Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2095 - So Confident with So Many Fighters?

Chapter 2095 – So Confident with So Many Fighters?

As the twelve crimson sword lights were about to bite into Shi Feng, Killing Ray and Twilight Blade cut six of them down. The counterattack forcibly altered these sword lights’ trajectories, and rather than threatening Shi Feng’s life, they became shields that protected him as they clashed with the remaining six sword lights.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

As the twelve sword lights collided, they disintegrated into particles of light Meanwhile, Shi Feng remained unharmed.

He blocked all of those attacks? Wilting Netherworld stared at the fading light particles with wide eyes.

Sword Demon’s use of this Skill had reached the peak of God’s Domain. She was sure that even King’s Return’s old monsters would be forced to use a Lifesaving Skill or powerful offensive Skill to nullify the attack, yet Shi Feng had done so with a few, simple slashes. Moreover, Shi Feng had neutralized the attack so effortlessly. Wilting Netherworld couldn’t believe her eyes.

Similarly, the various major powers’ watching experts gaped at the scene.

“Amazing! This is simply amazing!”

“So, this is an apex expert’s strength?”

Shock and excitement overwhelmed everyone after witnessing the brief clash between Shi Feng and Sword Demon. Although they all knew that the various superpowers’ old monsters were extraordinarily power, they had never seen one in action before. At most, they had watched a few of those old monsters’ battle videos.

However, they now watched one of these old monsters fight an equally strong opponent. Moreover, they only stood 200 yards away from the fight. For Tier 2 players, watching from this distance was like watching a fight from 50 yards away for Tier 1 players.

“Black Flame really can’t be underestimated. No wonder why he dismissed Sword Demon’s offer so quickly.” Blindman was also slightly surprised to see Shi Feng unharmed.

At Sword Demon’s skill level, one could command their Skills or Spells as if they were subordinates, using them in such a way that they were beyond 100% effective. Ordinary Domain Realm experts had no hope against Sword Demon. After all, experts that had just reached the Domain Realm could only use their Skills and Spells at 100% efficiency. There was a qualitative difference between the two.

While everyone discussed Sword Demon and Shi Feng’s initial exchange, Shi Feng moved, appearing before Sword Demon instantly. Killing Ray and Twilight Blade then transformed into countless sword lights as they assaulted the older man.

Sword’s Orbit!

Before Shi Feng had reached the Domain Realm, he had mainly used Sword’s Orbit for defense since using the technique offensively had dealt so little damage. He had only been able to execute six simultaneous attacks with the technique, but after reaching the Domain Realm, he could perform Sword’s Orbit perfectly. Not only was the technique powerful when used defensively, but it was also quite strong offensively.

Sword Demon’s expression darkened as the sword lights flew toward him. He couldn’t actually perceive the attack trajectories, and he felt as if the entire world pressed down on him. He could also sense that each sword light had enough power to slice apart space itself. Shi Feng’s attacks were even stronger than a Great Lord’s of the same level.

In the blink of an eye, overl4 sword lights sliced at him from different directions.

“Break!” Sword Demon shouted, and the flames along his greatsword transformed into a streak of light as they countered more than half of the incoming attacks. He then left behind multiple afterimages as he dodged the remaining attacks. He elusively thrust his greatsword at Shi Feng, his attack carrying as much Strength as a Grand Lord of the same level.

However, Shi Feng’s Sword Orbit was normally a defensive combat technique. Although Sword Demon’s attacks were stronger this time and stronger than Shi Feng’s, the galaxy of stars that surrounded the younger Swordsman deflected every strike. None of Sword Demon’s attacks touched Shi Feng.

For a time, Sword Demon and Shi Feng continued to trade attacks, their HPs falling bit by bit Nether Swordsman was able to secure an advantage over the other.

Very few of the watching experts nearby could keep up with Sword Demon’s elusive attacks and movement techniques. When these experts tried to put themselves in Shi Feng’s position, they realized that Sword Demon would easily slaughter them. As for Shi Feng’s combat technique, he was so fast that they couldn’t register his movements. They had only realized that he had swung his sword after the fact. When they imagined being on the receiving end of his attacks, they recognized that they wouldn’t block a single swing and would be slaughtered helplessly.

“Amazing!” Melody could not believe her eyes as she watched the exchange between Shi Feng and Sword Demon, excitement welling within her heart.

Even the various superpowers feared Sword Demon, and he currently carried 6 Epic Weapons and Equipment pieces. His equipment standards undoubtedly ranked among the very top in God’s Domain right now.

Yet, Shi Feng fought Sword Demon to a standstill.

So, this is his true strength? Mu Cheng, who watched the battle from the battlefield, was just as shocked as Shi Feng held this play out from the side,”Blindman said calmly.

Damned Blindman! Mu Cheng inwardly cursed.

Watching from the sidelines and staying its hand was the best option for King’s Return. It wasn’t from the Dark Night Empire, and it had no reason to clash with Starlink. However, King’s Return would prefer to watch Starlink grow stronger, rather than Zero Wing, which would indirectly help Unyielding Soul. If Starlink succeeded, it could keep both Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor in check, after all.

As for Zero Wing’s other members and Deep Thunder, they were no threat to Starlink’s two old monsters.

While Sword Demon and Shi Feng fought, a black figure appeared behind the younger Swordsman. It was none other than Wind Demon.

The Assassin expert split into nine shadows that attacked Shi Feng in silence. Meanwhile, Sword Demon created four copies of his greatsword, sending innumerable sword lights to devour Shi Feng.

Facing simultaneous attacks from the two old monsters, not even Shi Feng could defend himself. He immediately activated Void Shield to block the incoming attacks.

A single round of attacks was enough to deplete one-sixth of the Void Shield’s energy reserves. These attacks’ power could easily rival that of Grand Lords of the same level.

“What a powerful Lifesaving Skill.” Wind Demon was slightly surprised to see the magic barrier that had appeared around Shi Feng. “Unfortunately, that won’t save you. With Old Sword and I working together, you have no chance of winning this fight.”

“You’re not wrong, but that would require that you two can cooperate,” Shi Feng calmly replied, glancing at Wind Demon.

“You still have such confidence even in the face of death?” Wind Demon could not help but laugh at Shi Feng.

However, Wind Demon’s laughter stopped abruptly as his expression changed, and he activated his Lifesaving Skill, Wind Steps.

Without warning, a crimson figure had appeared beside the old Assassin, thrusting a short sword toward Wind Demon’s heart. However, Wind Demon reacted quickly enough that he could use the brief invulnerability Wind Steps provided to protect himself.

But the moment Wind Demon lost his invulnerability status, the crimson figure stabbed at him again.

This time, the old monster met the attack with one of his own daggers.


Wind Demon’s arm went numb as he was thrown several yards back, crashing to the ground. His dagger hummed as it vibrated from the impact.

“Who are you?” Wind Demon demanded, addressing the crimson figure with a serious expression. “Do you the outcome that awaits any who attack me?”

An Assassin’s Strength had proven greater than his, and his assailant’s Attack Speed was superior, as well.

Once he got a better look at his newest opponent, Wind Demon was stunned.

“What the…?!”

Wind Demon wasn’t the only player surprised to see this crimson figure. Everyone on the battlefield was stupefied. This crimson figure, which had surprised a superpower’s old monster, was none other than Zero Wing’s Fire Dance.

Everyone on the battlefield erupted in an uproar. Nobody had expected Zero Wing to reveal another such trump card. This turn of events even surprised Mu Cheng.

Black Flame! I hadn’t thought that your Guild had hidden such an expert! However, do you think that you can defeat Starlink just because you have someone to pin down Old Wind?” Sword Demon asked as he glanced at Fire Dance.

Suddenly, 12 Starlink members moved to surround Shi Feng. Although Fire Dance’s combat power was unexpected, Zero Wing’s party was still outnumbered. Moreover, four of Starlink’s 12 members were peak experts.

“Do you think you’re powerful just because you have more people?” Shi Feng countered, eyeing Starlink’s players around him. He then activated Twilight’s Shadow and Twilight of the Gods.

Suddenly, eight copies of Shi Feng joined the battlefield, every one of these doppelgangers radiating an intensely frightening aura that was no weaker than Shi Feng’s.

“Alright, let the second round begin!”