Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2069 - Defeating Nature Hall in Two Moves

Chapter 2069 – Defeating Nature Hall in Two Moves

“Zero Wing wants to protect Twilight Echo?”

Nature Hall’s members were stunned when they heard Violet Cloud’s announcement Twilight Echo’s members were just as dumbfounded.

Nature Hall was akin to the Storm Empire’s emperor. It had already grown powerful enough to demand respect from Super Guilds, yet Zero Wing, which was barely on par with a first-rate Guild, intended to oppose Nature Hall.

“The Guild Leader plans to interfere?” When Aqua Rose saw the 1,000-man legion from Zero Wing, excitement and worry flashed in her eyes.

She hadn’t had a specific understanding of Nature Hall before her return to the Storm Empire, but it wasn’t long before she realized that Nature Hall shouldn’t be provoked. Nature Hall’s foundations were beyond her imagination. The Guild already had more than 100 peak experts and tens of thousands of expert members. With so many experts, Nature Hall’s rule in the Storm Empire was unshakable.

“How arrogant! This is Nature Hall’s territory! Do you think that a few words will protect Twilight Echo?” Owl Life roared in anger. “Not even your ally, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, would dare to act so pompously before Nature Hall!”

“Vice Guild Leader, what’s the point of wasting words on them? Since these ignorant players dare to act so insolently before our Guild, we should get rid of them, here and now!”

“That’s right! Let’s teach these country bumpkins the difference between a kingdom’s overlord and an empire’s! We’ll show them how little they matter in the Storm Empire!”

Nature Hall’s members voiced their outrage over Violet Cloud’s declaration, even offering to teach Zero Wing’s members a lesson.

“We are only here to give you notice. Your reply is irrelevant,” Violet Cloud calmly responded. “If you don’t have any more questions, we’ll be escorting Twilight Echo’s members away now.”

The valley fell silent when Violet Cloud finished speaking. Even Dark Wave, Twilight Echo’s Guild Leader, could not help but gasp at the girl’s comment. He could not understand just what gave zero Wing the confidence to provoke the Storm Empire’s emperor.

“This is bad!” Anxiously, Dark Wave turned to look and Aqua Rose and said, “Aqua, you need to stop them! If this gets out of hand, Zero Wing will be doomed!”

Aqua Rose nodded, but although she wanted to contact Violet Cloud, Owl Life didn’t give her the chance to do so.

“Bastards! Everyone, heed my command and eliminate these lowlifes!” Owl Life snarled as he pointed at Violet Cloud; the chilling gaze he aimed at the young woman even caused the experts around him to shudder.

A little over half of Nature Hall’s forces split away from surrounding Twilight Echo’s team and charged at Zero Wing’s 1,000- man team, their battle cries echoing throughout the valley.

Nature Hall’s members moved like well-trained soldiers. Not only were they fast, but they were perfectly in-sync with each other. Eighteen Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights moved to the forefront, radiating a silver glow as divine runes covered their bodies. They all had more than 200,000 HP, and their auras resembled that of ancient war Gods.

“So strong!”

Twilight Echo’s members lost their composure when they saw this.

Every member of Twilight Echo’s team was an expert. They could easily gauge an opponent’s strength based on their aura. The 18 MTs radiated an intensely dangerous feeling, and Twilight Echo’s members knew that in a one-on-one, these MTs would blow them away.

Not even their Guild Leader, Dark Wave, could necessarily stop these MTs’ assault, even with an active Lifesaving Skill.

“So, this is Nature Hall’s Silverlight Battle Array?” Dark Wave could not help but gasp when he saw the MTs’ silver glow.

The Silverlight Battle Array was well-known in the Storm Empire. Nature Hall had relied on this battle array to defeat its first super-first-rate Guild when it had still been weaker than Nine-star Family.

He had only ever witnessed the Silverlight Battle Array in videos before, and now that he got to see it in person, the increased Strength, HP, and speed were beyond his expectations. It was no wonder why Nature Hall didn’t fear other superpowers.

“Nobody can stop our Guild’s Silverlight Battle Array! Let’s tear apart these Zero Wing players!” The Nature Hall players that still surrounded Twilight Echo’s members laughed as their companions activated the battle array.

The Silverlight Battle Array allowed 18 players to link together. Not only could they share the incoming damage, but their Strength, HPs, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed increased by 30% as well. Most importantly, they could share their senses through the battle array.

However, before the 18 MTs reached Zero Wing’s team and tore apart its defensive line, Violet Cloud, who stood among her players, waved her staff.

Dimensional Fracture!

Space tore before Violet Cloud, rapidly extending toward Nature Hall’s members. Although the spatial tear looked fine and weak, it felt like the roar of an ancient behemoth. The sky and the earth trembled at its might.

“Dodge it!” Owl Life shouted, panicking. Unfortunately, the spatial tear grew too quickly for his warning to be of any use.


The sound of shattering glass shook the valley as the spatial tear reached Nature Hall’s MTs, who failed to react in time.

Like a hot knife through butter, the spatial tear cut through the 18 MTs, their bisected forms falling to the ground. Nature Hall’s rear line healers had no time to cast a Healing Spell before their MTs lost the last of their HPs. Moreover, the spatial tear didn’t stop with the 18 linked MTs, reaping the lives of players standing dozens of yards away…

“Do you still wish to fight us?” Violet Cloud asked as she retracted her staff and gazed upon Nature Hall’s members.

With just one move, Violet Cloud had killed over 200 experts. Her indifferent tone suggested that she didn’t consider the act significant, and Nature Hall’s survivors shuddered in fear.

“You merely have a powerful Spell. Do you really think that none of us can take you down?” Rage flared in Owl Life’s eyes as he glared at Violet Cloud.

While he didn’t particularly mind the deaths of 200-plus Guild experts, he minded losing the 18 MTs that could utilize the Silverlight Battle Array. The Guild had carefully nurtured all of those players, and every one of them was very close to reaching the Refinement Realm. With the Silverlight Battle Array, each of those players had the combat power to surpass ordinary Refinement Realm experts.

Losing a level might not impact their progress overmuch, but the loss of their weapons and equipment definitely would. They would need a lot of time to recover the items.

Owl Life’s body transformed into a blur as he dashed toward Violet Cloud like a vicious gale.

“Crap! Owl Life is attacking!” Dark Wave’s darkened as he watched Owl Life make his move.

Owl Life wasn’t like the 18 MTs that had died. With his weapons, equipment, and combat standards, He ranked at the very top of the Storm Empire. His two one-handed axes were even Epic Set Weapons. He could easily repel a Great Lord of the same level, and the valley’s narrow terrain gave him the perfect battlefield.

If Owl Life reached Zero Wing’s team, disaster would ensue.

In less than ten seconds, Owl Life arrived before Zero Wing’s members. Although Zero Wing’s ranged experts bombarded him with attacks, he effortlessly dodged or blocked the incoming Spells and arrows. None of the attacks managed to reach him.

As they watched, Nature Hall’s players felt their blood boil with excitement.

“Hahaha! The Vice Guild Leader is finally making a move!”

“Zero Wing’s members are dead for sure!”

However, as Nature Hall’s members expected to see Owl Life throw Zero Wing’s members into the air, Violet Cloud moved again. Like her previous attack, she lightly waved Death’s Sigh and manifested multiple magic arrays around her.

“Are you kidding me!?”

Both Nature Hall and Twilight Echo’s members were stunned.

Violet Cloud had called forth 200 magic arrays, a Blade of Darkness forming before each array.

“Go!” Violet Cloud shouted.

Like raindrops, these 200 Blades of Darkness descended on Owl Life, all under Violet Cloud’s control. They were not magical projectiles that could only move in a straight line.

“Burial Flower!” Even Owl Life frowned as he watched the 200 Blades of Darkness fly toward him like lively sprites. He immediately activated his Epic axes’ Active Skill, and a gigantic flower formed beneath his feet.

Twelve flower petals circled Owl Life, each carrying 100% of his Strength. The petals acted like MTs’ shields. Unless Violet Cloud’s attacks had higher Strength than he did, they wouldn’t break through Burial Flower’s defenses.

Burial Flower formed a nearly invincible barrier around him.

Following which, Owl Life charged toward Violet Cloud. However, but the hammering sounds the Blades of Darkness made as they collided with Burial Flower’s petals changed Owl Life’s expression.

Burial Flower’s petals, which contained 100% of his Strength, couldn’t withstand the Blades of Shadow. The petals barely deflected the attacks and altered their trajectory.

Against 200 Blades of Darkness, Owl Life’s Burial Flower and Epic axes seemed like paper tigers. Even though he fought with everything he had and fully displayed his Void Realm combat standards, he could only dodge or block a fraction of Violet Cloud’s attack.

In the blink of an eye, the Blades of Darkness slid through Owl Life’s body, plundering the Berserker’s HP…

Owl Life, one of the Storm Empire’s top ten experts, had been defeated!