Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2070 - Powerful Zero Wing "He died?"

Chapter 2070 – Powerful Zero Wing “He died?”

“Owl Life’s been killed in one move?”

Nature Hall and Twilight Echo’s members gaped in shock after witnessing Owl Life’s death, unable to believe their eyes. However, not only did the man’s corpse lie before them, but his trademark weapons, the Burial Axes, rested next to his body.

“Aqua, your Guild’s experts are quite strong. Is that girl your Guild’s number one expert?” Dark Wave asked his niece, his eyes glued on Violet Cloud.

He had known that Zero Wing had been developing impressively, but he hadn’t thought it had become this strong.

Violet Cloud’s gaze remained indifferent even after killing Owl Life as if she had casually slain a Common monster she had randomly come across. Someone actually treated Owl Life, one of Nature Hall’s Vice Guild Leaders, like a Common monster, killing him as if swatting a fly. If news of this spread, it would shake the very core of the Storm Empire.

“No, Violet doesn’t rank number one in the Guild, but she should stand among the top five. Only…” Aqua Rose stopped herself, watching Violet Cloud in confusion.

She was very familiar with Violet Cloud’s standards; like her, the girl was a Refinement Realm expert. However, Violet had achieved more in the Refinement Realm than she had. Although, if it came down to a fight, and their Levels and equipment were equal, she could fight Violet Cloud to a standstill with her Sea God’s Legacy. If the battle happened at sea, she’d wind by a landslide.

If Aqua Rose had to fight a peak expert like Owl Life, even with all of her Epic Equipment, she’d have a very hard time defeating him. As for killing Owl Life in one move, she simply wasn’t capable of the feat. The equipment that the various large Guilds’ peak experts improved as time passed, yet for some reason, Violet Cloud had killed Owl Life instantly.

Moreover, she had accomplished the feat effortlessly.

No matter how Aqua Rose considered the situation, she couldn’t figure how Violet Cloud had done it.

However, Aqua Rose didn’t know that Shi Feng had given Violet Cloud the Elemental Bloodline after his return from the Ancient God’s Maze, and due to the Advanced Bloodline, Violet Cloud’s Basic Attributes had skyrocketed. With her massive Basic Attribute advantage, it was only natural that she had slain Owl Life like a Common monster.

“She’s only in the top five with that kind of strength?” Dark Wave stared at his niece in shock. He no longer dared to imagine how powerful Zero Wing truly was.

Nature Hall likely had less than a handful of experts that could kill Owl Life instantly, yet a non-superpower like Zero Wing had four more of these experts…

Meanwhile, Nature Hall’s members panicked after watching Owl Life die. Like frightened birds, they scattered and fled from the battlefield, none of them daring to fight any of Zero Wing’s members.

What a joke. Both Owl Life and the 18 Silverlight Battle Array MTs had been defeated in a single move each. They weren’t fools. Now that they knew they were no match for Zero Wing, they wouldn’t stay and fight. Doing so would be nothing more than suicide.

Once Nature Hall’s members fled, Violet Cloud turned her attention away and approached Aqua Rose.

“Big Sis Aqua, here are the items you stored in the Guild Warehouse,” Violet Cloud told Aqua Rose, who wore a hesitant expression. After trading the equipment, she said, “Ah, right Guild Leader asked me to tell you this; Don’t hold back! The Guild has your back!”

“Guild Leader…” For a moment, various emotions overwhelmed Aqua Rose.

When Twilight Echo’s members heard Violet Cloud’s message for her comrade, they couldn’t help their envy.

A large Guild like Zero Wing was actually willing to start an all-out war with a superpower to support one of its Guild members. They had never even dared to imagine such a thing in the virtual gaming world. If they could join such a wonderful Guild, what more could they possibly ask for?

Once Aqua Rose regained her composure and re-equipped her weapons and equipment, her change stupefied Twilight Echo’s members.

She had already felt incredibly powerful, but after replacing her weapons and equipment, she felt like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. Not only did she look beautiful, but she also radiated an intensely powerful aura. Although they couldn’t tell the quality of her items since she had hidden the glow effects, her aura was even stronger than Dark Wave and Owl Life’s.

So, this is the Guild Aqua joined? Dark Wave’s shock was even greater than when he had watched Owl Life die.

The fact that Violet Cloud had killed Owl Life made it clear that Zero Wing had its own capable experts, but the equipment that had instantly elevated Aqua Rose’s combat power, which could now rival Owl Life’s, had an entirely different meaning.

“Let’s leave this place and return to Windy City. Now that we’ve killed one of Nature Hall’s Vice Guild Leaders, Nature Hall won’t let this matter rest,” Aqua Rose said as she glanced at Owl Life’s corpse.

A Vice Guild Leader was one of a Guild’s public faces. If they did not handle this incident’s aftermath properly, Twilight Echo would have a difficult time leaving the Storm Empire.

“Rest assured, Big Sis Aqua. The Guild Leader has led a group to Storm City to discuss the situation with Nature Hall. I believe he will settle this matter very quickly,” Violet Cloud said, giggling.

What?! They went to meet Nature Hall?! Dark Wave nearly jumped up in shock. Are they tired of living?!

Although Owl Life was only Nature Hall’s Eighth Vice Guild Leader, one of the lowest-ranked Vice Guild Leaders in the Guild, he was still a Vice Guild Leader, yet as Violet Cloud had killed the man, Zero Wing had been heading to Nature Hall for negotiations. Zero Wing was clearly trying to provoke Nature Hall.

Zero Wing would likely have trouble getting out of this unscathed, much less negotiate a better situation for Twilight Echo.

Meanwhile, in the Storm Empire’s Storm City, Shi Feng’s party of six had arrived before Nature Hall’s Residence.

As the Storm Empire’s imperial capital, Storm City’s player population even surpassed Black Dragon City’s. Storm City had nearly 27,000,000 resident players, and its businesses were particularly prosperous.

The city’s prosperity was due to the Storm Empire’s ores. Plenty of ores and Gemstones, which other kingdoms and empires severely lacked, were produced within the empire’s borders every day. Because of this production, a large number of foreign players visited the empire to trade and purchase items. Moreover, due to the abundance of ores, the Storm Empire’s forging industry was exceedingly well-developed.

Shops that specialized in selling and crafting weapons and equipment could be found all over the city, and plenty of players wore the Advanced Forger’s Insignia. Intermediate Forgers were a dime a dozen, as well. Not even White River City could say the same.

Moreover, as many as eight known Master Forgers also called the Storm Empire home. Among them, two were independent players. No other empire could dream of achieving the same at this stage of the game.

Purely in terms of weapon and equipment production, Storm City far surpassed White River City.

“Please notify the Guild Leader Nature that Star-Moon Kingdom’s Zero Wing has come to discuss something with him,” Shi Feng said as he approached the Nature Hall member stationed by the Residence’s entrance.

“Alright, but I can’t guarantee that our Guild Leader will meet with you,” the player replied, disdainfully eyeing Shi Feng’s party.

Normally, a large number of Guild representatives visited the Residence to meet with Nature Hall’s Guild Leader, including representatives from the Storm Empire’s first-rate Guilds. Even so, their Guild Leader usually ignored their requests. As for a Guild from a kingdom, even the Vice Guild Leaders would likely refuse the request.

The Nature Hall member then left to report the matter to his superior.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man sat behind an office desk, flipping through the documents in his hand, in the Guild Leader’s office within Nature Hall’s Residence. Several Level 64 players stood beside this man, all of which were experts with multiple pieces of Epic Equipment Any ordinary expert would feel as if they stood in a cage of bloodthirsty beasts if they stood before this group.

Suddenly, a player entered the room, and upon seeing the players beside the middle-aged man, he couldn’t help but shudder. However, he suppressed the fear in his heart and announced, “Guild Leader, there’s a group of representatives from Zero Wing asking to meet with you. They’re a Guild from Star-Moon Kingdom.”

“A Guild from Star-Moon Kingdom?” Nature Manifestation raised his head as he listened to the subordinate’s report, curiosity flashing in his eyes.

“Can’t you see that the Guild Leader is busy? It’s just a Guild from a small kingdom! Send them back to their countryside!” a robust man shouted.

However, as the subordinate began to turn and leave, the icy-cold goddess sitting beside Nature Manifestation received a message. As she read the message, her expression darkened.

“Wait!” the woman shouted.

“Qilin? What’s wrong?” the robust man, who carried a gigantic scale shield, asked.

“I’ve just received news that Owl Life has been killed,” the woman, Jade Qilin, softly replied.

“That brat got done in? Who did it? Was it Dark Wave? That shouldn’t be possible!” The robust man was astonished. However, after recalling Twilight Echo’s experts, he doubted that any of them could kill Owl Life.

“No. According to the reports, he was slain by an expert from Zero Wing…” Jade Qilin said.