Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2088 - Suppressing Enemies with One Move

Chapter 2088 – Suppressing Enemies with One Move

As the official competition began, Zero Wing’s spectating members paled.

The Auction Arena’s competition should’ve been a free-for-all between the various participating superpowers, but now, almost every player targeted Zero Wing.

These superpowers moved as if they had already made an agreement.

“How can this be?” Melody, who watched the competition through a Magic Mirror, was utterly devastated as she watched the various powers’ experts work together against Zero Wing’s members.

Dealing with several superpowers in this competition was one thing. After all, the Auction Arena had five independent battlefields, and players would be randomly distributed across them. Combined, these hostile superpowers only had around 1,000 members in total, and after being split between five battlefields, their numbers thinned. Locating Zero Wing’s members across such a large map wouldn’t be easy with so few players.

Moreover, victory in the Auction Arena didn’t depend on the number of kills one had. Players simply needed to contest for the energy crystals that would appear.

As long as Zero Wing avoided confrontation with these several superpowers and focused on securing energy crystals, it definitely had hope of securing White River City’s Auction House.

However, that hope was dashed if those superpowers worked together…

While the various powers might not have as many participating members as the various superpowers, when combined, they easily outnumbered the more powerful guilds by three or four times. Even if the battlefields were quite large, locating Zero Wing’s members wouldn’t be a challenge if all of these powers cooperated.

“I told you long ago that the various superpowers in God’s Domain are not as simple as you. Zero Wing has severely underestimated its enemies since the very beginning, as well. Zero Wing doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning this competition,” the Half-elf man said calmly. “This competition is simply Zero Wing’s execution.”

Rather than military strength, the various superpowers’ influence over lesser Guilds was truly frightening.

The various participating powers understood that they would reach greater heights instantly if they could curry favor with a superpower. This was also why the various powers had become jealous when they had learned that two superpowers backed Zero Wing. Normally, trying to gain a superpower’s support wasn’t easy, but Zero Wing had presented the perfect opportunity to do just that.

While the Half-elf man expressed his opinion, Sky View and the dozen or so experts from other powers on Battlefield No. 4 closed in on the beautiful woman wearing a six-winged emblem.

The Magic Mirrors along the city’s business district displayed the scene clearly.

“Huh? Isn’t that beauty Graceful Moon, the former Firecloud Fox adventurer team’s vice commander?” an expert from the Black Dragon Empire asked, recognizing the woman on the Magic Mirror immediately.

“She’s Graceful Moon? I had heard that she used to be quite strong, only slightly off from becoming one of the top 100 Summoners in the Black Dragon Empire. Many first-rate Guilds had tried to recruit her. I had never thought that she would join Zero Wing.”

“But she’s not very lucky. A group of enemies spotted her right off the bat She’ll likely be the first person to disqualify from the competition,” a Level 63 male Ranger said, sighing as he gazed at Graceful Moon’s beauty.

“She’s not just unlucky; she’s extremely unlucky. Setting aside Sky View, one of Sin Realm’s newly-minted ten great experts, the man and woman beside him are exceptional experts,” a Level 64 Guardian Knight commented. “That glamorous woman is Elegant Insanity, one of Holy Reincarnation’s rising geniuses. I’ve heard that she’s the second-ranked Assassin in her Guild. If not for her lack of achievements, she would’ve ranked on the God’s Domain Experts List long ago.

“As for that stalwart, silver-armored man, he’s Howling Earth, one of the Bloodbath Family’s top four Berserkers. He also has the hidden class, Bloodrage Warrior. The lower his HP gets, the greater his combat power becomes. He previously defeated two experts from the God’s Domain Experts List.

“Those two working together would be enough to trouble a peak expert. Include the other powers’ experts, even a peak expert would have to flee.”

Everyone around the Level 64 Guardian Knight gasped in shock.

Even a superpower’s peak experts would have to flee if they encountered such a force without support, not to mention Graceful Moon, who hadn’t even ranked among the top 100 of her class in the Black Dragon Empire.

When the spectating crowd discussed Graceful Moon’s opponents, Sky View and his companions surrounded her.

“Die!” Sky View shouted as the surrounding Mana surged to him, increasing the intensity of his aura. He felt like a humanoid Great Lord. He then launched the Tier 2 Curse, Violent Flame Spears at Graceful Moon, sending 28 fiery spears toward the woman from multiple directions.

Howling Earth also shouted, and his muscles bulged as he leaped up with his giant war hammer raised. He swung his weapon down toward Graceful Moon like a mountain descending on the female Summoner.

In contrast, Elegant Insanity vanished, waiting patiently for an opportunity to land a fatal blow.

The three experts cooperated as if they had fought together for many years. Their attacks’ timing was perfect, leaving Graceful Moon no room to dodge.

As the war hammer and flame spears flew toward the Level 65 Summoner…

Graceful Moon, who had stood motionless, finally made her move. She raised Fallen Language, her Epic staff, and summoned a Level 70, Great Lord ranked Steel-armed Ape. At the same time, three Level 70 Lord ranked Rock Guardians appeared around her.

The Rock Guardians were Elemental Creatures, so their innate Magic Resistance was quite high. The three Rock Guardians served as an impenetrable wall, stopping every incoming flame spear.

The Sted-armed Ape stood three meters tall and was covered in golden magic circuits, which had been tattooed across its body. With arms thicker than its legs, the Steel-armed Ape swung at the descending war hammer.


With the sound of an explosion, Howling Earth was thrown back. When he landed, he discovered that both of his arms had numbed. The Steel-armed Ape’s Strength definitely surpassed that of ordinary Great Lords.

However, while Howling Earth had flown through the air, a black figure had appeared beside Graceful Moon. This figure was none other than Elegant Insanity. The snow-white dagger in her right hand silently slid toward Graceful Moon’s throat like a cunning snake.

Since Graceful Moon had just finished casting a Spell and her physique as a Summoner wasn’t formidable, she had no defensive options to protect herself from Elegant Insanity’s swift, silent attack.

Just as everyone expected to see the Assassin’s attack land…

A gigantic, stone palm appeared above Elegant Insanity’s head, descending on the female Assassin like a falling mountain. She had no choice but to abandon her attack and evade.

However, as Elegant Insanity tried to dodge the Rock Guardian’s attack, the remaining two Rock Guardians attacked the Assassin’s blind spots as if they had prepared for this moment. Caught off guard, Elegant Insanity couldn’t dodge or block any of the incoming attacks.

“Damn it!” Elegant Insanity frowned. She immediately activated Wind Steps, using the brief moment of invulnerability to survive the attacks.

Peng! Peng!

With two muffled sounds, Elegant Insanity was thrown like a cannonball, only stopping after she crashed into a large tree. Although she didn’t take any damage, a trace of fear flashed in her eyes when she looked at Graceful Moon.

Against a coordinated attack from three powerful experts like herself, Sky View, and Howling Earth, even a peak expert would have to use a Lifesaving Skill or face impending death. However, these three were actually at a disadvantage against Graceful Moon…

The spectating players outside of the arena gaped in shock as they watched the events unfold. The Black Dragon Empire’s experts, who were familiar with the female Summoner, were particularly stunned.

Was this female Summoner the same Graceful Moon they knew?