Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2091 - What If I Refuse?

Chapter 2091 – What If I Refuse?

The crowd the various major powers’ experts had formed some distance away from the energy crystal shuddered when they realized that the five new arrivals were from Zero Wing.

The players watching from outside of the arena gaped in shock. Unlike the experts on the battlefield, they had a clear view of Zero Wing’s five members rapidly approaching the fallen energy crystal.

“Isn’t that Black Flame?”

“That can’t be, can it? Four superpowers are working together to guard that crystal. How could Black Flame dare to attack them?”

“Has Black Flame lost his mind? He’s charging in with only four companions. That’s not enough to face a single superpower, much less four.”

“Does Black Flame really treat superpowers’ experts like ordinary experts from other Guilds?”

“Maybe this is his final stand. White River City is Zero Wing’s main headquarters, and without it, at least half of Zero Wing’s operations will be crippled.”

Zero Wing’s behavior baffled everyone watching. No one had ever thought that Zero Would would make such a bold move.

However, before Shi Feng’s group could get within 100 yards of the crystal, 17 figures appeared in their path.

These 17 players gave off a soul-shuddering aura, and every one of them felt like a humanoid Great Lord. Even the major powers’ experts who stood some distance away felt stifled as these players’ intense killing intent washed over them.

These 17 players wore a mix of Level 60 and Level 65 Dark-Gold Equipment. Some among them even bore Level 60 Dark- Gold Set Equipment and Weapons. Moreover, they had fully restored these items’ ranks.

“Am I dreaming? Isn’t that the Level 60 Eternal Night Set for Assassins?”

“Amazing! That Berserker is wearing the Passionate Set! I’ve heard that even Holy Reincarnation has only collected three pieces of that set!”

“So, this is a superpower’s foundation?”

The watching independent and Guild players watching gasped when they saw the four superpowers’ members that hadn’t bothered to hide their weapons and equipment’s glow effect.

Most of the game’s large Guilds hadn’t even collected a complete Level 60 Fine-Gold Set Equipment thus far. Only top-ranked first-rate Guilds would have a few sets. As for a complete Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, that was utterly beyond the various large Guilds’ reach.

Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment could only be obtained by raiding 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons or super-large- scale Hard Mode Team Dungeons. Moreover, the drop-rate in these Dungeons was only around 3%. Super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons had a slightly higher drop-rate, but it still wasn’t higher than 7%.

Most first-rate Guilds at this stage of their game hit their limit with Level 60, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons; they simply didn’t have the power to raid super-large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons.

To the various large Guilds, Level 60 Dark-Gold Set Equipment was godly right now.

Yet, these four superpowers had more than one such set equipment. Why wouldn’t this revelation be shocking?

“Anyone who takes another step forward dies!” the Level 65 male Berserker in the Passionate Set slowly stated, word by word, as he watched Shi Feng’s group without joy or despair. This Berserker sounded like an emotionless robot.

As soon this Berserker spoke, the surrounding temperature dropped as an intense killing intent suppressed the space around him. It felt as if the gates to hell had just opened, and if any of these players took another step, they’d descend into hell itself. The distant experts shuddered as they felt the abrupt change.

“Is he really human? His killing intent is so powerful.” Melody’s expression darkened as she stared at the imposing Berserker.

Unlike the spectating players in the stands or outside of the Auction House, those in spectator rooms could alter their room’s environment to match that of the battlefields, allowing them to experience the battlefields to a certain extent

Melody had encountered plenty of experts in the Fairy Country, including quite a few that made her feel utterly powerless. However, none of these experts exuded as much killing intent as that Berserker.

“Human? You can’t consider him human anymore,” Evil Judgment answered from beside Melody, shaking his head. Chuckling, he continued, “I had never imagined that Starlink would successfully recruit that cold-blooded monster. With him, Zero Wing doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of securing the energy crystal.”

“Is he really that strong? Black Flame earned his title as the Sword King from the Secret Pavilion,” Melody countered.

“Sword King?” Evil Judgment laughed. “Only first-rate and weaker Guilds give that title any importance. The Secret Pavilion has recorded a lot of experts on the God’s Domain Experts List, but there are many more players that have slipped through the cracks. That cold-blooded monster is one of them. He’s called Tengu, the Warring Ghost.

“Although Tengu hasn’t reached the Domain Realm yet, his brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s. You could say that his brain is particularly well-developed, granting him a similar sixth sense to wild beasts. He can easily predict his opponents’ movements. There’s also his beast-like combat method to contend with. He is no weaker than Domain Realm monsters. He’s already killed more than ten thousand experts in God’s Domain, including many peak experts from superpowers. However, due to his strange and violent nature, none of the superpowers have tried to recruit him.”

“He’s killed more than 10,000 experts?” Melody was slightly stunned.

She had only defeated several hundred experts since joining God’s Domain. Even so, those fights had earned her plenty of combat experience, but the Warring Ghost had slain more than 10,000, and many of them had been superpowers’ peak experts. He was truly a monster. To make matters worse, this monster wore the Passionate Set, one of the best sets available in the game right now…

When the various superpowers’ members saw Warring Ghost intercept Shi Feng’s small group, they began to chat about the upcoming fight

“Brother Mu, it seems Zero Wing has no hope of success in Battlefield No. 1,” Blindman commented as he glanced at Mu Cheng, who stood a short distance away.

He had heard much about the Warring Ghost, Tengu. If that man continued to grow stronger, he would undoubtedly reach the Four Shadow Demons’ level.

Although Black Flame was quite strong as well, the Swordsman’s strength should, at most, rival Tengu’s. However, there were four other Zero Wing members present, while Tengu had a total of 17 allies. Zero Wing had no chance of reaching the energy crystal, much less claiming it.

“Starlink has truly invested a lot of its resources in this competition.” Mu Cheng shook his head and sighed when he saw these players.

Even Mu Cheng would struggle in a fight with Tengu. The weakest piece Tengu wore was Level 65 Dark-Gold rank, and he carried two pieces of Epic Equipment and an Epic Weapon. The Berserker’s equipment was likely some of the very best God’s Domain had to offer right now.

“Zero Wing’s Black Flame?” a beautiful woman in dark-purple robes and wearing King’s Return’s Guild Emblem muttered as she observed Shi Feng. Smiling, she continued, “Although it is impressive that you’ve ranked so highly on the God’s Domain Experts List, this isn’t a realm Zero Wing can reach. It’d be best if you left. Even if Nature Hall or Unyielding Soul step in to help you, Tengu will act without hesitation.”

The major powers’ experts watching from nearby nodded in agreement with this woman’s warning.

Although Zero Wing had surprised everyone with its strength, proving that it was even more powerful than a top-ranked first-rate Guild, it couldn’t compare to a superpower.

If Zero Wing hadn’t had Nature Hall and Unyielding Soul’s support, the four allied superpowers would’ve likely attacked by now.

“You Zero Wing players should know what’s good for you. Do you think you could’ve survived this long if we had moved against you early in this competition?” a Level 65 Ranger from Starlink said, sneering at Shi Feng.

“What if I refuse?” Shi Feng asked with a calm smile. He then took a step forward.