Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2085 - Glory?

Chapter 2085 – Glory?

There were many experts in the magnificent Auction Arena. Some among them even served as pillars in their large Guilds, and there were quite a few peak experts from the various superpowers.

However, when Starlink’s members entered the arena, everyone gasped as they felt the intense pressure emitting from these players. Starlink’s members didn’t feel like players, but Great Lords. The crowd subconsciously submitted as those players’ aura washed over them.

Even peak experts felt the threat of death from the dozen or so Starlink members in the lead.

“Why are they here?” Deep Thunder’s expression similarly changed when he saw Starlink’s members, surprise and fear flashing in his eyes.

“Grandpa, who are those people? Why do even superpowers’ peak experts seem afraid of them?” Mu Lingsha could not help but ask as she watched the various spectating superpowers’ peak experts in confusion.

While it was true that Starlink’s members were strong, the watching peak experts were as well.

Even if there were a difference between superpowers’ strength, there should be no reason for the spectating peak experts to fear Starlink’s experts, but every one of their faces twisted with anxiety.

Her grandfather, Mu Cheng, was a true Domain Realm expert, and his nickname of Thousand Hands was no trivial matter. Although he had grown weaker with age, he could still easily handle peak experts. However, when her grandfather saw the dozen or so players leading Starlink’s team, he seemed to share the spectating experts’ trepidation.

She found this situation truly baffling.

“Zero Wing really has no chance in the struggle for White River City now,” Mu Cheng could not help his bitter smile as he watched Starlink’s leading members.

He had thought that they could help Zero wing hold White River City with the combination of Nature Hall’s assistance and his fame. After all, the various participating superpowers had their own NPC cities to prioritize. They would only be able to dispatch a limited portion of their strength to secure White River City’s Auction House. However, it seemed he had underestimated Starlink’s feelings toward Zero Wing.

“Are they really that strong?” Mu Lingsha was even more surprised by her grandfather’s comment.

“They’re not just strong! Against these people, even veteran Super Guilds like the Battle Wolves and Sacred Temple would have to take their opponents seriously! Otherwise, their defeat would be almost guaranteed!” Mu Cheng explained as he watched the four white-haired men among Starlink’s team. “To think that Starlink would recruit the Four Shadow Demons…

I’ve known that Starlink has been gathering an extraordinary amount of strength in secret, but I hadn’t thought that it was so capable. Even Unyielding Soul is likely in danger.”

“The Four Shadow Demons?” After giving the name some thought, Mu Lingsha asked in surprise, “Are they the four lunatics that shook up the various superpowers years ago?”

The Four Shadow Demons had been very well-known more than a decade ago, but unlike the name suggested, these four didn’t operate as a group. They hadn’t even known each other, acting independently.

These four people had earned the nickname ‘Four Shadow Demons’ because of how much trouble they had caused the various superpowers, killing countless experts and peak experts. Not even Unyielding Soul had been spared from the Four Shadow Demons’ mischief.

All four of these players were madmen. Moreover, they were independent players, and as a result, the various superpowers had a very difficult time tracking them down and dealing with them.

During the height of their troublemaking, these four had been a hot topic among the general populace, so the Secret Pavilion had named them the Four Shadow Demons, a nickname that had spread across the virtual gaming world.

The various superpowers had the greatest headache trying to deal with players like the Four Shadow Demons. Not only were they extremely powerful, but they were also insufferable lunatics.

With all four of these madmen here, it was easy to imagine how frightening this competition would be…

Meanwhile, hundreds of players wearing Blackwater’s Guild Emblem sat quietly in one of the top-floor VIP rooms. The inflexible, middle-aged man who led the group looked down at Shi Feng, watching the Swordsman with a smug grin.

If Shi Feng were there, he would’ve recognized the middle-aged man as Jing Yang, the Blackwater representative that had visited Zero Wing’s main headquarters not long ago.

“Sure enough, Vice Guild Leader was right Starlink has secretly recruited those four old ghosts,” Jing Yang said, smiling. “I doubt even Zero Wing would’ve thought this could happen.”

“Then, should we take action now?” Snow Scar asked as he glanced at Shi Feng.

“No. It is too soon. Let’s wait until the competition officially begins before we teach Zero Wing the meaning of despair. Even if we say nothing, Zero Wing will beg us to take their Combat Puppets,” Jing Yang said, laughing.

The arena’s atmosphere had drastically changed when the Four Shadow Demons had appeared.

Everyone had been optimistic about Zero Wing’s success in the competition. The Guild had support from two superpowers, potential was limitless.

However, such thoughts had been abandoned.

“It seems Zero Wing has reached the end of the line. Melody, you better give up now. Zero Wing can no longer back Ninth Heaven. Only Setting Sun can ensure Ninth Heaven’s glory in Forest City, now,” a young, handsome male Half-elf said. “Zero Wing might have been able to deal with the Death God Workshop, but now that it’s on the brink of destruction, how could it possibly afford to help your Guild?

“Don’t think that Starlink only has the Four Shadow Demons. The dozen or so experts around them aren’t ordinary, either. Take that blue-armored Swordsman, for example. He has earned the nickname ‘Illusion Swordsman,’ and his combat standards are on par with Miracle Dragon’s. There’s also that tall Shield Warrior. He’s called Mountain Horn and can rival Cuttlefish, the Iron Wall from Crimson Emperor.

“Every one of those people is an absolute peak expert. Moreover, Starlink has given all of them Epic Weapons and Equipment. Just these people’s strength is more than enough to make a super-first-rate Guild like Unyielding Soul suffer in a bitter battle, not to mention a Guild like Zero Wing.”

Could Zero Wing really be doomed? Melody wondered as she looked at Shi Feng. She had no rebuttal for the Half-elf man. He had only spoken the truth.

Even with two supporting superpowers, Zero Wing wasn’t a match for the full force of another superpower.

Unlike Melody’s despair, Sky View was overjoyed.

“So what if you have two superpowers to support you, Black Flame? It can’t change the fact that you will watch as someone takes White River City from you!” Sky View threw his head back and laughed.

When he had watched one bigshot after another stand up for Zero Wing, he had sighed at his own weakness.

But who would’ve thought that the situation would change so drastically in the blink of an eye?

Zero Wing had enjoyed endless glory in the Auction Arena since it arrived, but in the end, it was still an ant on the chessboard of God’s Domain. The Guild was still easy prey for superpowers.

As everyone chatted amongst themselves, a bell abruptly rang, echoing throughout White River City as it signaled the start of the Auction Arena’s competition…