Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2065 - Domain Realm

Chapter 2065 – Domain Realm

Nine streaks of silver light cut at Shi Feng. Not only were the Dragon King’s Nine Extreme Slashes silent, but the sword lights also bloomed like flowers, creating a mesmerizing scene. When the silver flowers bloomed, the world around the Dragon King seemed to freeze.

If Miracle Dragon, from Miracle, saw this, he’d be stunned.

He had been trying to master the technique, but the Bronze Dragon King’s execution was perfect. Not only did the Dragon King’s nine sword lights avoid all forms of perception, but their trajectories eventually converged at a single point, as well. The Bronze Dragon King had just executed a fully offensive combat technique.

When the sword lights met, space around them shattered. A pitch-black spatial tear extended toward Shi Feng, but despite the fact that the attack was impossible to detect, Shi Feng responded, moving his feet forward and positioning Killing Ray in front of him. Then, he activated Parry, his actions simple and straightforward. From afar, it would seem as if Shi Feng moved very slowly, and a spectator would see his every action.

However, these slow motions actually blocked the Bronze Dragon King’s Nine Extreme Slashes.


When the Dragonscale Greatsword collided with Killing Ray, a deafening boom echoed throughout the hall, and the resulting shockwave was so intense that it reached several hundred yards away. Due to the impact, Shi Feng stumbled over a dozen yards back.

After the dust settled, it revealed a deep cut in the ground at the Dragon King’s feet, spreading 30 yards away from the Boss. The power of the Bronze Dragon King’s Nine Extreme Slashes was even greater than some Tier 3 Skills…

The Bronze Dragon King, who was responsible for this display of power, wore an astonished expression.

A human actually saw through my attack? The Bronze Dragon King frowned at the horizontal cut before his feet The angle of the cut wasn’t a result of his Nine Extreme Slashes. It was obvious that his attack had been deflected. If Shi Feng hadn’t seen his attack trajectory, the human wouldn’t have succeeded; he would’ve been sent flying.

However, the Bronze Dragon King did not know that Shi Feng hadn’t seen his attacks in the least. Rather than selfreflection, Shi Feng had forced his way through the bottleneck he had been stuck in and finally entered the Domain Realm.

The outcome even surprised Shi Feng.

After such a long life-or-death battle, he was exhausted. Even his vision was blurry. He couldn’t sense the Bronze Dragon King’s attacks normally, much less with blurry vision. Under such extreme conditions, Shi Feng had used every method he could think of to detect the Dragon King’s attacks. Finally, rather than trying to predict the Boss’s attacks by watching his arms and body, Shi Feng began to read the Dragon King’s breathing and subtle movements.

After repeated deaths and experiments, he finally managed to ‘see’ the Bronze Dragon King’s attack trajectory.

So, this is the Domain Realm? Shi Feng could not help his growing excitement as he glanced at the trembling Sacred Sword in his hand.

He had finally risen to the realm he had never been able to touch.

Perhaps it was because of his widened horizons or his changed perception of the world, but he now felt as if the world around him was utterly new.

He finally understood how amazing it was to wield a Domain. It was no wonder why Domain Realm experts were considered monsters.

Now, he could predict his opponents’ intentions and movements by watching the subtle changes to their bodies. It was no wonder why Domain Realm experts easily toyed with weaker players.

However, the distant Bronze Dragon King had no intention of stopping his assault as Shi Feng celebrated his successful evolution into the Domain Realm. The Dragon King immediately advanced and swung his Dragonscale Greatsword toward Shi Feng’s neck.

Previously, every time the Dragon King had employed such lightning-fast attacks, Shi Feng had fallen in the next moment. But the Swordsman wasn’t as blind as he had been. Although barely, he read and predicted a fraction of the Bronze Dragon King’s attacks and countered them.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Metallic clangs echoed throughout the hall.

The battle that had been one-sided for so long had evolved into a fierce back-and-forth. Although Shi Feng was still at a complete disadvantage, and his HP continued to fall, this fight was no longer a one-sided slaughter.

Although Shi Feng had entered the Domain Realm, he still shocked by the Dragon King’s strength. He could counter some of the Boss’s attacks now, yet the Dragon King didn’t evade his counterattacks, receiving them head-on. As a result, the massive gap between them hadn’t shortened in the slightest despite Shi Feng’s newfound ability to predict some of the Dragon King’s attacks…

Following which, Shi Feng activated one Skill after another. He had even activated Life Domain. In the end, however, he couldn’t change the outcome as the Bronze Dragon King continued to shave away his HP. It was only a matter of time before he died, yet as luck would have it, this was his 300th attempt If he died again, he would fail this trial.

Seeing how little HP he had remaining, Shi Feng couldn’t help but sigh. He decided to use all of his cards and see how far he could go.

Not even a full day had passed since he had begun this trial. With the small fraction of HP he clung to, he wouldn’t even survive five more minutes, much less two more days.

Since he was going to die anyway, he might as well use this Bronze Dragon King to test his new strength.

Shi Feng used the Twilight Blade’s two Active Skills, Twilight’s Shadow and Twilight of the Gods. The Twilight Domain dominated everything within 100 yards of Shi Feng. Suddenly, he split into eight copies of himself, each with 75% of the main body’s Basic Attributes. Each copy then claimed a Twilight Blade, and their Basic Attributes soared to 85% of the original form.

Although Shi Feng had sacrificed some of his Basic Attributes to activate Twilight of the Gods, he had turned the one-on- one fight into an eight-on-one battle.

As the Bronze Dragon King charged toward him again, Shi Feng activated the Ring of Gospel’s Ring of Brilliance as well. Unfortunately, Shi Feng didn’t have enough Magic Crystals on him to activate Miniature World, but due to Ring of Brilliance, his doppelgangers now had 100% of his Basic Attributes. Their physiques were even stronger than his main body’s.

“Meaningless tricks!” The Bronze Dragon King sneered at Shi Feng. In response, he summoned a second Dragonscale Greatsword, dual-wielding the two massive weapons. The intensity of his aura also skyrocketed.

He still reserved some of his strength? Shi Feng tensed as he felt the Bronze Dragon King’s aura grow.

“It’s over, human!” the Bronze Dragon King growled, transforming into a streak of light as he moved toward Shi Feng. His Movement Speed was significantly higher than it had been, which made his movements more difficult to read.

Divine Flash!

Not one to fall behind, Shi Feng surrounded the Dragon King with all eight of his clones and executed Sword’s Transmigration simultaneously.

However, as he exchanged blows with the Bronze Dragon King, Shi Feng’s vision abruptly darkened, and he fell forward. The Dragon King stood before Shi Feng proudly, his expression as indifferent and arrogant as it had always been. The Dragon King had known that this trial was impossible for any mortal since the very beginning.

However, just as the Bronze Dragon King was about to return to the magic barrier, he halted, frozen in place. Looking down, he discovered a faint, white mark on his arm. He had actually lost 1 HP.

“He injured me?” Shock brightened the Bronze Dragon King’s eyes as he stared at the mark on his arm.