their bodies’ potential. Hence, players could freely use Secret Laws within the Auction Arena, and they didn’t need to worry about their Secret Laws dropping if they died. The system didn’t actually consider the deaths players suffered in the Auction Arena as official.

This was why Secret Laws were so valuable. The various superpowers had even offered to trade Epic Set Equipment for a Basic Secret Law during Shi Feng’s previous life since the Secret Laws would be far more effective in the Auction Arenas than Epic Set Equipment

The physique improvement Secret Laws provided was secondary, however. More importantly,

Secret Laws allowed players to enter a super-sensory state. In this state, players’ senses became so sharp that they could perceive things they couldn’t normally detect. Of course, how useful this was would depend on the player.

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Sword Demon had an extremely bad premonition.

Sword Demon felt that the younger Swordsman’s smile looked like the expression one would use when mocking an ignorant fool. Moreover, Shi Feng looked down at him as if he were watching an ant Sword Demon had seen that expression on many powerhouses before.

“Quick! Everyone retreat!” Sword Demon instinctively shouted.

He hadn’t been able to determine whether or not the change to Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword’s auras was truly related to a combat power increase, but after experiencing Shi Feng’s enhanced aura, he was absolutely certain that this transformation wasn’t due to a weapon or equipment effect Rather, it was a by-product of their combat power increasing.


“Why are we retreating?”

The players from Starlink and Blackwater were confused when they heard the command.

Victory was already within reach. As long as they kept fighting for another minute or so, they’d win, yet Sword Demon wanted them to flee?

“Sword Demon has gone too far with his affection for talented individuals.” Blindman frowned at Sword Demon’s warning.

“Is that really the case?” Mu Cheng, who stood beside Blindman, wondered as he watched the old monster’s tense expression. No matter how he looked at it, that expression didn’t look like affection. It looked like Sword Demon was terrified.

When Sword Demon saw his allies’ confusion, his anxiety grew, but as he was about to explain, he heard the sound of laughter.

“It’s too late to escape now!”

The moment this voice reached his ears, Sword Demon instinctively brandished his greatsword, swinging the weapon at Shi Feng, who had suddenly appeared before him. The older Swordsman instantly split into three clones, each launching multiple attacks with the Strength to suppress Grand Lords of the same level.

This was Sword Demon’s final trump card and his weapon’s strongest Additional Skill, Phantom Assault

In his hands, this Skill could even kill Domain Realm experts in an instant if they didn’t activate an Invulnerability Skill.

However, Shi Feng easily deflected the dozen or so attacks with his Killing Ray, displaying far faster reaction speed than before.

Shadow Blade!

Ten sword lights flew toward Sword Demon simultaneously, each aiming for his weak points, but not to be outdone, Sword Demon executed an Advanced Defensive Combat Technique to evade the incoming attacks.

One attack… Two attacks… Three attacks…

After blocking the seventh sword light, Sword Demon hit his limit, and the three remaining attacks tore through his body. The last two-thirds of his HP vanished instantly.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword had made their move, slaying the two Blackwater peak experts they faced within two or three moves. With this turn of events, the battlefield fell deathly silent