Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2093 - Imposing Might

Chapter 2093 – Imposing Might

This… Impossible! Tengu spun toward Shi Feng in shock when he saw his plummeting HP.

Inferno Blade was his most powerful Skill. Even without a Berserker Skill, he could use this Taboo Skill to counter a Grand Lord’s attack. With his ability to predict his opponent’s movements, even old monsters would have to flee from this attack.

However, Shi Feng had shattered his Inferno Blade and killed him with the same move.

But that wasn’t the worst part. Tengu’s failure to predict Shi Feng’s movements truly surprised him. He could even foresee Domain Realm monsters’ movements, yet this ability was useless against Shi Feng…

Although Tengu wanted to warn his companions, his HP had already hit zero, and he lost control of his body.

As Tengu collapsed to the ground, the killing intent that had filled the battlefield froze as the four superpowers’ experts stared at Shi Feng, silently panicking.

It was one thing if Shi Feng had killed an ordinary peak expert, but Tengu wasn’t an ordinary anything. He was even capable of threatening old monsters.

Yet, Shi Feng had instant-killed such an expert No matter how they looked at it, this felt like a dream.

God’s Domain certainly had powerful offensive Skills that could instant-kill players, and knowing this, every peak expert had equally powerful Lifesaving Skills to avoid such an outcome. Needless to say, an expert like Tengu had amassed a few of these Lifesaving Skills.

However, Tengu hadn’t had time to activate his Lifesaving Skills before dying. Shi Feng’s attack had even nullified Tengu’s prided Inferno Blade before the Warring Ghost had taken the hit.

Silence reigned over the crowd outside of the battlefield, their jaws dropping as the implications of Shi Feng’s attack sunk in. “Amazing! He killed a superpower’s peak expert in one hit!”

“So, that is the Sword King, Black Flame?”

Everyone watching knew the nickname ‘Sword King,’ but they had only heard about him through rumors. Moreover, God’s Domain had been developing rapidly, and players’ combat standards continued to improve. Black Flame’s previous battle records no longer meant much to current players.

The players that had come from other kingdoms and empires, in particular, didn’t think much of Black Flame’s title. At least, it was far less imposing than the position of Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.

However, this scene reminded them of how fearsome the Sword King truly was. The Sword King had certainly grown stronger since receiving the title, not weaker.

While the spectators discussed the fight, Shi Feng sheathed Killing Ray. He then glanced at Wilting Netherworld and her companions, asking, “Do you still want to stop me?”

Shi Feng’s voice sounded calm and gentle, yet Wilting Netherworld and the other experts felt an immense pressure weigh them down. These experts unconsciously moved out fo the way.

Seeing that his opponents had lost the will to fight, Shi Feng and his teammates continued toward the energy crystal. Wilting Netherworld and her comrades didn’t attempt any sneak attacks, merely watching, frustrated, from the sidelines. They merely looked on with frustration from the sidelines.

Wilting Netherworld felt particularly bitter. Although she considered stopping Shi Feng, the moment she harbored the thought, she felt an indifferent gaze directed toward her, informing her that he was prepared for such an attack.

When she met Shi Feng’s cold gaze, she felt as if the man were telling her, “You can try it, but you’ll only fall next to Tengu.”

With this realization, Wilting Netherworld abandoned any thoughts of resisting.

Her strength was, at best, a match for Tengu’s. Even though Shi Feng had already used his Sure-kill Skill, killing her wouldn’t be difficult for someone with even higher Attributes than Tengu and Domain Realm combat standards.

Is this why he was so confident? When Wilting Netherworld thought back to Shi Feng’s relaxed attitude, she understood that he hadn’t acted that way due to Nature Hall and Unyielding Soul’s support. He simply had the strength to back up his confidence.

“What? They got through, just like that?”

As the various major powers’ experts watched Wilting Netherworld and her comrades let Shi Feng’s party pass, they were flabbergasted.

By killing just one player, Shi Feng had silenced the four superpowers’ peak experts, convincing them that it would be wise to let him pass. This was even more shocking than watching someone kill a Great Lord with one attack.

When Melody saw this from her spectator room, however, she was incomparably excited. She had never dreamed that Shi Feng would be so powerful. Not only had he killed a monster like Tengu, but Wilting Netherworld and her party were also afraid enough that they stepped aside.

How?! How is this possible?! Evil Judgment, on the other hand, was stupefied, confusion and madness flashing in his eyes.

Wilting Netherworld, a goddess in his eyes, had retreated from Shi Feng. She hadn’t even budged during the fight with his Guild’s old monster, yet a single sentence form Shi Feng had been enough to force her aside. Evil Judgment even wondered if the world was playing some cruel joke on him.

Back on the battlefield, the four superpowers’ members that were waiting for the descending energy crystal to reach the ground tensed at this unexpected result.

“How surprising. Even Black Flame has reached this standard. It’s no wonder why he dared to participate,” Blindman said as he began to watch Shi Feng more seriously. Glancing at Mu Cheng and Deep Thunder, he realized why their Guilds wanted to befriend Zero Wing.

Based on the information King’s Return had collected, Shi Feng’s combat standards were only at the Void Realm, yet he could display combat power that rivaled Domain Realm experts. He mainly relied on his powerful Basic Attributes and Skills to face Domain Realm experts.

However, things had changed.

Although Shi Feng had only executed one attack, his control assured Blindman that Shi Feng had reached the Domain Realm.

Every Domain Realm expert warranted the various superpowers’ attention, let alone a Domain Realm expert with the support of a large Guild. As time passed, this Domain Realm expert would only become more powerful.

Any Domain Realm expert intent on causing trouble could give the various superpowers a massive headache. This situation reminded Blindman of the Four Shadow Demons from the past.

However, Mu Cheng didn’t know that Shi Feng had reached the Domain Realm. He was actually surprised to see Shi Feng display such power. This revelation would certainly affect the competition.

Meanwhile, Jing Yang, one of Blackwater’s upper echelons, currently wore a dark expression.

“Brother Jing, Zero Wing is stronger than we expected. We’ll likely find it difficult to execute our original plan,” Snow Scar whispered to Jing Yang.

A Domain Realm expert wasn’t an easy opponent. At the very least, it meant that Zero Wing qualified to compete for the energy crystals in Battlefield No. 1.

“It’s true that Black Flame is stronger than we suspected, but slaying Tengu will cause Zero Wing some trouble,” Jing Yang said as he watched Starlink’s members approach Shi Feng. Smiling, he continued, “It seems Starlink can no longer sit still.”

Of the five battlefields in this competition, Battlefield No. 1 was a gathering of monsters. Two of Starlink’s most powerful combatants had been assigned to the battlefield: Wind Demon and Sword Demon of the Four Shadow Demons.

As Jing Yang finished his comment, both Wind Demon and Shadow Demon had reached Shi Feng. The two elderly men smiled at their opponent as if they were just two friendly old men from the neighborhood instead of the combat veterans they truly were.

These old men’s auras were nothing like Tengu’s. Their auras felt like the vast ocean, and everyone felt like small boats waiting to be devoured by the waves as these auras washed over them.

Even Wilting Netherworld was afraid as she looked at these two men.

Not only did Wind Demon and Sword Demon carry four pieces of Epic Equipment, but they also wielded Epic Weapons. The rest of their equipment was Level 65 Dark-Gold Rank. Not even Wilting Netherworld’s equipment was as impressive as theirs.

“Little brother, you’re quite skilled. You’re already so strong despite your age. Your future is boundless. Our Guild Leader wants to annihilate Zero Wing, but after discussing the situation with Old Wind here, we’ve decided that if Zero Wing agrees to become one of Starlink’s subordinate Guilds, we’ll talk the Guild Leader into giving you White River City,” the white-haired old man with a slightly bent back addressed Shi Feng. Smiling, he asked, “May I know what you think of this proposal?”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard the old man’s words, especially the various major powers’ upper echelons. They all stared at Shi Feng in envy.

No one had considered that not only would Starlink willingly abandon its vengeance against Zero Wing, but it would also offer to protect the Guild. If the smaller Guild accepted the offer, Zero Wing’s development in God’s Domain would skyrocket.

“There’s nothing to think about! Scram!” Shi Feng’s response was cold as he eyed Wind Demon and Sword Demon.