Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2080 - Epic Rank Reward

Chapter 2080 – Epic Rank Reward

An Epic Quest? Shi Feng was slightly astonished when he heard the system notification.

He had never heard of Horace giving out an Epic Quest in the past. He had only known that this NPC wanted Sea Tribe Weapons in a bid for vengeance against the Sea Tribe. The quest in the past had only been an Advanced Hidden Quest, requiring 1,000 Sea Tribe Weapons to complete, and a player had to finish the quest before they could trade with Horace.

Now, not only was the quest Epic rank, but its completion also required 3,000 Sea Tribe Weapons. This massive changed ruined his plans.

In the past, the activation quest had awarded the Ocean’s Heart Design, an Intermediate Magic Array Design. Although Ocean’s Heart was only a Barrier-type Magic Array, it could suppress sea monsters to a frightening extent Ocean’s Heart was even effective against Mythic monsters and extremely useful to Guilds trying to develop their naval prowess. The Ocean’s Heart’s Magic Array Scrolls had sold for astronomical prices in the past.

Of course, now that the quest had changed, its reward would be different as well.

It seems I’ll have to come up with a different method. Shi Feng sighed deeply as he handed Horace 3,000 Sea Tribe Weapons.

The various major powers on the main continent had already reached a developmental bottleneck. As a result, these powers had begun to complete over the sea’s resources. Fortunately, Zero Wing already had its own Shipyard, many advanced speedboats, and control of several coastal towns and naval cities. Immortal Light, Zero Wing’s subordinate, had also been developing its naval strength under Shi Feng’s orders and was now a significant power at sea. However, with how quickly the various major powers were developing, Zero Wing would struggle to maintain these advantages.

Shi Feng had wanted to rely on the Ocean’s Heart to accelerate the Guild’s development at sea, but now, he had no choice but to look for other avenues.

As Shi Feng gave Horace the Sea Tribe Weapons, the NPC’s eyes glowed with excitement

“Wonderful! There are indeed 3,000 Sea Tribe Weapons here!” Horace nodded in satisfaction, his hand abruptly flashing with a bright glow. When the light subsided, he held an ancient tome. “I went to great lengths to obtain this book. Hopefully, you can make good use of it. If you obtain more Sea Tribe Weapons in the future, you can find me to trade them.

When Horace finished speaking, not only did Shi Feng obtain the tome, but he also earned an abundance of EXP. Not only did he instantly level up from 71 to 72, but he also gained two additional Legacy Skill Points from completing the quest. The quest rewards were incredible. It was much harder to level up after reaching Level 70, and Shi Feng’s hidden class required twice as much EXP as normal players.

An Ancient Forging Book? Shi Feng’s eyes widened in shock when he inspected the book he had earned from Horace.

Ocean’s Heart didn’t have much use to individual players, but the magic array was quite important to Guilds. If possible, he wanted to trade 3,000 Sea Tribe Weapons for the array design.

However, after seeing the Ancient Forging Book, this thought vanished.

In God’s Domain, Ancient Forging Books were akin to Alchemy Secret Journals. Not only were they unique items, but the weapon or equipment designs they contained were also extraordinary. An Ancient Forging Book was almost as valuable as an ordinary Epic Forging Design.

Shi Feng immediately opened the Ancient Forging Book, eager to discover what item it would help produce.

Amazing! I struck gold this time! Shi Feng could not help his growing elation as he read the tome’s contents.

The Ancient Forging Book Horace had given him didn’t contain one weapon or equipment piece design. Rather, it contained the designs to produce the Dark-Gold Set Equipment, Crystal Light Set. Although it was only a Level 60 to Level 80 set, it was an eight-piece set equipment, possessing more set effects than its six-piece counterparts.

If a Level 60 player equipped the Crystal Light Set, their combat power would be on par with a player wearing a six-piece Level 65 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

At this stage of the game, the various superpowers could only dream of owning six-piece Level 65 Dark-Gold Set Equipment Anyone seen wearing such a set would even earn peak experts’ envy.

Of course, the Crystal Light Set had harsh production requirements. At the very least, one needed to be a Basic Master Forger to forge the set, and the required materials were extremely rare. For example, the set required a lot of Fine Titan Ore, Mana Stones, and Advanced Magic Cores, all of which were incredibly difficult to procure at this stage of the game, even for the various large Guilds.

However, material gathering was a secondary concern. The high production cost was far more important

If Shi Feng calculated the cost according to current market prices, each production attempt would cost roughly 800 Gold. Furthermore, A Basic Master Forger wouldn’t have more than a 30% success rate when trying to forge the set. Even Intermediate Master Forgers would only have a 35% success rate, while Advanced Master Forgers would have a 40% chance. Even if one were lucky, they’d still spend nearly 2,400 Gold to produce one Crystal Light Set…

Although Zero Wing earned a lot of Coins each day, most of those Coins had to be spent on paying back debts. Shi Feng still needed to pay back the astronomical construction cost for Silverwing Town’s airport. Moreover, he had instructed Aqua Rose to invest funds into the Lost Town’s development in secret to enable the Guild to nurture more experts in a short time.

In addition, Zero Wing had to fund Immortal Light’s development and purchase Epic materials for the upcoming Auction House competition. Right now, the Guild only had around 20,000 Gold available for emergencies.

If he wanted to mass-produce the Crystal Light Set and form a personal security team like Nature Manifestation’s, he’d need a lot more Coins.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng traded 1,200 Sea Tribe Weapons and 1,500 Elemental Cores for three copies of the Basic Secret Law, Deep Sea Meditation. Shi Feng could only return later to trade for Horace’s remaining three copies.

[Deep Sea Meditation] (Basic Secret Law)

Allows the user to exhibit their body’s latent potential through meditation, significantly improving their physique. This Secret Law consumes a lot of Stamina and Concentration when used.

Drops upon death.

After purchasing the Secret Law copies, Shi Feng left to find the 4-star Wandering Merchant using the Seven Luminaries Ring.

After teleporting five times, Shi Feng arrived in a secret land. He then spent the next four hours clearing out the Level 80- plus monsters that stood in his way before locating a small, wooden house. A gray-robed, elderly man called Zall, one of three 4-star Wandering Merchants in the Sea of Illusion, occupied the house.

After meeting with Zall, Shi Feng purchased all 500 Stamina Gemstones the NPC had, each gemstone costing 5 Elemental Cores. He couldn’t have dreamed of doing something like this in his previous life.

This NPC simply required too many Elemental Cores. If he hadn’t obtained the 6,752 Elemental Cores while grinding in the Ancient God’s Secret Maze, he wouldn’t have dared to purchase both the Secret Law copies and the Stamina Gemstones.

When the public had discovered Zall in the past, the various superpowers had monopolized the NPC’s stock. These powers left very few gemstones for other players once they had finished with Zall.

Hence, it was a dream for Shi Feng to purchase 500 Stamina Gemstones in a single transaction now.

The several players that had discovered Zall in the past had only purchased around 200 Stamina Gemstones. Even so, they had made a fortune, earning the various large Guilds’ envy.

Following which, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City.