Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2094 - With Just You?

Chapter 2094 – With Just You?

Sword Demon’s expression sunk when he heard Shi Feng’s reply, his smile vanishing as he gave Zero Wing’s Swordsman a chilling look. Even space around them frozen due to the bone-piercing killing intent Sword Demon. Wilting Netherworld, who stood nearby, couldn’t help but shudder as she felt the change.

The experts from the various major powers just stared at Shi Feng, gaping in shock.

“Has Black Flame really lost his mind?”

“Doomed! Zero Wing is doomed for sure!”

The various major powers didn’t know what to say to Shi Feng’s overbearing behavior.

Starlink already suppressed two super-first-rate Guilds in the Dark Night Empire. It had endless strength and wasn’t a force that super-first-rate Guilds like Unyielding Soul or Nature Hall could compare to. Only top-ranked super-first-rate Guilds had any hope of standing against it.

If Starlink gave the word, countless powers would do what they could to curry its favor and celebrate becoming Starlink’s subordinate Guild.

As one of Starlink’s subordinate Guilds, not only would the Guild receive financial support from the superpower, but it would also receive support in in-game resources. Most importantly, the Guild could develop without worrying about enemies. It would have nothing to fear even when clashing with other superpowers.

If Zero Wing submitted to Starlink, it could reach an entirely new level of development very quickly.

Zero Wing wouldn’t be limited to lording over Star-Moon Kingdom. It could easily become the overlord in the several neighboring kingdoms as well.

Yet, Shi Feng had actually rejected such an opportunity, and he had done so without hesitation…

Even the various superpowers’ players were stunned by his answer.

“丫oung people nowadays really are ignorant of their limitations,”Blindman said as he shook his head and chuckled. He then turned to Deep Thunder and said, “Vice Guild Leader Thunder, although you have a good relationship with Zero Wing, I’d advise you not to interfere. If you attract the Four Shadow Demons’ ire, you’ll likely have a hard time explaining yourself to Guild Leader Nature.”

Not even he would dare to show such arrogance before Sword Demon and Wind Demon.

First of all, they had Starlink’s support.

Secondly, both experts were incredibly powerful, far stronger than the younger generation’s Domain Realm experts.

Ignoring Starlink, provoking these two was not wise.

“Thank you for your concern, but King’s Return doesn’t need to worry about that,” Deep Thunder replied. Calmly, he continued, “I’ve said this already, but Nature Hall and Zero Wing are firm allies. If someone wants to move against Zero Wing, Nature Hall won’t sit back and watch.”

Blindman gave the younger expert an odd look, but he didn’t comment further. The various superpowers’ members standing nearby were stunned by Deep Thunder’s reply.

Even now, Nature Hall insisted on shielding Zero Wing. The Guild’s choices were completely out of the norm. Deep Thunder’s response even surprised Mu Cheng, and he took a moment to consider Shi Feng more carefully. He had never thought that Zero Wing was capable of inspiring Nature Hall to go to such great lengths, even willing to provoke Starlink, on its behalf.

However, despite the strange looks he received from the various superpowers’ members, Deep Thunder smiled contentedly. None of these superpowers, excluding Nature Hall, knew what strength Zero Wing hid.

These players didn’t know that Shi Feng wasn’t the only powerhouse in Zero Wing. The Guild also had Fire Dance, who had the combat power to rival Domain Realm experts.

But that wasn’t the end of it Zero Wing also had Cola and the several other peak experts Shi Feng had brought with him during his visit to Nature Hall’s reception room. According to Nature Hall’s initial estimations, Zero Wing should have at least 10 peak experts. Even though Starlink had dispatched a considerable amount of strength to White River City’s Auction House, its chances of winning this competition weren’t overwhelmingly high. Rather, it only had a fifty-fifty chance.

Zero Wing had invested every resource it had in White River City, and every participating Zero Wing player had likely fully restored all of their weapons and equipment, allowing them to fight in peak condition. However, the same couldn’t be said for Starlink’s members. Only a fraction of Starlink’s force had unbound all of their equipment. Even though Starlink had the numerical advantage, Zero Wing’s overall combat power was on par with the superpower’s.

Rather than side with the four superpowers and standing to gain insignificant benefits, gambling on Zero Wing and potentially winning the lottery was a wiser move for Nature Hall.

“Old Sword, it seems this brat doesn’t appreciate your goodwill!” Wind Demon could not help but chuckle at Sword Demon.

“There’s no need to waste words on them, Elder Sword! Let’s just follow the Guild Leader’s orders and eliminate them!” a middle-aged man wielding an ancient, crystal bow said as he glared at Shi Feng.

Sword Demon was the strongest of the Four Shadow Demons in melee combat. Even Lu Xingluo, Starlink’s Guild Leader, had to treat him with respect. Sword Demon also had a great appreciation for talented individuals, especially those that used the sword.

Of course, the main reason for his appreciation was his desire for strong opponents in the future. To grow stronger, one needed to face stronger combatants, after all.

This was also why Sword Demon had suggested recruiting Zero Wing.

Otherwise, Sword Demon would’ve killed Shi Feng after watching the Swordsman kill Tengu.

“Little brat, it seems that you think you can ignore us old fellows now that you’ve reached the Domain Realm. Unfortunately, you are still naive. Since you aren’t backed by a superpower, you’ve failed to understand that reaching the Domain Realm is only the first step toward the apex,” Sword Demon said as he heaved a deep sigh. His gaze then sharpened as he said, “I will teach you that even among Domain Realm experts, there can be a massive difference in strength!”

Sword Demon’s aura abruptly shifted, releasing a tremendous amount of pressure to bear down on Shi Feng.

Although Sword Demon’s aura targeted Shi Feng, Wilting Netherworld couldn’t help but tremble, struggling to breathe, even though she stood some distance behind Shi Feng.

“How is he so strong?”

Fire Dance, Alluring Summer, Flying Shadow, and Shadow Sword prepared for battle from behind Shi Feng. They had never expected this player’s aura to be so strong.

Before anyone could react, Sword Demon’s crimson greatsword transformed into a rotating sword light. He then vanished, reappearing before Shi Feng in an instant. Like nimble snakes, twelve crimson sword lights spread out and converged on Shi Feng, altering their attack trajectories and becoming nearly impossible to predict. Moreover, the attacks were so fast that the naked eye couldn’t keep up.

Tier 2 Skill, Twelve Heavenly Rotations!

“Sure enough, he’s reached this level after so long•”Blindman’s expression tensed when he saw the twelve sword lights. Wilting Netherworld, on the other hand, was utterly dumbfounded.

Despite her keen perception, she couldn’t follow the twelve sword lights’ speed and transformations. It looked as if twelve different people commanded the sword lights, like each attack had a will of its own. The twelve sword lights didn’t even interfere with each other’s trajectories.

Although each attack only carried a Great Lord’s Strength of the same level, she doubted that she’d be able to dodge or block this assault An ordinary Skill like Twelve Heavenly Rotations had gained a life of its own in Sword Demon’s hands. His combat standards were unlike anything she had seen from the Domain Realm experts she had fought before.

“Alone? I’m afraid you’re not qualified!”

With a snort, Shi Feng unsheathed Killing Ray and Twilight Blade, greeting the twelve sword lights in battle. Sword’s Transmigration.