Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2079 - Sea Tribe Weapon

Chapter 2079 – Sea Tribe Weapon

Sea of Illusion, Blue Coral City:

Shi Feng was disguised as a Level 61 Swordsman as he walked through Blue Coral City’s streets. Unlike the kingdoms and empires on the God’s Domain continent, the Sea of Illusion was neutral territory, maintained by a merchant alliance. The merchant alliance mainly operated out at sea, controlling only a few cities on land Most of its towns and cities had been established on islands.

Because of this, most visiting players were either merchant players or independent players. Guilds rarely visited the Sea of Illusion. This was also why adventurer teams ruled over the area’s several major cities.

Meanwhile, Blue Coral City was the Sea of Illusion’s largest city.

First-time visitors were almost always surprised by what they found here.

The majority of the player population consisted of merchant players, while the rest were mostly independent players. There were very few players wearing Guild Emblems.

“Buying tons of Sea Tribe Weapons for 50 Silver each! Also selling Purplefire Crystals!”

“Selling Ocean Pearls! Get a 5% discount for buying more than 100 pearls!”

“Urgently selling three Sea Tribe Weapons for 1 Gold, 70 Silver!”

Players busied themselves as they set up stalls along the city’s streets, selling a large variety of items. This wasn’t typical of cities in normal kingdoms and empires.

Sea Tribe Weapons? Shi Feng slowed to a halt when he heard the advertising players.

He vaguely remembered that Sea Tribe Weapons had been popular for a time during his previous life. They had once been items that all naval players had desired.

The Sea Tribe Weapons could be traded to the Sea of Illusion’s NPC forgers to commission crafted weapons, which would allow players to exhibit greater combat power in battles at sea. Weapons that had been made with Sea Tribe Weapons were 15% to 20% stronger than normal weapons of the same rank, a considerable improvement.

Only, trying to craft a high-quality naval weapon was not easy, and the production success rate wasn’t 100%. If one wanted to commission a Level 60 Secret-Silver Weapon, they’d need three Sea Tribe Weapons, and the production success rate would only be 50%. A Level 60 Fine-Gold Weapon would cost 5 Level 60 Sea Tribe Weapons, and the success rate was only 30%. To put it simply, the higher the desired weapon’s quality was, the more Sea Tribe Weapons a player would need, and the lower the production success rate would be. Meanwhile, players could only acquire Sea Tribe Weapons by killing the Level 50-plus members of the Sea Tribe. Hence, complete naval weapons were incredibly expensive on the market.

Of course, Sea Tribe Weapons had another purpose, and Shi Feng knew it.

Purchasing Secret Laws!

Secret Laws were extremely rare in God’s Domain, even rarer than combat techniques. They also provided players a significant boost. Secret Laws were a type of Berserk Skill, but unlike normal Berserk Skills, which were prohibited in certain areas, Secret Laws could be used anywhere like combat techniques. They could even be used when Silenced

However, Secret Laws were a huge burden on the user’s Stamina and Concentration. The more powerful a Secret Law was, the more Stamina and Concentration it would consume. In addition, players didn’t have to master a Secret Law to use it. Only, using an unmastered Secret Law would drain more resources than usual.

The worst part was that Secret Laws would drop automatically when players died!

Even so, countless experts in God’s Domain coveted Secret Laws due to their many benefits.

Secret Laws provided a boost to physique and allowed players to exhibit more of their combat power. Moreover, Secret Laws gave players a clearer idea of their flaws.

These were the reasons that players had coveted Secret Laws. They were even more valuable than combat techniques.

Meanwhile, Sea Tribe Weapons could be exchanged for one of these precious Secret Laws. Although there were limited copies of the Secret Law available and the process of acquiring one was particularly troublesome, Shi Feng didn’t mind.

He might have had some trouble purchasing a few copies if he had tried before visiting the Ancient God’s Maze, but he shouldn’t have any issues now.

One needed to fulfill two conditions to purchase copies of the Secret Law. First, they’d need to locate the NPC that sold them; then, they’d need to obtain the required items for payment. The NPC only accepted a combination of Sea Tribe Weapons and Elemental Cores.

Other than Shi Feng, it wasn’t likely that any of God’s Domain’s players knew about this NPC, and of course, collecting Sea Tribe Weapons and Elemental Cores wasn’t a problem for Shi Feng.

Following which, Shi Feng spent 10 Silver to set up a stall in Blue Coral City’s business district.

“Buying Sea Tribe Weapons for 60 Silver each! Only buying a certain amount! First come, first served!” Shi Feng shouted, immediately attracting the attention of the players on the street.

Normally, players only purchased Sea Tribe Weapons for 50 Silver each. Even players that set up stalls to sell the weapons asked for less than 60 Silver. With someone willing to spend so much on each Sea Tribe Weapon, players were bound to notice.

A short moment later, a large group of players crowded around Shi Feng to sell their Sea Tribe Weapons, rapidly depleting Shi Feng’s funds.

In less than an hour, Shi Feng had spent more than 2,000 Gold, purchasing 4,352 Sea Tribe Weapons. He had basically purchased every Sea Tribe Weapon in Blue Coral City. Once customers stopped visiting his stall, he packed up and headed for a hotel to alter his appearance once more.

When Shi Feng left the hotel, he discovered several players hiding around a street corner, staring intently at the hotel’s entrance. It was obvious that these players wanted to learn why he had bought so many Sea Tribe Weapons.

Unperturbed, Shi Feng found a deserted location and used the Seven Luminaries Ring to teleport out of Blue Coral City.

After using Space Movement and Spatial Gate four times in a row, Shi Feng arrived on a volcanic island that housed monsters ranging from Level 80 and Level 100. These monsters were far from ordinary with the weakest among them a Chieftain that had the combat power to rival players who reached the Trial Tower’s third floor. Even ordinary Tier 2 experts of the same level would have a difficult time fighting these Chieftains one-on-one.

Meanwhile, the NPC that possessed the Secret Law copies was located in a hidden room within the volcano. Players had only learned of this NPC in the past thanks to a few players who had visited the island for a rare quest. They had accidentally stumbled across the secret room, finding this rare NPC.

Very quickly, with the help of Gale Domain, Shi Feng reached a cave inside the volcano. After killing several hundred Level 83-plus Lord ranked lava monsters, he finally found a hidden room. Although the cave’s monsters were all Lords, they had dropped almost no loot. They hadn’t dropped anything beyond some ordinary materials, not even a single piece of Common Equipment. Although the monsters’ loot was terrible, the EXP they granted was astounding. After killing several hundred monsters, Shi Feng had finally risen from Level 70 to 71.

As he opened the door to the hidden room, Shi Feng was greeted by the sight of a dark, empty room. It only contained a stone platform.

Shi Feng grew a little excited as he approached the platform, spending 100 Magic Crystals to light the candle upon it without hesitation.

By the time the public had discovered this place in the past, the players that had pioneered the island had cleaned out the NPC’s stock of Secret Law copies. Although the stock would replenish from time to time, the various superpowers had already laid claim and monopolized the NPC. Small Guilds like Shadow had only been able to watch and drool from the sidelines.

As the candlewick ignited, a storm abruptly enveloped the room. The translucent figure of a man began to materialize before Shi Feng. After an inspection, one would discover that this man was a Level 80, Tier 2 Professional Mage named Horace. However, when Shi Feng inspected the man with Omniscient Eyes, he discovered that the NPC was actually a Level 180, Tier 5 Divine Mage.

If players gave in to their greed and tried to rob this NPC, only death would await them, a particularly cruel death.

“Young adventurer, are you the one who has awakened me?” Horace asked as he watched Shi Feng with eyes swallowed by dark-blue flames, his gaze chilling.

“Yes, Lord Horace.” Shi Feng nodded respectfully.

As a deceased entity, Horace abhorred the living. If Shi Feng disrespected him, he’d get nothing from this NPC.

“Very good. When I was alive, the King of the Sea Tribe hunted me down and killed me. Now, I want revenge on the Sea Tribe. However, I cannot leave this place, so I want you to be my instrument of vengeance, slaying the Sea Tribe’s members. As proof of your achievement, you may bring me the Sea Tribe’s unique weapons. Once you complete this task, I will reward you handsomely,” Horace said. Although the NPC’s tone was calm, the rage in his eyes was apparent

System: You have accepted the Epic Quest, “The Wrath of the Dead.”

Quest content: Kill Sea Tribe members and obtain 3,000 Sea Tribe Weapons. Rewards unknown.