Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2083 - Grand Gathering

Chapter 2083 – Grand Gathering

When Zero Wing’s members arrived, the atmosphere in the Auction Arena changed immediately. The various major powers’ representatives couldn’t help but shift their gazes to Zero Wing’s players.

Not only was Zero Wing Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord, but its main headquarters was also located in White River City. Moreover, it had amazing growth potential and a very high chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild in the future. To put it simply, the Guild was in its heyday.

If Zero Wing secured the management rights to White River City’s Auction House, not only would it solidify its position as the kingdom’s overlord, but it would also have a stable source of income, further increasing its chances of becoming a superpower.

However, rather than envying Zero Wing’s players, the various major powers’ members only watched them with pity or delight.

“They actually dared to show up.” Dust Blood, who stood outside of the arena, sneered when he saw Zero Wing’s members. “Do they really think that they can secure this Auction House just because their headquarters is located here?”

Zero Wing had only dispatched a little over 100 players to the Auction Arena. It was a significant number compared to the various large Guilds, who had only sent around 30 players each. In fact, the size of its group was only second to the various participating superpowers.

However, most of the large Guilds attending the competition were only there to spectate. They didn’t actually plan to compete, so they hadn’t needed to send a lot of members. The fact that Zero Wing had sent so many players proved its intentions; the Guild would be participating in the competition.

Although Zero Wing was Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord, the Bloodbath Family simply considered the Guild a mere mountain king.

It wasn’t an issue if Zero Wing strutted around its kingdom normally. However, even the Bloodbath Family had only sent around 40 players to such a grand event to gain experience, yet Zero Wing had dispatched more than 100 players to try to win this competition. Zero Wing simply overestimated itself!

“Maybe Zero Wing is putting up a final fight for its survival,” the gray-robed young man said, sighing.

After all was said and done, White River City was Zero Wing’s main headquarters. If another power claimed the city’s Auction House, Zero Wing would lose the foundation it had spent so much time to build. The loss would be unimaginably dire for the Guild.

The competition for dominance in God’s Domain grew more intense as time passed. If a Guild failed to keep up with the changing times, the gap between it and others would only grow. Losing one’s main headquarters during these rapidly changing times would be fatal, especially for a new Guild like Zero Wing. Its members had yet to acquire a sense of belonging and cohesiveness with how recently the Guild had been established, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Zero Wing disband shortly after losing White River City.

Unfortunately, everything weaker than the various superpowers was nothing more than an ant!

This was the case true for a top-ranked first-rate Guild like the Bloodbath Family. At one time, the Bloodbath Family had been recognized as a pseudo-super-first-rate Guild, but it was still no match for Starlink, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor in the Dark Night Empire. The Bloodbath Family was also wise enough not to harbor thoughts of antagonizing these three superpowers.

In the virtual gaming world, unless one was on the brink of becoming a superpower, they couldn’t truly understand what a superpower was.

To the various Guilds and players in God’s Domain, superpowers were, at most, Guilds with greater financial strength and more experts than their weaker companions. Most didn’t understand that the difference between a superpower and an ordinary power didn’t lay in quantity, but in quality. Otherwise, the Bloodbath Family would’ve become a super-first-rate Guild long ago, rather than the pseudo-super-first-rate Guild it was after so many years of development.

Several dozen players in Level 60 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment stood some distance away from the Bloodbath Family group. These several dozen players radiated such intense killing intent as they watched Zero Wing’s members that other Guild experts around them kept their distance.

However, the other experts weren’t afraid of these layers because of the dense killing intent they radiated. Instead, they were wary because those players wore Sin Realm’s Guild Emblem.

Sin Realm was the Purple Thorns Kingdom’s absolute overlord. Unlike Zero Wing, which only controlled a little more than a dozen major NPC cities in Star-Moon Kingdom, Sin Realm controlled every NPC city in the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Ordinary Guilds couldn’t afford to provoke it

“To think that even you would have such a day, Zero Wing!” Sky View, Warring Empire’s former Guild Leader, said gleefully, a hint of madness flashing in his eyes as he watched Shi Feng’s group.

After Zero Wing had destroyed Golden Flow Town, the Warring Empire had perished in Star-Moon Kingdom. In the end, he had no choice but to migrate to the Purple Thorns Kingdom and join Sin Realm with some of his trusted subordinates. He had instantly fallen from a Guild’s leader to an ordinary Elder.

He hated Zero Wing deeply for this.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t had any opportunities for revenge against the Guild since Zero Wing was so powerful, especially with its war weapons. Even the various superpowers likely had headaches when dealing with Zero Wing’s arsenal, much less a former Guild Leader.

Fortunately, the heavens would not forsake the faithful. After such a long wait, he finally had the chance to watch the moment Zero Wing fell from its throne.

“Zero Wing has gotten too full of itself after acquiring its powerful war weapons and blatantly proving superpowers left and right The Guild is too young. Now that the situation in God’s Domain has changed, Zero Wing can only blame itself for its downfall,” Lone Beacon, who sat beside Sky View, calmly commented.

One should never casually provoke a superpower.

Take Sin Realm, for example. Despite so many experts and support from powerful corporations, Sin Realm only dared to call itself overlord in its own kingdom. It actively avoided superpowers’ territories. However, Zero Wing repeated provoked superpowers even with no backing. Even Lone Beacon admired the Guild’s courage.

However, regardless of Zero Wing’s powerful war weapons, White River City would have a new owner today!

While the various major powers discussed Zero Wing, a group of players entered the Auction Arena, causing a massive uproar.

“What?! Even Nature Hall’s members have come!”

Everyone was surprised to see Nature Hall’s members in the arena.

Nature Hall was one of the fastest-growing superpowers in God’s Domain. Not only did it control the Storm Empire, but it also had close relations with several powerful top adventurer teams in the game. Although these top adventurer teams weren’t as large as superpowers, they had extraordinarily strong experts. It was rumored that some of these experts could even rival super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds’ peak experts, with some even rivaling superpowers’ old monsters.

Hence, even the various superpowers avoided provoking Nature Hall right now.

“The Storm Empire is so far away from Star-Moon Kingdom. Logically, there’s no reason for Nature Hall to contest for White River City. Could it be here because of the issue with Twilight Echo?”

“That’s most likely the case. Otherwise, Nature Hall wouldn’t have sent Deep Thunder, its First Vice Guild Leader. Furthermore, no one knows what Zero Wing did to convince Nature Hall to give up on Twilight Echo, and because of this, Nature Hall has been humiliated in the Storm Empire.”

“Zero Wing is definitely dead now. It had already provoked Blackwater and Starlink, and now, even Nature Hall has shown up. After today, Zero Wing will have no place in White River City.”

As everyone discussed Nature Hall’s presence, they agreed that Zero Wing was truly doomed. Even other superpowers would suffer if they had to face three rising superpowers like Blackwater, Starlink, and Nature Hall, not to mention Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, when Mu Lingsha saw Nature Hall’s members from her top-floor VIP room, her expression turned grim. “It’s over! It’s really over!”

Blackwater, Starlink, and Nature Hall. Every one of these Guilds was stronger than Unyielding Soul. Not even her Guild would casually provoke any of these three superpowers, yet Zero Wing had angered all of them…

All of Zero Wing’s enemies smiled joyfully, especially Sky View and Shadowlight Axe, the former Guild Leaders of Warring Empire and Knight’s Judgment

Meanwhile, after arriving, Deep Thunder and his team headed toward Zero Wing’s members.

But as everyone expected a fight to break out…

“Guild Leader Black Flame, after such a short time apart, it seems that you’ve grown stronger yet again,” Deep Thunder said amicably as he approached Shi Feng. “Our Guild Leader has sent me with a specific order to help Zero Wing in this competition. If you encounter any trouble, please feel free to use my team and me as you see fit.”

“Please send my gratitude to Guild Leader Nature. Zero Wing will remember this kindness,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He realized that Nature Hall was trying to befriend his Guild.

“Not at all. It’s a small matter.” When Deep Thunder heard Shi Feng’s reply, he grinned with greater delight, recognizing that Shi Feng had accepted Nature Hall’s attempt to form a friendship with Zero Wing.

When the various major powers’ representatives saw this, their jaws dropped in shock.