Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2071 - Explanation?

Chapter 2071 – Explanation?

“Zero Wing? Isn’t that the Guild trying to meet with the Guild Leader?” The shield-carrying man frowned at Jade Qilin’s reply. He then turned to the reporting Ranger, killing intent lacing his words. “These people sure have guts!”

A Vice Guild Leader was one of a Guild’s public faces.

Guilds typically avoided killing each other’s Vice Guild Leaders or Guild Leaders unless they wanted to shed all pretense, much less one of Nature Hall’s Vice Guild Leaders.

“They dare visit us after killing our people? Zero Wing is too arrogant!” A gloomy youth sitting on one of the sofas in the office turned to Nature Manifestation and said, “Guild Leader, why don’t you let my Evil Spirit Legion take care of them?

“Tooth, your Evil Spirit Legion is Nature Hall’s blade! Using it to teach a Guild from a small kingdom a lesson is making a mountain out of a molehill,” Jade Qilin said. “Moreover, Zero Wing must’ve realized the severity of its actions and come to make amends.”

Hearing Jade Qilin’s reasoning, the other players in the room nodded in agreement

The Evil Spirit Legion was Nature Hall’s trump card, and it was a large part of the reason for Nature Hall’s victory over the Nine-star Family. Zero Wing didn’t even qualify to face this legion.

As Jade Qilin had said, Zero Wing must have realized how detrimental killing one of Nature Hall’s Vice Guild Leaders was and was likely here to make amends for the mistake. How could a Guild from a small kingdom afford to provoke a superpower like Nature Hall, after all?

“Enough!” Nature Manifestation commanded with a low shout, silencing everyone in the room. He shifted his gaze toward the reporting Level 63 Ranger, saying, “Have someone lead Zero Wing’s representatives to the reception room.”

“Understood!” the Level 63 Ranger answered and bowed nervously.

A short moment later, one of the Nature Hall members guarding the Residence’s entrance led Shi Feng’s party to the Guild Hall’s reception room, surprising many independent players and the Guild’s members.

“Who are those people? The Guild Leader is actually willing to meet with them?”

Nowadays, Nature Hall’s strength grew rapidly. Guilds often visited the Residence in hopes of allying with Nature Hall, but not even first-rate Guilds’ Guild Leaders usually made it inside. And yet, Shi Feng and his companions followed a Guild member to a reception room. Why wouldn’t they be surprised?

Everyone immediately began to chat about the identity of Shi Feng’s party.

Some of the spies other major powers had planted within Nature Hall also launched investigations into Shi Feng’s party. If Nature Manifestation were willing to speak with these individuals personally, this event was certainly worth looking into.

Nature Manifestation current sat on a sofa in Nature Hall’s luxurious, top-floor reception room. Jade Qilin, Evil Tooth, and a few of the Guild’s other upper echelons stood beside him, radiating dense killing intent as they watched Shi Feng’s party enter the room. Based on their auras, it was clear that these players were experts with an immense amount of combat experience. In fact, these peak experts’ auras were no weaker than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Martial Dragon, with a few of them being even stronger.

Twenty silver-armored Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights had also been stationed in the room. Not only were these Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights Level 64, but they also wore Level 60 Secret-Silver Set Equipment. Like well-trained soldiers, they stood in lines along the sides of the room, emitting a solemn aura.

Although the various large Guilds considered Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment top-tier at this stage of the game, fully equipping 20 players wasn’t exactly impossible. However, these 20 MTs wore Level 60 Secret-Silver Set Equipment. Even a first-rate Guild would be fortunate to have two or three complete sets. Furthermore, players had crafted these MTs’ equipment, which meant that Nature Hall was fully capable of crafting more.

Nature Hall’s foundations were extraordinary.

“I’ve heard that Zero Wing has something to discuss with me? May I know what you wish to discuss?” Nature Manifestation watched Shi Feng’s party enter the room through narrowed eyes. In a deep tone, he continued, “If this is about Vice Guild Leader Owl Life, you may return to your kingdom. I am not interested in listening to your reasoning.”

As soon as Nature Manifestation was done speaking, the intensity of the 20 silver-armored MTs’ auras skyrocketed, rapidly decreasing the temperature in the room.

Jade Qilin and Nature Hall’s other upper echelons revealed sneers and pitying expressions.

Nature Manifestation typically let them handle matters related to Guilds from small kingdoms, considering the matters beneath him. However, he had insisted on meeting Zero Wing’s representatives in person. They had been curious about his sudden change of heart.

Now, they understood.

Owl Life’s death had enraged Nature Manifestation, so he wanted to speak with the culprits personally.

It had been a long time since they had seen Nature Manifestation so angry. The last time he had been this furious, he had removed three Guilds from God’s Domain permanently. Those Guilds hadn’t been small, but first- and second-rate Guilds.

Since this Guild had dared to enrage Nature Manifestation, Zero Wing would suffer a tragic ending.

Even if Zero Wing regretted killing Owl Life and wished to make amends, it was too late to change its fate. Once he was angry, no one could stop Nature Manifestation. Not even Nine-star Family had succeeded in this regard.

“Explanation? What explanation?” Shi Feng simply shrugged in response to Nature Manifestation’s chilling gaze.

“What? After all you have done, are you seriously trying to deny your crime?” Jade Qilin said, sneering at Shi Feng’s leisurely expression.

“Deny? Deny what?” Shi Feng turned toward Jade Qilin, frowning slightly.

“Is there even a need to say it!? You are responsible for killing our Vice Guild Leader Owl Life in the Nether Mine!” Jade Qilin hissed, her expression becoming even colder.

“Oh, that’s what you’re talking about?” Shi Feng asked as realization lit his features. Calmly, he continued, “That’s right; we did that”

“You…!” Shi Feng’s relaxed reply stunned Jade Qilin. She had assumed that he’d try to deny the fact. She certainly hadn’t expected him to admit it so boldly. “It’s good that you acknowledge it. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Everyone in the room from Nature Hill, including the 20 MTs, Evil Tooth, and the others who stood beside Jade Qilin, radiated dense killing intent. Their expressions made it clear that they were prepared to slaughter these visitors if Shi Feng said the wrong thing.

“What’s there to talk about? Could Violet fail to kill this Vice Guild Leader, Owl Life?” Shi Feng asked in a strange tone.

The hall fell silent as every player from Nature Hall glared at Shi Feng as if they were about to devour him alive.


They had never seen such arrogance!

Shi Feng simply didn’t know how to spell the word ‘death’!

After a short moment, Shi Feng returned his gaze to Nature Manifestation, calmly stating, “We are merely here to tell you one thing. Twilight Echo, which your Guild has targeted, is now under Zero Wing’s protection!”