Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2082 - Timeless Equipment

Chapter 2082 – Timeless Equipment

Did it succeed? Shi Feng could not help but grow a little excited as he gazed at the eight-piece set equipment on the table before him.

Although he had more than ten sets of materials on hand, the Crystal Light Set was top-tier Dark-Gold Set Equipment, its production difficulty only second to Epic Equipment. Although he had already become an Intermediate Master Forger and with the help of the Philosopher’s Hand, performed as an Advanced Master Forger, successfully forging the Crystal Light Set was incredibly difficult

Theoretical success rate, after all, had nothing to do with the actual forging process.

In the game’s early stages, the Main God System had simplified the various production processes to their base limits to allow players to familiarize themselves with God’s Domain’s subclasses. However, as players reached higher levels and adapted, the Main God System would gradually withdraw its assistance, and the various production processes would become more complex and detailed.

Meanwhile, successfully forging a Dark-Gold Set Equipment was a massive threshold for Lifestyle players.

During God’s Domain’s ancient times, weapons and equipment had only fallen into two categories: ordinary and extraordinary.

More categories had only been added after the Ancient Gods had fallen. Ordinary equipment split into Bronze, Mysterious- Iron, Secret-Silver, Fine-Gold, and Dark-Gold ranks. Extraordinary equipment had been broken down into Epic and Legendary.

Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment were considered the peak of ordinary equipment Hence, they were extremely difficult to obtain and produce.

Without a larger power’s support, an ordinary expert player would be limited to Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment at best

Meanwhile, Dark-Gold Set Equipment was at the very apex of ordinary equipment, the best available without any flaws. No matter how high one raised their theoretical production success rate, a single mistake would result in failure. There was no room for error when crafting Dark-Gold Set Equipment. One could argue that crafting Dark-Gold Set Equipment was even more difficult than producing Epic items since the latter allowed for some mistakes. Only, the theoretical production success rate was much lower compared to Dark-Gold Set Equipment

As Shi Feng began to inspect the Crystal Light Set before him, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Crystal Light Set has been successfully forged. Forging Proficiency increased by 200 points. Obtained 10,000,000 EXP.

As expected of an eight-piece, Dark-Gold Set Equipment. It provided so much Proficiency. Shi Feng was elated when he saw the system notification.

Even forging ordinary Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment awarded very little Proficiency after reaching Intermediate Master Rank. Normally, he’d be lucky to get 3 points for each success. This was why a player needed so much time to rise to Advanced Master rank after becoming an Intermediate Master.

Now, forging a single Crystal Light Set awarded 200 Proficiency Points, the equivalent of crafting nearly 70 pieces of Dark- Gold Equipment.

However, the Crystal Light Set’s Attributes were the true reason for Shi Feng’s joy, not the system’s reward.

The Crystal Light Set was a top-tier Dark-Gold Set Equipment, and due to the enhancement the Temporal Sand provided, the eight pieces’ Basic Attributes had risen by 10%. Purely comparing Basic Attributes, ordinary Epic Equipment had around 20% to 30% higher Attributes than the normal Crystal Light Set, but the Temporal Sand had reduced that by 10%. There was no doubt that the set equipment before him was currently the best ordinary equipment available in the game.

If he hadn’t been wearing several pieces of Epic Equipment with beneficial effects, Shi Feng would’ve immediately replaced his items with the Crystal Light Set.

Of course, Shi Feng didn’t stop after this success. He immediately began to forge the next set.

As time continued to flow, the day of the Auction House’s struggle had finally arrived.

White River City was particularly lively. Today, the various powers would battle to determine their future territories. As a result, countless players from Star-Moon Kingdom and its neighbors had gathered in White River City. At this point, the city’s player population exceeded 50,000,000!

If not for White River City’s traffic restriction, there would’ve been several times more players in the city.

Today, even the various large Guilds’ elusive upper echelons gathered in the city’s Auction House. Representatives from more than 2,000 different Guilds had come to participate in the competition. Moreover, a large number of adventurer teams and dark powers had arrived to participate in the day’s events. With so many powers, ordinary players didn’t even qualify to walk into the Auction House and were barred from entering the building.

The city’s independent players watched the various major powers’ members enter the Auction House in envy.

For today only, players needed to carry at least one Epic material to enter White River City’s Auction House. Otherwise, regardless of how powerful or wealthy one was, they wouldn’t get past the doors and were forced to wait outside.

Even so, a large crowd had gathered outside the building to watch the competition.

These players hadn’t gathered because they had nothing better to do, but because the system had set up several colossal Magic Mirrors to broadcast the events along the business district. Anyone on the streets or resting in one of the city’s establishments would be able to watch the spectacular competition for dominance over the Auction House.

Meanwhile, two players, one old and the other young, sat in one of the Auction House’s top-floor VIP rooms. From this spectator’s room, these two would have a full view of the Auction Arena below, which easily accommodated more than 100,000 players.

If the various large Guild’s upper echelons saw that only two people occupied this spacious VIP room, they’d curse them for being wasteful.

Renting the Auction House’s top-floor VIP rooms cost five Epic materials. Although Epic materials were not as valuable as Epic Weapons or Equipment, they were still extremely difficult to obtain. First-rate Guilds would be fortunate to collect several dozen Epic materials, and none of them would dare to spend five Epic items just for a better view of the Auction Arena.

“Amazing! A city like White River City has actually attracted so many superpowers!” Mu Lingsha, the VIP room’s younger occupant, exclaimed as she watched the various participating superpowers enter the arena.

Starlink, Blackwater, Pantheon, and King’s Return weren’t the only superpowers present. Members of the Secret Pavilion, Sacred Temple, and Crimson Emperor had also come to participate.

“It’s only natural. Although Star-Moon Kingdom is only a medium-sized kingdom, an NPC city’s Auction House is incredibly important. If they can claim this city’s Auction House, they can earn a stable income. Moreover, Star-Moon Kingdom has a goldmine like the Witch’s Hill. With so many benefits up for grabs, it is only natural that many superpowers have been tempted into action,” the elderly man beside Mu Lingsha explained, smiling.

If Crimson Emperor or Starlink’s upper echelons saw this elder, they’d likely be astonished. This elderly man was Unknown King, Unyielding Soul’s previous Guild Leader. When he had run the Guild, it had risen to glory, but due to his age and his body’s deterioration, he had retired from the frontlines more than two decades ago.

“Grandpa, does Zero Wing really have no hope of holding White River City?” Mu Lingsha could not help but ask.

She was grateful to Zero Wing for all the help it had provided thus far. Moreover, her good friend, Aqua Rose, was a member of the Guild. If another power stole White River City, which served as Zero Wing’s main headquarters, Zero Wing would suffer for it.

“None. Even if our Guild lends Zero Wing a hand, I’m afraid that holding White River City would still be impossible,” Unknown King said, shaking his head.

“Not even our help could change the situation?” Mu Lingsha was surprised.

Although Unyielding Soul had been declining, it was still a veteran first-rate Guild. Ordinary first-rate Guilds still were no match for its strength.

“You’re severely underestimating the participating superpowers. Although we are a superpower as well, their backgrounds and foundations are many times stronger than Unyielding Soul’s. Any other time, they might have backed off out of respect for our Guild, but this competition will determine their future in God’s Domain. None of them will show respect for the others. Furthermore, Zero Wing has provoked too many superpowers, pushing them to the limits of their tempers. Now, nobody can save Zero Wing,” Unknown King said, sighing.

Mu Lingsha lowered her head in disappointment.

While the various major powers entered the Auction House and eagerly awaited the competitions start, a group of players wearing six-winged emblems entered the arena. The leader of this group was none other than Shi Feng.