Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2081 - Stormy Winds

Chapter 2081 – Stormy Winds

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Although White River City was not the kingdom’s capital, its popularity overshadowed Star-Moon City as the main headquarters of the kingdom’s number one Guild and home to the Candlelight Trading Firm, which continued to introduce one new product after another. At this point, White River City had become the kingdom’s capital in the hearts of Star-Moon Kingdom’s players.

Since White River City was the only city in the kingdom to be promoted, it’s fame had reached new heights. Tons of players from foreign cities and countries visited the city every day, and it had become almost as prosperous as an ordinary empire’s imperial capital.

Over a dozen Level 64 players in gorgeous equipment had gathered on the second floor of White River City’s Auction House. They all wore the same Guild Emblem as they watched the fight in the Auction Arena. Contempt filled their eyes as they looked down on the combatants.

“As expected of a small kingdom. Although the local players’ equipment standards are quite good, their combat standards are terrible. They’re not even a match for some second-rate Guilds in our Dark Night Empire. It’s no wonder why Zero Wing lords over Star-Moon Kingdom,” a Level 64 Berserker said as he watched several Guild players from Star-Moon Kingdom fight in the Auction Arena in ridicule.

The Berserker had not held back his opinion. With the physique of Tier 2 players, the combatants had heard him clearly even from 50 yards away. However, none of those players dared to comment against the Berserker. They all simply lowered their heads and remained silent.

This Berserker had earned the right to such arrogance.

This Level 64 Berserker had won 20 matches in the Auction Arena in a row. Quite a few of the Berserker’s opponents had been peak experts from Star-Moon Kingdom, but none of them had dropped the Berserker’s HP below 80%. This Berserker had even fought two opponents at once and still maintained his HP above 80%, winning the match.

Moreover, the Berserker’s identity was extraordinary. This Berserker was Dust Blood, one of the ten great experts from the Dark Night Empire’s Bloodbath Family.

The Bloodbath Family was a veteran first-rate Guild, and at this point, it was the strongest Guild in the Dark Night Empire, excluding the three resident superpowers. The Bloodbath Family also occupied a medium-sized kingdom and a small-sized kingdom. No ordinary first-rate Guild could hope to compare to its strength.

“Although these Guilds are very weak, Zero Wing’s title as Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord proves that it has some ability.

Furthermore, Zero Wing has four experts that rank on the God’s Domain Experts List. Black Flame, in particular, has killed many superpowers’ peak experts thus far,” a young man in dark-gray robes said.

Zero Wing’s name had already become commonplace in the Dark Night Empire. After all, the Guild had successfully helped the Hundred Flowers Palace stop Starlink’s invasion in Moon Creek Town. The incident had surprised the empire’s various Guilds, all of which had immediately investigated Zero Wing.

However, the more they looked into Zero Wing, the more the Guild surprised them.

These Guilds hadn’t been surprised by Zero Wing’s rapid development in God’s Domain, but by the number of frightening powers Zero Wing had provoked.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Nine Dragons Emperor, the Evil God’s Temple, Pantheon, Blackwater, Miracle, and the Dark Night Empire’s Starlink.

All of these Guilds were powerful enough to make even a first-rate Guild like Bloodbath Family shudder in fear, yet Zero Wing had provoked every one of them. The fact that Zero Wing had survived this long was unbelievable. Calling it a miracle wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Zero Wing’s success will soon reach its end. The various superpowers have been busy with their own matters, so none of them have bothered to retaliate. I’ve also heard that Zero Wing has a tentative alliance with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Rain. But things have changed. The various superpowers have set their sights on White River City, and even if Phoenix Rain makes a personal appearance, she can’t change Zero Wing’s fate,” Dust Blood said, sneering.

The fact that Zero Wing had four experts that ranked on the God’s Domain Experts List was impressive to other Guilds, but the achievement meant nothing to the various superpowers. The God’s Domain Experts List focused on players’ battle records, not their overall strength.

God’s Domain had many experts that hadn’t accumulated eye-catching battle records, yet wielded peerless strength. Take the Bloodbath Family, for example. Bloodbath Family’s expert members were even stronger than the Refinement Realm experts on the God’s Domain Experts List, but none of them had actually made it on the list.

To put it simply, only small Guilds and independent players took the God’s Domain Experts List seriously. It was merely an information source for true major powers, not an indicator of a Guild’s strength.

Moreover, the competition for an NPC city’s Auction House didn’t rely on war weapons or tools. Instead, it relied on a Guild’s resources and experts. The competition prohibited artificial strength, so the war weapons Zero Wing had been lucky enough to acquire would be useless. With how few experts Zero Wing possessed, it wouldn’t even be able to defeat veteran first- rate Guilds like Bloodbath Family, much less the various superpowers.

“I guess you’re right. The various superpowers will not give up on White River City’s Auction House. Some of the old monsters that usually hide in the shadows are even revealing themselves to ensure their Guild’s success in the competition. Even experts on the God’s Domain Experts List will be of limited use,” the young man nodded in agreement. When he spoke of the various superpowers’ old monsters, fear and yearning flashed in his eyes.

Thus far, the fights between God’s Domain’s superpowers had been nothing more than skirmishes. Large-scale battles between these major powers were rare. Moreover, to nurture the younger generation, the various superpowers’ true experts typically avoided their Guild’s affairs. They kept to themselves, quietly increasing their strength. If these old monsters took action, how would the younger generation acquire any fame? Even the younger generation’s greatest prodigy was a joke before these old monsters!

“Zero Wing is certainly unlucky. It could’ve remained the king of its mountain for some time. Unfortunately, White River City was promoted too quickly. Now, even its dream of standing atop its mountain as king would shatter. I’ve heard that even King’s Return, Blackwater, and Pantheon have arrived to compete for White River City. I can’t wait to see these superpowers tear Zero Wing apart,” Dust Blood said, smiling.

“Oh? Look over there. Even the Glory Empire’s Holy Reincarnation has come. It seems that they’re here to watch the fight between these superpowers, as well,” the young man said suddenly as he pointed to a group often or so players that had just arrived in the second-floor hall with a smirk.

Holy Reincarnation was also a veteran first-rate Guild, strong enough to rival the Bloodbath Family. It was also the second strongest Guild, after King’s Return, in the Glory Empire.

While the various kingdoms and empire’s powers gathered in White River City in anticipation of the Auction House’s struggle, Shi Feng worked on crafting the Crystal Light Set in the nearby Candlelight Trading Firm.

Although up to ten players could learn the Crystal Light Set’s production method from the Ancient Forging Book, it was an eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Not even Basic Master Forgers like Melancholic Smile and Cream Cocoa would have much success with forging the set. Furthermore, Melancholic Smile and the others had their own work to focus on.

Hence, Shi Feng decided to craft the set equipment himself. Fortunately, acquiring the required materials was no trouble for Shi Feng.

Zero Wing had been growing stronger as time passed, and as a result, it had compiled a ton of materials in the Guild Warehouse. In addition, the Candlelight Trading Firm had joined the Secret Chamber of Commerce. So, obtaining the necessary materials to forge the Crystal Light Set Equipment was quite easy for the Guild.

In fact, Shi Feng had gathered more than a dozen sets of materials in less than an hour.

He then refined the materials with the Soul Fire. Using the Philosopher’s Hand’s ability, Shi Feng continued to shape one set piece after another. Before he put the finishing touches on the eight-piece set, Shi Feng retrieved 40 grains of Temporal Sand.

Temporal Sand was incredibly valuable, with each gain selling for more than 20 Gold on the market. Not only could it increase one’s production success rate, but it could also strengthen the crafted item. Shi Feng allocated five grains of Temporal Sand for each set piece, the maximum amount Dark-Gold Equipment could handle.

If he hadn’t had the Bracelet of Time, he wouldn’t have dared to use the Temporal Sand so extravagantly.

The Crystal Light Set Equipment then radiated a dazzling glow, illuminating the entire room. As the light faded, it revealed eight pieces of equipment, glowing with a sparkling light and radiating an ancient, violent aura.