Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2090 - Ant

Chapter 2090 – Ant

Blood, dust, and smoke filled the gigantic Magic Mirrors’ screens as they hovered above the arena. Corpses, what remained of the various major powers’ experts, littered the battlefield, while Zero Wing’s members remained standing. However, despite their success, Zero Wing’s members seemed incredibly calm as if they had only slain mobs along the roadside.

This scene shocked the upper echelons and expert players from the several hundred spectating major powers.

Zero Wing’s members had killed over 300 of the various major powers top experts without breaking a sweat, and contrary to expectations, the responsible party didn’t just include a dozen or so players. Rather, several dozen players were responsible for this slaughter.

“This is interesting.” Mu Cheng, who was assigned to Battlefield No.l, could not help but smile at the Magic Mirror above the battlefield.

Even he had assumed that Zero Wing was doomed to part with White River City’s Auction House. He had never imagined that Zero Wing had such a sturdy foundation.

On an ordinary battlefield, having a small number of powerful players that could defeat multiple players at once would be wonderful, but this was the Auction Arena. Players’ goal here was to obtain energy crystals, so it was best to have as many capable experts as possible.

At most, the various major powers would admire Zero Wing’s battle strategy after watching Graceful Moon kill over a dozen experts by herself. It had merely been a clever trick to these Guilds, proving nothing.

However, now that several dozen Zero Wing members had performed similarly, the various major powers were beginning to feel afraid. The fact that Zero Wing could dispatch several dozen extremely powerful experts was proof of the Guild’s solid foundations.

If Zero Wing had so many powerful experts, annihilating any of their Guilds would likely be a piece of cake.

Furthermore, so many experts meant that Zero Wing had the strength to fight the various superpowers for White River City’s Auction House. If Zero Wing held this Auction House and eventually grew into a superpower, the powers that had opposed the Guild today would suffer.

“How can a Guild that only established after God’s Domain’s launch have so many powerful experts and Epic resources?” Dust Blood, who had been assigned to Battlefield No.3, glowered as he watched eight of his Guildmates return to the Auction Arena.

Outsiders might not know these eight players, but he, as the leader of Bloodbath Family’s team for this competition, did.

To prepare for this Auction House competition, the Guild had invested over half of its Epic material stock to allow 32 participants to restore their weapons and equipment to Dark-Gold rank.

However, not only had Zero Wing dispatched more than twice as many players to the official competition, but every participant had unbound their weapons and equipment to Dark-Gold rank at the very least. Based on what Dust Blood could see, quite a few Zero Wing members had even restored their equipment to Epic rank. Not even the Bloodbath Family and Holy Reincarnation could afford such an expenditure.

Among the eight slain Bloodbath Family members, two were even bona fide Refinement Realm experts. Even in a superpower, these players would be treated as core members.

But despite working with other powers in this competition, Zero Wing’s players had defeated them. Moreover, the Zero Wing members responsible weren’t even the Guild’s famous experts. Rather, they were just some of Zero Wing’s main force members.

Dust Blood couldn’t believe it.

Meanwhile, after watching more than 300 of their experts die, the various major powers dismissed the notion of targeting Zero Wing.

They had only gone after the Guild’s members to curry favor with the various superpowers watching, but not only hadn’t they defeated Zero Wing, but their actions might have also provoked a future superpower. Continuing to single out Zero Wing’s members would be foolish. They had only spent so many resources to participate in the Auction Arena to prepare for the competitions in their own territories once their Auction Houses were promoted.

Order quickly returned to the five battlefields as players began to clash with each other, competing for the descending energy crystals. Unless an energy crystal was at stake, the various major powers’ experts avoided Zero Wing’s members as much as possible. For a time, Zero Wing’s members moved across their battlefields with ease.

The spectating crowd fell silent as they recognized this turn of events. Meanwhile, the Zero Wing members watching the competition grew excited. They all wished they were on those battlefields, as well.

The various major powers that had visited Star-Moon Kingdom had treated Zero Wing like dirt in the past. None of them had seen anything special about the kingdom’s ruling Guild.

However, these foreign powers now bowed their heads, doing the best they could to avoid Zero Wing’s attention.

Wonderful! Without the other powers interference, Zero Wing can safely compete for the energy crystals!” Melody exclaimed as she watched Zero Wing’s members traverse the five battlefields unhindered.

Although Zero Wing didn’t have as many members in the competition as the various superpowers, the energy crystals appeared randomly across all five battlefields. Without the various major powers’ interference, Zero Wing would have an easier time fighting the participating superpowers for energy crystals.

“Compete for the energy crystals?” Evil Judgment, the Half-elf man beside Melody, laughed suddenly.

“What are you trying to say?” Melody frowned as his reaction. She didn’t think that Evil Judgment laughed at her out of envy, but due to her ignorance.

“With how important an Auction House is to a Guild, do you think the various superpowers will let anyone lesser compete?” Evil Judgment asked as he gestured to the energy crystals falling into the five battlefields. “The answer is a definite ‘No.’ No tiger would allow an ant to contest for its territory. Naturally, the various superpowers won’t allow insignificant players to take advantage of their fights between each other.”

Melody turned back to the Magic Mirrors displaying the battlefields, and what she saw darkened her expression.

The four participating superpowers, which despised Zero Wing, had surrounded the first five energy crystals on each of the five battlefields. Each superpower had reserved three to five players to guard the energy crystals, working together to prevent other powers from approaching.

“How can this be?” Melody was stunned.

If only one superpower stood in their way, the various major powers wouldn’t likely consider it much of a threat. When combined, they had an overwhelming numerical advantage. If they worked together, a lone superpower couldn’t stop them.

However, four superpowers were working together. Although each had only dispatched a small number of players to protect the energy crystals, these experts were extraordinarily powerful. Even working together, the various major powers had little hope of breaking past that blockade.

The various major powers only outnumbered the four superpowers by three or four times. Such a small advantage wasn’t enough to defeat the four cooperating superpowers. Moreover, if they annoyed these superpowers, they might set aside their competition and focus on the interfering players. If the four superpowers got serious, they could end these major powers. Knowing that such an outcome was possible, the various major powers wouldn’t dare attack the superpowers.

However, if the major powers did not act, Zero Wing wouldn’t have any opportunities to take advantage of.

“I want to see just how you intend to hold White River City now, Zero Wing!” Sky View roared with laughter when he saw the four superpowers cooperate.

With them working together, one of these superpowers was guaranteed to win this Auction Arena competition. The other powers could only watch from the sidelines or declare themselves these superpowers’ enemy.

But who would dare attracted four superpowers’ wrath?

Yet, when everyone thought that no one would dare attack these four superpowers’ blockade, several figures on Battlefield No. 1 dashed past the various major powers’ players and straight toward one of the energy crystals.

“So fast!”

“Who are those people? Have they lost their minds?”

“I thought I saw them wearing a six-winged emblem.”

“A six-winged emblem? Isn’t that Zero Wing’s emblem?”