Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2075 - Miscalculation

Chapter 2075 – Miscalculation

Although Jade Qilin and Nature Hall’s other peak experts had intended to act, they couldn’t help but freeze the moment they felt Fire Dance’s oppressive aura.

“Guild Leader, are we still going to fight them?” Jade Qilin could not help but ask as she turned to look at Nature Manifestation, her expression hesitant.

One Domain Realm expert was already extremely difficult to defeat. Now that Fire Dance, who felt like another Domain Realm expert, had joined the fray, she had to take this situation more seriously.

Ordinary players might not realize the importance of one or two Domain Realm experts in a Guild, but as one of Nature Hall’s upper echelons, she was very clear of the implications. This was no longer a matter of Shi Feng or Fire Dance’s personal strength, but of Zero Wing’s foundations. Instead, it was a matter of Zero Wing’s Guild foundations.

If Zero Wing had only possessed a single Domain Realm expert, it could’ve been explained away as luck. It would prove nothing regarding Zero Wing’s foundation. However, the fact that Zero Wing had at least two Domain Realm experts couldn’t be shrugged off in the same way. Domain Realm experts weren’t as common as cabbages.

If Zero Wing truly had two Domain Realm experts, the Guild wasn’t as simple as everyone assumed.

“Qilin, you’re overthinking this. Her aura doesn’t prove that she’s a Domain Realm monster. She could simply have absurdly high Basic Attributes. Zero Wing has no background, so it’s lucky enough to have one Domain Realm expert. How could it possibly have two? And such a young one at that,” a solemn man with a scar across his face spoke up.

Listening to the man’s reasoning, Nature Hall’s members relaxed, releasing more than half of their anxiety. No one doubted this man’s words. He was Deep Thunder, Nature Hall’s First Vice Guild Leader and one of the Guild’s main support pillars.

He was also one of the top ten experts on the God’s Domain’s Secret Experts List.

The Secret Pavilion had two God’s Domain Experts Lists. One recorded the top 1,000 experts with the most attention- grabbing battle records. The second was a secret list, which only superpowers could purchase.

The Secret Experts List only contained 100 names. However, these players weren’t ranked by their battle records, but based on the combat standards they had revealed. One had to be a Void Realm expert before the Secret Pavilion would even consider them for the list.

Any peak expert that could rank on the Secret Experts List was, at most, a step away from the Domain Realm. Those that ranked among the top ten were practically pounding against the edge of this Realm. They only needed a slight push to reach the Domain Realm. Deep Thunder was one of these experts.

Although none of Nature Hall’s experts in the room had reached the Domain Realm yet, Deep Thunder was undoubtedly the most knowledgeable about it

Since Deep Thunder was certain that Fire Dance was not a Domain Realm expert, there was a 90% chance that he was correct.

“Thunder is right. Everyone needs to calm down. Although I don’t know how this little girl from Zero Wing has such frightening Basic Attributes, Zero Wing is 100 years too early if it thinks it can stroll into Nature Hall’s Residence with such an attitude!” Nature Manifestation commented, backing up Deep Thunder. He flashed Shi Feng a piercing glare before commanding, “Summon Senior Fan and the Evil Spirit Legion members immediately! Lock down the Residence! I want to see how capable these Zero Wing representatives truly are!”

Although Shi Feng had displayed astonishing combat power, Nature Hall wasn’t a pushover.

Nature Hall had gone to great lengths to recruit Senior Fan and convince him to protect the Guild. The elder had been a Domain Realm monster for decades, and his combat standards were far above Shi Feng’s, who, at most, had only entered the Domain Realm within the past few years. Senior Fan also wore the best equipment available in the game, and the Evil Spirit Legion was one of Nature Hall’s trump cards.

Although the Evil Spirit Legion only had 100 members, every member was a Refinement Realm expert or better. Even the weakest among them had mastered three combat techniques, and including the Silverlight Battle Array, they could even defeat Domain Realm experts. The Evil Spirit Legion was also why Nature Hall even dared to provoke super-first-rate Guilds.

However, the moment Nature Manifestation issued the order, Fire Dance’s group moved, charging straight toward the Guild Leader.

Taking the lead, Cola and Ye Wumian dashed forward like two Tyrannosaurus Rexes. When the reinforcing security team members collided with the two MTs, they flew backward as if they had been hit by a truck, their tight defensive formation shattering instantly.

Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword followed the two MTs closely. Alluring Summer sent at least one player flying with each Spell she cast, while Shadow Sword forced multiple players to stumble back with each slash. These two easily repelled any security team members that approached from the sides. Rather than a battle, this looked like adults toying with children…

Taking advantage of the chaos, Fire Dance blew past the security team’s blockade and arrived before Nature Manifestation. “Don’t think you can get through me that easily!”

Deep Thunder bellowed, swinging his gigantic, two-handed battle axe with a solemn expression, leaving no room for Fire Dance to dodge.

Tier 2 Skill, Earth Bombardment!


Not only was Earth Bombardment an AOE attack that amplified his Strength, but it could also significantly reduce players’ Movement Speed when he struck. This was the trademark Tier Skill of the Magic Warrior hidden class. The move could only be blocked, not dodged. In addition, the Magic Warrior class was a specialized Advanced Class for Berserkers, using magic to strengthen the user’s body.

However, Deep Thunder’s expression froze when his attack landed.

Fire Dance’s flimsy short sword had actually stopped his humongous axe’s descent Not only had Fire Dance remained stable, but she also retained every point of her HP…

Before Deep Thunder could swing his battle axe again, Fire Dance’s Thousand Transformations slithered toward the Berserker’s neck with an utterly unpredictable attack trajectory.

Advanced Combat Technique, Illusory Snake!

“Scram!” Deep Thunder shouted as he activated Whirlwind Slash to defend himself.


When short sword and battle axe collided, a sharp clang echoed throughout the room.

A moment later, Deep Thunder, who prided himself on his Strength, stumbled three steps back, staring at Fire Dance with an incredulous look.

While he had recognized Fire Dance’s amazing Basic Attributes, he hadn’t expected them to be so high.

How does she have so much Strength?

Deep Thunder wasn’t the only one the situation surprised. Jade Qilin, who cast Spells from the side, glanced over in horror when she noticed Deep Thunder stumble.

In God’s Domain, there was a major difference between one-handed weapons’ Strength and that of two-handed weapons. This was why most Berserker players chose two-handed weapons. Two-handed weapons could make full use of Berserker’s high Strength.

However, despite being an Assassin, Fire Dance exhibited greater Strength with a short sword than Deep Thunder. This unraveled everything Jade Qilin thought she knew about God’s Domain. Moreover, Deep Thunder wore three pieces of Epic Equipment, wielded an Epic Weapon, and the rest of his equipment was comprised of Level 60 Dark-Gold items. She couldn’t imagine how an Assassin could block one of his attacks with a one-handed sword.

After sending Deep Thunder backward, Fire Dance abruptly vanished.

Void Steps!

By the time anyone could react, Fire Dance had reappeared before Nature Manifestation, holding her Thousand Transformations against the Guild Leader’s throat. As a Cursemancer, Fire Dance held Nature Manifestation’s life in her hands.

Seeing this, Nature Hall’s members paused with gloomy expressions.

When Nature Manifestation looked up at Fire Dance, his countenance was ashen.

Fire Dance’s group had only moved five seconds ago, yet they had already gotten past more than 50 Refinement Realm and better experts, threatening his life. Not even a Domain Realm expert could perform such a feat.