Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2077 - Nature Hall Submits

Chapter 2077 – Nature Hall Submits

As Shi Feng’s calm voice continuously echoed throughout the room, Nature Manifestation’s expression twisted into something ugly. Traces of fear flashed in his eyes, stupefying Nature Hall’s members.

Nature Manifestation stood at the very top of the Storm Empire. A single word from him could decide the life or death of the empire’s various Guilds. He was also a bona fide peak expert. He could lead Nature Hall to become an overlord in God’s Domain in the future!

Yet, now…

Nature Hall’s members weren’t the only ones surprised. The Guild Leader’s reaction confused Fire Dance and her companions. Nature Manifestation had reacted calmly even when Fire Dance had taken him captive, yet now, he seemed more afraid of Shi Feng’s few sentences.

Why wouldn’t they be surprised?

“What do you want?” Nature Manifestation asked as he watched Shi Feng, afraid.

If he had only seen Shi Feng as a Domain Realm expert before, he viewed the man as a monster, capable of shaking Nature Hall’s very foundations, after learning that this Swordsman had pioneered Thunder Axe City and acquired the Thunder Axe Crystal.

Most people were still unaware of Thunder Axe City. Even in Nature Hall, only the Guild’s upper echelons and the experts that had visited the city knew about its splendor.

According to their understanding, Thunder Axe City should’ve activated more than two weeks ago. The various superpowers, however, had only discovered the city nine days ago.

When Nature Manifestation thought about how Shi Feng could send a large number of players to the city with the Thunder Axe Crystal and the man’s status as Thunder Axe City’s pioneer, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Epic materials were even more important than expert players in the Auction Arena’s battles.

Zero Wing’s members had already proven their combat power. If the Guild also had a wealth of Epic materials, Zero Wing could pose a significant threat to Nature Hall in the upcoming Auction Arena contest.

Meanwhile, Deep Thunder, Jade Qilin, and Nature Hall’s other upper echelons stated at Shi Feng in fear.

They had counted themselves fortunate to send 300 experts to Thunder Axe City, but Shi Feng was actually responsible for activating the neutral city…

“Nature Hall is so powerful. How could Zero Wing every hope to compare?” Shi Feng laughed. He then said, “We are only here to help Twilight Echo learn whether or not it can withdraw from the Storm Empire in safety. You shouldn’t overthink the situation, Guild Leader Nature.”

“Fine. Out of respect for Zero Wing, our issue with Twilight Echo stops here. As long as Twilight Echo leaves the Storm Empire, Nature Hall will let it leave,” Nature Manifestation answered through gritted teeth.

Even Nature Hall would struggle to take out experts like Fire Dance, Cola, and the others. If Zero Wing dispatched a large number of experts and relied on the Epic materials it gained from Thunder Axe City, he wasn’t confident that Nature Hall could hold Storm City. After all, Thunder Axe City had a frightening supply of Epic resources available.

If Zero Wing took control of Storm City’s Auction House, Nature Hall’s development would be severely affected. Even if Zero Wing failed, it could still force Nature Hall to dispatch more forces than planned, which would, in turn, ruin the Guild’s plans to claim other cities’ Auction Houses.

As Nature Hall’s Guild Leader, Nature Manifestation couldn’t sacrifice the Guild’s larger plans just to punish Twilight Echo. Moreover, he suspected that Zero Wing had far more trump cards than what it had revealed in this reception room. Of course, this was only his conjecture. The fact that Shi Feng had pioneered Thunder Axe City was already frightening. Nature Manifestation couldn’t think of what could be even more impressive than that.

When Nature Hall’s reinforcements heard their Guild Leader’s decision, their jaws dropped; they couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

“Just who is this Black Flame?”

Nature Hall’s members grew more curious about Shi Feng. This man had actually forced their Guild Leader to compromise with just a few words. No one would believe this if they told them.

Nature Manifestation had even chased the Nine-star Family out of the Storm Empire. How could he possibly submit to a Guild from a small kingdom?

“Guild Leader Nature is quite open-minded. If there are no other problems, we’ll be taking our leave,” Shi Feng said with a smile. Standing, he turned and left the tattered reception room alongside Fire Dance and the others.

Shi Feng had never intended to steal Storm City’s Auction House. He had simply wanted to scare Nature Manifestation.

There were currently tons of problems in White River City that required his attention. With Zero Wing’s resources and experts, the Guild could, at most, contest for one city’s Auction House. Only, Nature Manifestation did not know this.

Although Thunder Axe City had an abundance of Epic materials, the neutral city had only activated around two weeks ago. There were far too few players in the city for it to exhibit its true potential. Moreover, Nature Manifestation thought too highly of Shi Feng’s position as the city’s pioneer. Even if Shi Feng had secured a 2-star Smithy, he wouldn’t acquire as many Epic Materials as Guilds raiding Team Dungeons.

If Nature Manifestation realized this, he’d faint with anger and try to fight Zero Wing to the death.

As Shi Feng and his subordinates made their way to the door, the Nature Hall players guarding the door stepped aside to let them through after receiving a signal from Nature Manifestation.

Jade Qilin and the other upper echelons only returned their attention to their Guild Leader after Zero Wing’s party had left the Guild Hall.

“Guild Leader, are we really going to give up Twilight Echo?” Jade Qilin asked. “If we do this, news of this incident will spread throughout the empire.”

“So be it. In any case, keeping a tight lid on this is impossible,” Nature Manifestation grumbled as he massaged his temples. Annoyed, he continued, “I never would’ve thought that Zero Wing was responsible for activating the city that has caused such a sensation among the various superpowers. We’ll likely see a difficult period in God’s Domain soon. You should begin to prepare for it.”

“Understood!” Jade Qilin nodded, fully understanding Nature Manifestation’s intentions.

He had assumed that the first Auction Arena competition would be an exclusive playground for the game’s superpowers, but now that Zero wing had revealed itself as a potential competitor, the various superpowers’ plans were ruined.

Nobody would’ve imagined that Zero Wing would be the cause of the situation plaguing the various superpowers.

After Shi Feng’s party left Storm City, news of Nature Hall abandoning its harassment of Twilight Echo quickly reached the empire’s various powers.

“What? Nature Hall gave up on Twilight Echo? But why?”

“What kind of Guild is Zero Wing?”

For a time, this matter caused an uproar in the Storm Empire.

Nobody would’ve thought that Nature Hall would stop targeting Twilight Echo out of respect for Zero Wing. Every power in the empire was immediately curious about Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, news of this matter also reached Twilight Echo’s Residence in Windy City.

“What did you just say? Nature Hall has given up on us because of Zero Wing and recalled its forces?” Dark Wave was stunned when he heard his subordinate’s report, unable to believe the news.