Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2089 - Shocking the Whole Arena “So strong!”

Chapter 2089 – Shocking the Whole Arena “So strong!”

“Zero Wing has hidden such a powerful expert?”

The first fight in Battlefield No. 4 astonished the crowd outside of the Auction House. Seeing as how Graceful Moon smoothly stopped the incoming attacks from three experts, all of which ranked among the top in their top-ranked, first-rate Guilds, it was clear that her combat standards could definitely rival those of superpowers’ peak experts.

Within a superpower, every peak expert served as a vital support pillar, and the various first-rate Guilds feared them all. A peak expert could single-handedly wipe out a 100-man team of ordinary experts. Smaller Guilds had no hope of suppressing a peak expert without constricting their players to operate in teams of several hundred at the very least Some peak experts who had chosen classes with high survivability could come and go as they pleased.

“She only recently joined Zero Wing, yet she’s already grown so strong?” Yi Luofei, who watched from a second-floor spectator room, blinked in surprise as she stared at Graceful Moon incredulously.

As the vice commander of FFF, a top adventurer team in the Black Dragon Empire, Yi Luofei had a certain familiarity with the empire’s well-known adventurer teams. Due to Graceful Moon’s performance in the last ranking battle in the empire, Yi Luofei had made sure to pay extra close attention to her.

However, Yi Luofei remembered Graceful Moon displaying combat standards that hadn’t even rivaled those of first-rate Guilds’ peak experts, much less Refinement Realm experts like Sky View, Elegant Insanity, and Howling Earth.

Yet, this female Summoner suppressed all three Refinement Realm experts by herself. Graceful Moon’s new-found strength shocked Yi Luofei.

Moreover, this situation wasn’t like Yi Luofei’s defeat against Zhao Yueru during the ranking battles. Zhao Yueru had relied on superior Basic Attributes and Spells to win, but as a true Void Realm expert, Yi Luofei recognized that the same couldn’t be said for Graceful Moon. Graceful Moon’s success was simply a result of her impeccable ability to control her summoned creatures.

“Not only have her Basic Attributes risen, but her combat standards have skyrocketed as well. It seems Zero Wing still has some secrets,” Yan Tianxing, FFF’s commander, commented as he watched Graceful Moon with squinted eyes, a hit of surprise flashing in his gaze.

After the FFF adventurer team had secretly joined the Flower of Seven Sins, the adventurer team’s upper echelons had gained a lot of detailed information on the various superpowers. Hence, Yan Tianxing understood how frightening they truly were. Their ability to nurture experts, in particular, was truly amazing. Other powers simply couldn’t compete.

As a peak expert that had risen to fame in the virtual gaming world many years ago and was only a short distance away from reaching the Domain Realm, Yan Tianxing recognized that Graceful Moon’s current combat standards were quite powerful. Only, her strength was atypical. Normally, players tried to gain more control of their own bodies and their familiarity with the world around them to increase their combat standards, but Graceful Moon felt as if she were actively using the world itself to her benefit.

While everyone was shocked over her performance, the female Summoner in question began to chant another Spell. As she did, her staff started to glow with a dazzling, purple light

Tier 2 Curse, Life Link!

This Curse linked the player with their summoned creatures, sharing their senses. Although the Curse lowered the player’s Basic Attributes by 50%, it increased the linked summoned creatures’ Basic Attributes by 20% of the player’s normal Attributes.

Suddenly, golden magic circuits flashed on the Steel-armed Ape and Rock Guardians as their auras became even more intense. Before anyone could react, the four summoned creatures exploded into action and charged at Graceful Moon’s enemies.

Two of the Lord ranked Rock Guardians effortlessly dispersed the dozen or so attacking experts. The third Rock Guardian remained by its Summoner’s side, repelling all incoming attacks.

Meanwhile, the Steel-armed Ape charged toward Howling Earth, pummeling the hammer-wielding Bloodrage Warrior.

After the Steel-armed Ape’s first hit landed, Howling Earth’s arms were numb, and the ground beneath him had cracked.

The second hit numbed the Bloodrage Warrior’s entire body, substantially decreasing his reaction speed.

Howling earth had no power to respond to the Stee卜armed Ape’s third attack, taking the strike with his shoulders and sinking into the ground past his knees.

With the fourth hit, the summoned creature hammered Howling Earth completely into the ground.

On the fifth hit, Howling Earth died, becoming the first disqualified player from Battlefield No. 4.

Sky View and his comrades were dumbfounded. Their group’s healers didn’t even have time to finish casting their Spells before the Steel-armed Ape killed Howling Earth. The summoned creature’s Strength was simply horrific.

As one of Bloodbath Family’s top-ranked Berserkers, Howling Earth had unbound his weapons and equipment to Level 60 Dark Gold rank before entering the battlefield. Only, he hadn’t unbound his Epic Weapon completely. To unbind an Epic item to its normal rank on the battlefield, one had to pay 3 Epic materials. On the other hand, restoring all of one’s weapons and equipment to Dark-Gold rank only cost 5 Epic materials.

Meanwhile, a full set of Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment was more than enough to grant Howling Earth the Strength of a High Lord of the same level. Even without a healer, he should be able to contend with a Great Lord of the same level for quite sometime.

Yet, a Level 70, Great Lord ranked Steel-armed Ape had killed Howling Earth in just five moves. Moreover, the Steel-armed Ape hadn’t used any techniques or Skills. It had relied on brute force to kill its enemy…

“Damn it! How many Epic items does she have on her?!” Elegant Insanity stared at the female Summoner in astonishment.

At first, the Steel-armed Ape had only displayed enough Strength to make Howling Earth stumble, but after receiving 20% of Graceful Moon’s Basic Attributes, its Strength had increased so drastically. Since the Steel-armed Ape hadn’t used any Skills thus far, Graceful Moon’s Basic Attributes must be so incredibly high that a mere 20% was enough to give a Level 70 Steel-armed Ape the Strength of a Level 65 Grand Lord!

Before its enemies recovered from their shock, the Steel-armed Ape charged toward the nearby group. With the exception of Sky View and Elegant Insanity, the summoned creature killed every expert with two hits. However, the two peak experts didn’t fare much better; Sky View died after four punches, and Elegant Insanity only survived until the seventh.

In less than 30 seconds, the various major powers’ experts, who had tried to gang up on Graceful Moon, fell under the female Summoner’s retaliation. None of them had been able to fight back.

This outcome stunned the watching crowd, but they also considered it reasonable. Players weren’t allowed to use Berserk Skills in the arena, and without those Skills, how were they supposed to fight a Grand Lord under another player’s control?

“Zero Wing is insane! It dumped so many resources onto Graceful Moon!”

“In my opinion, I think Zero Wing’s decision was a wise one. At the very least, with a Grand Lord on its side, no ordinary power can eliminate Zero Wing.”

The crowd fell into a heated debate over Graceful Moon’s strength. They had never expected Zero Wing to pull such a move. With this, Zero Wing should acquire plenty of energy crystals in Battlefield No. 4.

“Zero Wing certainly has a lot of clever tricks,” the Half-elf man beside Melody said, sneering at Graceful Moon through a Magic Mirror. “However, while pouring its resources into a few select experts will allow them to perform well, what could a small number of players hope to accomplish on such large battlefields?”

Each battlefield would spawn three to six energy crystals at set intervals. As long as players held the crystals for ten minutes, their ownership would become permanent, not even dropping if the player died.

As the Half-elf man finished speaking, easily more than 300 players were teleported back to the Auction Arena, in one group after another…

An uproar tore through the Auction Arena’s crowd.

“What’s wrong with those people?” the Half-elf man turned to the ruckus in the stands in confusion. While most of the participating powers worked together against Zero Wing’s members, there were bound to be exceptions. Seeing a large number of players return at the same time shouldn’t be surprising.

But when the Half-elf man raised his eyes to the Magic Mirrors displaying the fights in other battlefields, his expression froze.


The several dozen Magic Mirrors in the center of the Auction Arena all displayed battles involving Zero Wing’s members. Some of these Zero Wing players fought two or three opponents at the same time, while others faced more than ten. Every one of Zero Wing’s members displayed combat standards that could rival Refinement Realm experts. Moreover, they all showed off their extraordinarily high Basic Attributes.

The expert players that had returned from the battlefields were Zero Wing’s victims…