Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2072 - Repelling the Enemy with One Move

Chapter 2072 – Repelling the Enemy with One Move

For a time, Nature Hall’s members in the room were stunned into silence. They had no idea of how to respond to Shi Feng’s declaration.

Not only had Zero Wing dared to kill one of their Vice Guild Leaders, but the Guild’s representatives had also come to Nature Hall’s Residence as if the death was of little significance. This Swordsman acted as if Zero Wing had killed an ant on the roadside, not a Vice Guild Leader. They couldn’t help but marvel at Zero Wing’s bravery.

Now, Zero Wing even announced its protection of Twilight Echo, Nature Hall’s latest target.

This wasn’t bravery. Zero Wing simply had a few loose screws.

Not even superpowers would display such arrogance before Nature Hall.

Jade Qilin even wondered if Shi Feng knew anything about God’s Domain. Perhaps he had decided that, since his Guild was doomed and would be removed from the game, he might as well provoke Nature Hall on its doorstep.

“Hahaha! Good! Very good! It’s been too long since our Guild has done anything outside of the empire! To think a small kingdom’s Guild dares to act so pompously before us!” Evil Spirit revealed a grin as he stared coldly at Shi Feng, anger tainting his smile.

After chasing Nine-star Family out of the Storm Empire, the empire hadn’t had any powers that dared to provoke Nature Hall. To secure its control in the empire and concentrate the Guild’s resources, Nature Hall hadn’t extended its influence past its borders. Hence, the outside world was unaware of Nature Hall’s power.

There was also the fact that Shi Feng and the others had a few screws loose. Evil Spirit assumed that Zero Wing’s members had spent too long in their own kingdom and didn’t see the difference between the Storm Empire and Star-Moon Kingdom, thinking that they could walk through the empire unhindered.

Nature Manifestation’s personal security team stared at Zero Wing’s members as if they were dead men walking.

“He’s infuriated Boss Spirit! That guy is definitely dead!”

“I bet these people won’t get to leave Storm City alive! This is going to be entertaining!”

“That’s right! Even if they kneel and beg for their lives, there’s no saving them. They’ll probably lose more than just one Level. Boss Spirit will use that item, and they’ll lose three Levels with each death. If we send a tracking team after them as well, we can even send them back to Level 0.”

Although attacking another player inside an NPC city was risky, players obtained more tools as they reached higher Levels.

As a result, killing other players inside NPC cities became increasingly easier.

This was especially true for a superpower like Nature Hall. Even slaughtering players in an imperial capital wouldn’t be a problem for the Guild.

This was also why the various independent experts had been more hesitant to provoke God’s Domain’s powers. A single mistake could send them back to Level 0, after all.

Although the Zero Wing members present were experts and more difficult to defeat than independent experts, they were nothing to Nature Hall. Even a party of peak experts would fall in Storm City if they provoked Nature Hall, much less Shi Feng’s party.

Nature Hall had acquired a Domain Treasure called Dead World from an ancient ruin. As long as a player supplied enough Magic Crystals, Dead World would create a domain that cut off communication with the outside world. Not even the city’s NPC guards would receive a notification of the transgression if one attacked another player within the domain unless it was destroyed or released. Ordinary NPC guards wouldn’t even notice the domain when standing next to it. Only the Tier 3 Guard Captains could see through the domain.

However, how rare were Tier 3 NPC Guard Captains?

There wasn’t even one Tier 3 Guard Captain for ten patrol squads in an imperial capital like Storm City. Meanwhile, each patrol squad generally monitored three to five streets. If they activated the Domain Treasure in the proper location, the chances of encountering a Guard Captain were nearly zero.

While Nature Manifestation’s 20 personal bodyguards whispered to each other, the Guild Leader, who had remained silent, raised his head and said, “So be it Originally, I had planned to send you off with a warning, but since you don’t know how to repent for your actions or show proper respect, I’ll remove you from God’s Domain permanently! Then, I’ll send someone to visit Zero Wing.”

In response to his Guild Leader’s declaration, Evil Spirit revealed a stone plate and sacrificed a large number of Magic Crystals to it. The color in the room then faded to a dull gray.

“What? You want to attack us?” Shi Feng asked as he sent a glance at Evil Spirit, who wore pitch-black leather armor.

“Are you afraid now?” Evil Spirit asked as he shot Shi Feng a playful look. “Unfortunately, it is too late for regret!”

He had thought that Nature Manifestation would wait until Shi Feng’s group left the Residence before sending him to take action. He hadn’t expected his Guild Leader to order an attack now. It was clear how truly furious Nature Manifestation was.

However, he didn’t think the reaction was unreasonable.

Zero Wing’s representatives were insufferably foolish. Even the King of Hell would laugh at their lunacy and imprison them for a few extra millennia.

“Afraid?” Shi Feng shook his head. “You’re not strong enough for me to fear!”

“Crap! This is the first time I’ve met someone so stubborn! Everyone, attack! Kill him!” Evil Spirit commanded, his eyes twitching in anger.

The 20 silver-armored MTs surged toward Shi Feng and his companions.

Seeing this, Jade Qilin could not help but watch with a pitying gaze.

Zero Wing’s members might have made it out of Storm City alive, but now, not only had they lost that hope, but they would pay an even greater price.

Although she did not know what gave Zero Wing’s members so much confidence, she was certain that they’d die in this room. Moreover, players who died in the Dead World wouldn’t lose a single Level, but three.

At their Level, leveling up required a lot of time and effort. Losing three Levels would be a huge setback.

Nature Manifestation’s 20 personal bodyguards were more than enough to eliminate Shi Feng’s party, not to mention the Guild’s peak experts like herself.

Not only were these bodyguards Refinement Realm experts, but they also wielded the Silverlight Battle Array. When they activated the battle array, they could even kill peak experts. This was why Nature Manifestation’s security team only had 20 players.

As Jade Qilin and the other peak experts expected their Guild Leader’s bodyguards to annihilate Shi Feng’s party, several sword lights flashed in the room.

Shadow blade!

As if every sword light had a life of its own, they agilely maneuvered through the bodyguards’ defenses, striking the players directly. As if some colossal beast had slammed into them, a dozen or so bodyguards flew into the walls behind them, which cracked under the immense force.

“In the face of death? Blackwater, Starlink, and Miracle’s armies failed to remove Zero Wing. What do you think a few Refinement Realm experts can accomplish?” Shi Feng asked as he sheathed Killing Ray and sat back on the sofa. He watched Nature Hall’s upper echelons calmly as if nothing had happened.