Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2063 - Suppressed Swordsmanship

Chapter 2063 – Suppressed Swordsmanship

Confusion flashed in the Bronze Dragon King’s eyes as he watched Shi Feng. He was so surprised by this Swordsman’s answer that he couldn’t help but ask for confirmation.

“Yes. I choose to accept your trial, Dragon King,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

“You really are a strange human. Ever since this maze was built, thousands of adventurers have visited, but none have accepted my trial because they already knew what outcome awaited them. Do not think my trial is so easy to complete!” the Bronze Dragon King growled. “But since you have decided, according to the rules the Gods and Demons have set, if you can survive against me for three days, you will pass my trial. Let’s begin!”

The Bronze Dragon King began to chant an incantation, and abruptly, he began to disintegrate into countless particles of light, passing through the magic barrier the Gods and Demons had set up. After passing through the barrier, these particles of light gathered to form a humanoid shape before Shi Feng.

After a short moment, a soldierly, middle-aged man in a suit of bronze stood within the hall.

Unlike ordinary people, golden, divine runes marked this man’s face and body, as if they were a seal. Death and destruction filled his amber eyes, which didn’t contain a shred of humanity.

Humanization?! Shi Feng stared at the soldierly man in astonishment.

Extremely few beings were capable of humanization in God’s Domain. Rather, only legendary monsters were capable of the feat. Not only was humanization a sign of peerless strength, but it was also proof of a monster’s frightening intellect.

To current players, a monster’s intellect, at most, equated higher combat standards, making these monsters more difficult to defeat than normal monsters. However, as players progressed through the game, they would discover that monsters with high intellect were absolute nightmares.

Humanized monsters had, in the past, turned many kingdoms and empires upside down.

One kingdom had even perished during a humanized monster’s attack. That monster had merely been a Tier 4 Mythic ranked creature, and by that time, many experts had already reached the same Tier. However, even after the various superpowers had combined their strength, the humanized monster had annihilated their forces. Since no one was capable of stopping the monster’s rampage, the kingdom had been obliterated in the end.

The humanized monsters that had been defeated had only lost because they had been Tier 3 beings. Even so, defeating these monsters had required a large group of Tier 4 experts and a collection of powerful tools.

This was when players had realized the horror of high-intellect monsters in the past. The humanized monsters’ superhuman-like combat standards had even surpassed that of Domain Realm experts. In fact, the two weren’t even on the same level.

“Human, according to the Gods and Demons’ rules, I will not use my full power against you. Moreover, you have 300 chances to succeed. You simply need to survive against me for three days,” the Bronze Dragon King said as he smiled at Shi Feng. “If you don’t have any more questions, let the slaughter begin!”

Shi Feng’s expression darkened as an unprecedented chill wrapped around him. Almost instinctively, Shi Feng activated Void Shield, and his mind went on maximum alert.

Although he had known that this trial wouldn’t be easy, he hadn’t expected it to be this difficult.

Players that hadn’t experienced this situation might assume that the conditions for the Bronze Dragon King’s trial were quite simple. They only had to survive against a Level 70, Tier 3 monster for three days, and they were given 300 lives to do so. Even an ordinary expert could clear this trial with easy, much less a peak expert.

However, Shi Feng recognized this for what it was. This was a one-sided slaughter.

By the same time as Shi Feng’s Void Shield took effect, the Bronze Dragon King, which had been 30 yards away a moment ago, stood before him. Before Shi Feng realized it, a Dragonscale Greatsword had already stabbed through the Void Shield.

What amazing footwork! Shi Feng stared at the longsword in shock.

He had focused all of his attention on the Bronze Dragon King, his five senses never deviating from his opponent, yet the Dragon King had evaded his detection and arrived before him like a ghost It was as if the Dragon King had used an Instantaneous Movement Skill, but Shi Feng knew that he hadn’t relied on some low-class Skill or Spell. Rather, the Dragon King had executed a footwork technique, which had no Cooldown and could be used as the Dragon King desired, that exceeded common sense…

Meanwhile, with that one attack, the Bronze Dragon King had instantly dealt over -400,000 damage to the Void Shield. In other words, this opponent could destroy Shi Feng’s Void Shield in seven hits.

Seeing this, Shi Feng didn’t dare to hold anything back. He immediately leaped backward and used Shadow Blade.

Under Shi Feng’s control, ten sword lights struck at the Bronze Dragon King, aimed to seal the Dragon King’s movements and allow Shi Feng to increase the distance between them.

Although the Bronze Dragon King was only a Level 70 Great Lord, its Basic Attributes easily surpassed that of a Grand Lord of the same level. There was no doubt that this Dragon King’s Attributes were much higher than Shi Feng’s. He had no chance in a head-on clash. Hence, he could only try to put as much distance between them as possible and buy as much time as he could.

“A good attack. Despite being a mortal, you’ve actually reached such a standard,” the Bronze Dragon King leisurely praised Shi Feng as he examined the Swordsman’s incoming attacks.

Just before the ten sword lights found their mark, the Dragon King swung his greatsword, shattering the sword lights before they could come within 20 centimeters.

The Bronze Dragon King’s swing created a mesmerizing arc of light, which even captivated Shi Feng, but in the next second, the Dragon King stood next to Shi Feng, and he hadn’t even seen his opponent move. Again, the Dragonscale Greatsword had thrust into his Void Shield before Shi Feng had realized it

After taking the hit, Shi Feng instinctively executed Sword’s Orbit, his reactions visibly slower than the Bronze Dragon King’s.

Shi Feng had hoped that Sword’s Orbit would force the Dragon King to retreat, but he advanced instead, his Dragonscale Greatsword vanishing suddenly. The Dragon King used the weapon to deflect Sword’s Orbit and strike the Void Shield again.

So, this is a humanized monster? Shi Feng could not help his shock as his Void Shield was struck, again and again.

He had always surpassed his enemies by suppressing them with his swordsmanship, but this Bronze Dragon King’s swordsmanship did the same to him.

The Bronze Dragon King’s slashes were so fast that his eyes could not keep up. He didn’t even have the luxury to breathe while trying to defend himself. He barely even sensed that the Dragon King was attacking him.

One hit… Two hits… Three hits…

After several strikes, the Void Shield finally shattered, and Shi Feng had to rely on his skills to avoid or block the Bronze Dragon King’s attacks.

To hell with it! At this point, Shi Feng recognized how close he was to failing this trial. He immediately executed Sword’s Transmigration, the strongest combat technique in his arsenal.