Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2066 - Legendary Item

Chapter 2066 – Legendary Item

Shi Feng expected the system to teleport him out of the Ancient God’s Maze after his battle with the Bronze Dragon King, but when he reopened his eyes, he wasn’t in the outside world. Instead, he found himself inside an elegant hall.

A red carpet crossed the hall, leading to a golden throne at one end. A beautiful galaxy of stars decorated the ceiling, allowing the hall’s occupants to view the universe.

Spear-wielding Knights in golden armor stood alongside the red carpet. Not only were they all Level 200, but the weakest Knight among them was also Tier 4. The Knight Captain in the lead was even a Tier 5 being. Moreover, none of the Knights were human, but bona fide Angels.

Any one of these Tier 4 Knights could rival a Tier 5 human NPC in terms of combat power. The Knight Captain could even rival a Tier 5 Dragon.

If these Angels wished it, they could obliterate an entire empire.

Before Shi Feng could process what was happening, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have triggered the hidden event, “Hero’s Heart,” and have been summoned by the Archange, Vatra.

Archangel Vatra? The system notification surprised Shi Feng.

The Angel race’s Life Rating was only slightly weaker than that of the Dragon race, and among Angels, Archangels were akin to Dragon Kings. They could even contend with Tier 6 Gods.

Every Archangel had a mission and was more than capable of influencing the entire continent of God’s Domain.

In the past, a Tier 6 Berserker God named Double Brilliance had been an unknown, ordinary player during the game’s early stages, but after a fortuitous encounter with an Archangel, he had activated an ancient world and shook the very foundation of God’s Domain, altering the status quo. Double Brilliance had even been responsible for some superpowers’ fall. Like a raging cyclone, he had grown stronger at a tremendous rate and eventually became a Tier 6 Berserker God.

God’s Domain’s players had regarded Double Brilliance’s achievement as one of the game’s legends. Many players dreamed of their own Archangel encounter. Unfortunately, players had only encountered such beings twice in Shi Feng’s previous life.

He had certainly never expected to meet an Archangel here.

Before Shi Feng could snap out of his daze, a handsome man with pure-white robes and four equally white wings appeared before him.

Shi Feng had failed to sense this Angel’s movement, but more surprising, he felt nothing from this being. Although the Angel stood before him, it didn’t feel as if the Angel truly existed. He was nothing like the Bronze Dragon King, who had radiated an intensely stifling pressure. If not for the magic array that had sealed the Dragon King, he would’ve likely killed Shi Feng with his aura alone.

“I have watched your battle with the Bronze Dragon King, and I have to say, it was very interesting! Not even the Bronze Dragon King had imagined that a human like you could injure him,” the male Angel said, laughing heartily as he watched Shi Feng. He then continued in a softer tone, “During your battle, I was able to sense your bravery and tenacity. Hence, I have invited you here in the hope that you can help me with something. Are you willing to assist me?”

System: Do you wish to accept Archangel Vatra’s request?

“Lord Vatra, it would be my honor,” Shi Feng respectfully replied.

Only a fool would refuse a request an Archangel’s request The quests Archangels issued weren’t like normal quests. If one failed an Archangel’s quest, they wouldn’t suffer a penalty, and the quest’s rewards would be beyond imagination.

Take Double Brilliance’s reward, for example. According to the rumors, Double Brilliance had received his patron Archangel’s blessing after completing his quest. Not only had his individual strength skyrocketed, but he had also secured an advantage from the ancient world he had activated, allowing him to perform one impossible feat after another.

“Wonderful! Currently, God’s Domain’s World Barrier is clashing with the Undead World’s World Barrier. This, in turn, has created holes in God’s Domain’s Barrier. Taking advantage of this situation, some of the Undead World’s inhabitants have snuck into God’s Domain and begun to cause havoc. Although we Angels wish to stop them, we cannot interfere with the continent’s matters due to the rules the various Gods have set for us. Hence, we need a representative to handle these matters,” Vatra said. “I wish to appoint you as my representative in removing the Undead from the continent of God’s Domain.”

System: You have accepted the Hidden Quest “Undead World.”

Quest content: You must annihilate the Undead hiding and causing chaos on the God’s Domain continent. Rewards unknown.

“Of course, you cannot complete the task with your current strength. Hence, I have prepared two items for you. The first is the Dragon Summoning Flute I’ve carefully handcrafted. The second item is this stone. These two items will help you deal with the Undead that have snuck into God’s Domain.”

After saying so, Vatra revealed a shining horn and simple black stone, handing them to Shi Feng.

[Dragon Summoning Flute (Replica)] (Legendary Rank Item)

A horn rumored to summon a flock of Dragons.

Spend 3,000 Advanced Magic Cores to summon five Dragons to assist in battle for 3 hours. Cooldown: 15 days

(The Dragons summoned can only fight NPCs. They cannot fight players or monsters.)

A Legendary item?! Shi Feng was stunned into silence as he examined the Dragon Summoning Flute.

He had to admit that a Legendary item was awe-inspiring. The Dragon Summoning Flute could actually summon five Dragons. If only he could use it during his own battles, it would be a truly incredible item.

However, the cost to use the flute was painfully high. Advanced Magic Cores could only be obtained from high-ranked Bosses. Moreover, Advanced Magic Cores had a large variety of uses. Not only could they be used as a component when crafting Master Potions, Epic Weapons, and Epic Equipment, but they were also necessary for building many types of constructions. At this stage of the game, even first-rate Guilds would be fortunate if they had 2,000 Advanced Magic Cores, yet the Dragon Summoning Flute required 3,000 for each use. No ordinary Guild could afford such an expenditure.

After inspecting the Dragon Summoning Flute, Shi Feng shifted his attention to the black stone in his other hand.

[Mysterious Stone] (Consumable)

From the outside, it looks just like a simple stone. However, this stone contains a strand of a God’s power. It has a chance of granting players self-awakening. This stone may be used up to 33 times.

Self-awakening?! Is this stone that amazing?! Shi Feng was still speechless after reading the black stone’s introduction.

Self-awakening might be a foreign concept to current players, but Shi Feng was quite familiar with the idea. Self-awakening could allow players to master a combat technique forcibly.

Of course, learning a combat technique so brutally had a downside. Players would consume far more Stamina when using the technique they learned through self-awakening. However, this method also had its benefits. Self-awakening would allow players to experience what it felt like to use the full technique and master it, which would, in turn, lower the technique’s Stamina consumption. This process was far more effective than watching a video or experiencing the technique in a different way.

As Shi Feng began to research the black stone, Archangel Vatra waved a hand. Suddenly, Shi Feng felt the system transport him out of the hall as he returned to the space-time tunnel.