Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2073 - Suppressing Nature Hall

Chapter 2073 – Suppressing Nature Hall

Looking at the robust figures planted in the walls of the luxurious reception room, the unharmed members of Nature Manifestation’s personal security team froze in shock. When they returned their gazes to Shi Feng, they wore tense expressions.

“What’s going on?”

“What did he do?”

The security team members had failed to react to the attack. They had only seen Shi Feng swing his sword, and in the next moment, their companions had disappeared from next them and become wall decorations.

How is this possible? Evil Tooth was just as stunned to watch the bodyguards fly through the room.

He was very familiar with these bodyguards’ strength. When they cooperated, they could even take down peak experts. The Silverlight Battle Array allowed them to share their senses, which greatly strengthened their defenses.

However, despite the bodyguards’ enhanced defenses, Shi Feng had maneuvered his Skill past their defenses and dealt direct damage. His control with the Skill was frighteningly accurate.

“Good! No wonder why you dared to show such arrogance! Everyone, use your Magic Scrolls! Don’t fight him at close range!” Evil Tooth commanded after snapping out of his daze. He then turned toward Jade Qilin and whispered, “Qilin, I need your help in a moment. This person is far stronger than I expected.”

He admitted that even he could replicate Shi Feng’s performance, but he was an Assassin, and the Assassin combat method allowed him to slay opponents that were far stronger than him.

“You’re going to fight as well? Fine, leave it to me.” Jade Qilin nodded.

Jade Qilin immediately began to chant an incantation. In the meantime, the rest of the bodyguards followed Evil Tooth’s command and retrieved Tier 2 Magic Scrolls from their bags. These Magic Scrolls were extremely rare, some containing Control Spells, some holding AOE Spells, and others possessing single-target Spells.

They had originally prepared these Magic Scrolls to use against enemies when outnumbered, but against such a strong melee opponent like Shi Feng, they had no choice but to rely on attacking from afar with these Magic Scrolls.

In the next moment, flaming thorns, spears of light, and chains of sand flew toward Shi Feng, launching a wide array of Spells like a combined assault from a team of magical class players.

With how cramped the reception room was, dodging all of these Spells wasn’t realistic. Most of the Spells were also impossible to block as they were AOE attacks.

“Die!” the bodyguards shouted.

However, before the multiple Spells bombarded Shi Feng, he lifted Killing Ray and slashed the empty space before him. Countless arcs of lightning appeared out of thin air, devouring everything in their path. Even the Tier 2 Spells vanished the moment they touched the lightning.

Lightning Edge!


A massive explosion shook the reception room, its lavish decorations becoming nothing more than remnants. The bodyguards that had attacked Shi Feng had vanished from the room. The weapons and equipment pieces on the floor were the only indicator of their prior presence…

Over a dozen well-equipped MTs with over 180,000 HP had died, just like that.

In contrast, Shi Feng hadn’t changed. He hadn’t even moved from his original position, much less taken damage.

Shi Feng had executed only two moves, yet he had killed more than half of Nature Manifestation’s famous security team. The security team’s remaining members were crippled. Shi Feng’s combat power was horrific.

How was he supposed to be a player? He was basically a monster that destroyed everything in his path!

Just as everyone assumed the battle was over, Jade Qilin, who hadn’t stopped chanting, finally finished her Spells. She slammed the butt of her resplendent staff against the floor and commanded, “Seal!”

Three magic arrays appeared around her, each from a different Spell, yet they had appeared simultaneously and were of similar design as if they were a single Spell.

“A threefold, large-scale Spell?!” Alluring Summer, who stood behind Shi Feng, was surprised to see the arrays circling Jade Qilin.

Double-casting was an extremely difficult technique for most magical class experts, especially when casting Tier 2 Spells. Needless to say, triple-casting three Tier 2 Spells was even more difficult.

However, there were certain Spells in God’s Domain that could only be used when casting multiple Spells. Generally, these were large-scale Spells that required multiple players to cast, yet Jade Qilin could cast one that typically needed three players by herself.

These large-scale Spells were far more powerful than individual Spells of the same tier.

The instant Jade Qilin’s Spells took effect, five golden chains appeared around Shi, each containing sou卜shuddering power. Not even Grand Lords of the same level would dare to touch these chains. As if they had a life of their own, these chains launched at Shi Feng like anacondas.

“Let’s see how he blocks this!”

The Nature Hall members sneered at Shi Feng as they watched.

Tier 2 large-scale Spell, Holy Chains!

This was Jade Qilin’s ultimate Spell. Although it had a very long cast time and wasn’t suited for one-on-one combat, it would exhibit tremendous power once cast. Jade Qilin had killed multiple peak experts with this move, earning the nickname ‘Chain Killer’ from the Storm Empire’s players.

However, the expressions Nature Hall’s members wore froze as they watched what happened next.

Shi Feng blocked the golden chains, which even Grand Lords feared, with his swords, a thunderous roar echoing throughout the room when his blades collided with the magical attack.

Despite the five chains’ exceptional Strength, they couldn’t reach Shi Feng. He deflected every incoming attack.

As Shi Feng defended himself against the magical chains, Evil Tooth appeared behind him in complete silence. After revealing himself, Evil Tooth thrust a glowing, crimson dagger toward Shi Feng’s back.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Blood Shadow!

This single attack contained even more power than Jade Qilin’s five chains combined.

“You’ve finally made your move.”

Rather than panicking in the face of this sudden and well-timed attack, Shi Feng revealed a smile.

Sword’s Transmigration!

Suddenly, the Twilight Blade and Killing Ray transformed into two streaks of light and wrapped around the five Holy Chains. As if they were under his control, the five chains then flew to intercept Evil Tooth’s crimson dagger, the collision throwing sparks that temporarily blinded everyone in the room.

When the light faded, Nature Hall’s members wore grim expressions. Evil Tooth’s HP plummeted as he stared at Shi Feng in horror. Although he wanted to say something, he had already lost the last of his HP. With darkening vision, Evil Tooth collapsed to the floor.

Silence dominated the reception room.

Nature Manifestation’s personal bodyguards had worked with two of the Guild’s peak experts against one opponent, yet they were either dead or crippled, aside from Jade Qilin. Like an unshakable mountain, Shi Feng still stood where he had stated!

The Death World shattered the moment Evil Tooth died, and the room returned to its original state…