Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2092 - Slain in One Hit

Chapter 2092 – Slain in One Hit

As Shi Feng stepped forward and his calm voice reached the players around him, the experts watching from a distance and the spectating crowd stared with dropped jaws. Even Starlink’s sneering Ranger froze in shock as Shi Feng incredulously approached.

“Is Black Flame tired of living?”

“The four superpowers have only avoided Zero Wing thus far out of respect for Nature Hall and Unyielding Soul. Why would he dare take the initiative to attack them?”

“Has he just given up?”

None of the major powers’ experts or upper echelons could understand why Shi Feng was being so stubborn. The Auction Arena had just begun, so there would be plenty of opportunities to secure energy crystals later. Even if the four superpowers wanted to monopolize the crystals, they didn’t have the manpower to cover every corner of the five battlefields.

Furthermore, Zero Wing’s strength was only second to the four superpowers in this Auction Arena. It definitely had a chance of claiming the energy crystals that the four superpowers couldn’t secure. Zero Wing didn’t actually need to fight these superpowers.

While the crowd chatted about the situation among themselves, the purple-clad woman’s expression darkened.

“Black Flame! Do you really think that we are too afraid to attack just because you have Nature Hall and Unyielding Soul’s support?” the woman from King’s Return demanded frostily.

With her wrath, the surrounding space froze; her aura was no less intense than Tengu’s. The ambient Mana rampaged in tandem with the woman’s anger. The players within this violent Mana storm began to lose their temper as well.

The various major powers’ experts gasped as they felt the sudden change. Even Melody, who experienced the altered environment from her spectator room, paled.

“How is she so powerful? A simple mood change has affected the surrounding Mana so drastically.” Melody watched the purple-clad beauty with a grim expression.

As a Half-elf, she had a very high affinity with Elemental Mana. Even so, she couldn’t easily trigger mana without casting a Spell, yet this purple-clad woman could.

While this feat might not seem impressive, Melody recognized how frightening it truly was and what it represented as a magical class expert.

When casting a Spell, a player uses incantations and runes to trigger the ambient Mana and gather it to a single point Only then could a caster use the gathered mana to form the necessary magic arrays. If one could command the Mana around them without incantations or runes, they could cast a Spell in a fraction of the normally required time.

In God’s Domain, magical class players’ glaring weaknesses were their casting times and Mana capacity. If a magical class player could reduce their casting time, they could substantially increase their combat power, especially against other players. This was especially true when it came to combat against players.

“This is only natural. She is, after all, King’s Return’s favored prodigy, Wilting Netherworld. She has also earned the nickname ‘Lightning Witch.’ Purely comparing battle records, she’s even more impressive than the Warring Ghost If not for King’s Return hadn’t come to an agreement with the Secret Pavilion, Wilting Netherworld would’ve long since ranked among the top 50 players on the God’s Domain Experts List,” Evil Judgment said as he watched the purple-clad woman in fascination. “Now that Black Flame has angered Wilting Netherworld, she and Tengu are more than enough to disqualify every Zero Wing member on Battlefield No. 1.”

Very few people knew of Wilting Netherworld’s battle records. Most likely, only the various superpowers knew about her. Furthermore, Wilting Netherworld’s activities were usually only related to the various superpowers. First-rate Guilds’ experts had no chance of encountering her.

Evil Judgment had witnessed Wilting Netherworld’s fearsome power personally.

A total of eight superpowers had gathered to contest for a mysterious Legacy. Setting Sun had been one of them. To win the mysterious Legacy, the various superpowers had dispatched quite a few old monsters, but during the battle, an unknown woman had pinned down one of Setting Sun’s old monsters by herself, which had ultimately enabled King’s Return to claim the Legacy.

Superpowers’ old monsters had risen to fame at least a decade ago, with some maintaining their fame for several decades. They were all experts with rich combat experience, and their combat standards far exceeded human limits.

However, Wilting Netherworld, a girl even younger than Evil Judgment, had successfully pinned one of these old monsters down without any help. Moreover, she had stopped Evil Judgment, who had fought alongside his Guild’s old monsters for some time, while doing so. Her strength was absurd.

Evil Judgment was sure that she would’ve killed him in three or four attacks if that old monster from his Guild hadn’t demanded most of Wilting Netherworld’s attention during that fight.

Meanwhile, the four superpowers’ experts around the energy crystal turned to watch Shi Feng.

Everyone knew of Black Flame’s reputation for being stubborn. Otherwise, the man wouldn’t have provoked so many superpowers. But they had never thought that he’d dare to show such arrogance before four cooperating superpowers.

“Brother Mu, Vice Guild Leader Thunder, you cannot blame us for our lack of respect toward you. This kid simply doesn’t know what’s good for him. If we don’t teach him a lesson, I’m afraid that he’ll cause even more trouble for your two Guilds in the future,” Blindman said as he turned to Mu Cheng and Deep Thunder.

“Hah… Do whatever you want.” Mu Cheng watched Shi Feng with disappointment, thinking the boy was too stubborn and beyond salvation.

Only he and Deep Thunder were in this location, but against the combined might of four superpowers, they wouldn’t accomplish anything even if they had their Guilds’ main force members. None of the four superpowers were any weaker than Unyielding Soul or Nature Hall. Hence, neither he nor Deep Thunder had the strength to break these four superpowers’ rules.

“Wait!” Deep Thunder shouted suddenly. “This is Zero Wing’s home turf. Isn’t it a little much to shove the Guild out of this contest? Furthermore, Zero Wing is one of Nature Hall’s firm allies. Nature Hall can’t just sit by and watch you bully Zero Wing.”

Deep Thunder’s abrupt attitude change stunned the various superpowers’ members. They couldn’t fathom what trick he was trying to pull.

Since when were Zero Wing and Nature Hall firm allies?

To add to their confusion, Deep Thunder seemed intent on fighting alongside Zero Wing. The situation even confused Mu Cheng. He hadn’t expected Deep Thunder to be so committed to helping Zero Wing.

“Vice Guild Leader Thunder is so affectionate. Unfortunately, Zero Wing has already enraged Starlink’s members. I’m afraid that it’s too late to stop them,” an old man from Starlink wearing silvery-gray leather armor said as he glanced at Tengu, who had already begun to move. With a smile, he continued, “Moreover, rules are rules. If we superpowers don’t show off our power, no one will fear or respect us.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with this old man’s sentiments. They all felt that Deep Thunder was being too foolish. Even in such a desperate situation, he still insisted on protecting Zero Wing. Did he really think that their superpowers feared Nature Hall?

While the superpowers’ members expressed their agreement, Tengu arrived before Shi Feng, his greatsword blazing with fire. With a swing, his 20-meter-long flaming blade descended on Shi Feng.


The surrounding temperature rose due to the raging flames, and everyone within range felt the increasing gravitational force pulling them toward the ground, making movement difficult.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Inferno Blade!

Even the various superpowers’ experts wore grim expressions as they watched Tengu’s display of power. They hadn’t expected the Warring Ghost to wield such Strength after restoring his equipment’s ranks. This attack definitely had the Strength to rival a Grand Lord’s of the same level.

Even a peak Tier 2 MT would likely struggle to block this attack, much less a Tier 2 Swordsman. Without a Berserk Skill, Shi Feng’s HP would likely drop to a critical level after a single hit.

Just before the flaming blade devoured Shi Feng, he unsheathed Killing Ray and swung to intercept the attack.

Lightning Slash!

An arch of blue lightning flashed, and Tengu’s flaming blade dissipated the moment it met the lightning arch. Before Tengu could pull back to defend himself, the lightning had bisected his body, leaving behind a faint, glowing scar around his abdomen.

Tengu’s HP instantly drained, and the Berserker fell, lifeless…