Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2076 - Do You Need a Doctor?

Chapter 2076 – Do You Need a Doctor?

When Fire Dance took Nature Manifestation captive, Nature Hall’s members stayed their hands as they hatefully glared at the female Assassin. At the same time, though, a hint of fear could be seen in their eyes.

“What should we do now, Vice Guild Leader?” Jade Qilin asked Deep Thunder quietly, frowning as she watched Fire Dance play with her short sword from behind Nature Manifestation.

She didn’t have enough authority in this situation to make a decision.

Nature Manifestation was the Guild’s symbol. If they let him die, it would humiliate their Guild.

However, Fire Dance currently had control over Nature Manifestation’s life and death. Even though peak experts like Jade Qilin could cross the six-yard distance in less than half a second, half a second would be more than enough time to kill their Guild Leader for someone with Fire Dance’s Strength and speed.

Deep Thunder said nothing in response to Jade Qilin’s question. He didn’t know what to do, either.

Zero Wing was far more terrifying than he had imagined.

If Fire Dance were truly a Domain Realm expert, this situation, at most, would’ve surprised him, but the problem lay in the fact that she wasn’t one, which horrified him.

After their brief clash, he was certain that the female Assassin had only reached the Refinement Realm, although she wasn’t your typical Refinement Realm expert. However, he couldn’t articulate how she differed from the average Refinement Realm expert Regardless, her combat standard could, at best, rival Flowing Water Realm experts. She was almost nothing compared to an expert like him, who was only a small step away from reaching the Domain Realm.

Yet, despite her inferior combat standards, Fire Dance could suppress him in a confrontation. Moreover, she had done so effortlessly. She had even taken Nature Manifestation captive in an instant Although the Guild Leader was only an ordinary peak expert, this outcome was shocking.

Not even the Refinement Realm experts understood this, much less the ordinary experts.

Peak experts were known as such because they stood at the peak of God’s Domain. Even Domain Realm experts would struggle to threaten a peak expert’s life, yet Fire Dance had done so effortlessly.

He couldn’t imagine what weapons and equipment would be necessary to allow an expert, who had reached the Flowing Water Realm at best, to command even greater combat power than Domain Realm monsters.

However, that wasn’t the worst of it Zero Wing’s other representatives were obviously only Refinement Realm experts, but they had displayed combat power that could easily rival peak experts. Not even super-first-rate Guilds were likely capable of nurturing such high-quality Refinement Realm experts.

After silence reigned over the room for a short moment, Nature Manifestation discarded his shock and turned to glare at Shi Feng.

“Do you think that I’ll simply allow Nature Hall to let Zero Wing off the hook just because you’ve captured me?” Nature Manifestation asked, sneering. “Don’t be foolish. It is just one level and one piece of equipment. I can afford the loss. If you go through with this, however, Zero Wing won’t have the power to endure Nature Hall’s wrath.”

The strength Shi Feng’s party had displayed had surprised him, but at the end of the day, an individual’s strength was nothing compared to a Guild’s. Regardless of how powerful this Zero Wing party was, it didn’t change anything about the difference between Zero Wing and Nature Hall.

“That’s right You should think this through carefully, Guild Leader Black Flame. If you do this, there will be no saving the relationship between our Guilds,” Jade Qilin said in an attempt to persuade Shi Feng. “I believe you are aware of Nature Hall’s streng什i. In the end, only Zero Wing will suffer.”

As Jade Qilin finished speaking, Nature Hall’s members calmed their fears and revealed confident smiles.

They had been stunned after witnessing the combat power Shi Feng’s party commanded, but after giving the matter some thought, they realized that Shi Feng’s party would only sign their death warrants if they killed Nature Manifestation.

Zero Wing was merely a kingdom’s Guild. Regardless of its battle records, it was still far weaker than Nature Hall. Zero Wing could not afford to endure Nature Hall’s wrath at all.

As a Guild Leader, Shi Feng must have realized this.

Unless Shi Feng insisted on dragging Zero Wing down with him, he wouldn’t let Fire Dance kill the other Guild Leader.

Even Storm City’s independent players wouldn’t believe that Shi Feng would do such a thing, let alone these Guild upper echelons.

As the smiles Nature Hall’s members wore spread with delight, Shi Feng, who watched from his seat, returned the grins and said, “What you say is true. There is a big difference between Zero Wing and Nature Hall, but what if Nature Hall lost Storm City?”

“Lost Storm City? Is this fellow dreaming?”

“What a joke! How could our Guild possibly lose Storm City?”

Nature Hall’s members began to laugh, thinking Shi Feng had gone mad. Storm City was Nature Hall’s main headquarters. Not even a superpower could dethrone the Guild in its own city, much less Zero Wing.

“You’re referring to the Auction Arena battle, right?” Nature Manifestation laughed. “While I understand your thinking, that is a battle of experts and resources. Zero Wing’s experts might be impressive, but do you really think Zero Wing can outmatch Nature Hall’s resources?”

Superpowers like Nature Hall had long since investigated the Auction Arena’s rules. In this competition, resources were far more important than military might Hence, all of the various superpowers fervently collected Epic materials while they had time before the Auction Arena competition began. Compared to Nature Hall, Zero Wing’s material collection speed was useless. How could Zero Wing possibly hope to defeat Nature Hall in a contest for Storm City’s Auction House?

However, as Nature Manifestation finished his statement, Shi Feng revealed a dark-gold crystal from his bag. The crystal was unusually eye-catching in this room, and it drew everyone’s gaze.

While most of the reception room’s occupants didn’t understand why Shi Feng had revealed this crystal, Nature Manifestation froze when he saw it.

“You… How did you get that?” Nature Manifestation could not help but ask.

Nature Manifestation’s sudden change of expression even confused Fire Dance and her companions, let alone Nature Hall’s members. No one knew why the Nature Hall’s almighty Guild Leader would seem scared of a single crystal.

“Do you really need to ask?” Shi Feng said, revealing a faint smile. “I am the player responsible for activating Thunder Axe City, of course. Is it so strange that I have this crystal?”

The item in his hand was none other than the Thunder Axe Crystal, which was capable of teleporting a large number of players to Thunder Axe City. It also normally cost 5,000 Thunder Axe City Contribution Points.

“You activated Thunder Axe City? That… That is impossible! How could you be responsible!?” Nature Manifestation stared at Shi Feng with an incredulous look.

Thunder Axe City was a super-large-scale neutral city, and after its activation, it had quickly become a hub for many superpowers, including Nature Hall. Countless first- and second-rate Guilds visited the city, as well. The neutral city was so popular due to its abundant resources, especially incredibly rare Epic materials. Thunder Axe City was practically a treasure trove.

However, traveling to and developing in Thunder Axe City was quite difficult. Due to its terrain and environment, not even expert players could remain in the city for long.

Even with its sturdy foundations, Nature Hall could only afford to send 300 experts to develop in the city long-term. However, not only did Shi Feng possess the Thunder Axe Crystal, which one could purchase from the Thunder Axe Temple and provided convenient transport to the city, but he was also responsible for Thunder Axe City’s activation.

However, when Nature Manifestation recalled the group of Giant players Zero Wing possessed and the Thunder Axe Crystal in Shi Feng’s hand, which no player should be able to obtain at this stage of the game, he knew that Shi Feng’s claim was likely true.

“Guild Leader Nature, what’s wrong? You don’t look too good. Should I call a doctor?” Shi Feng asked, chuckling at Nature Manifestation’s deathly pale expression.