Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2061 - Advanced Bloodline

Chapter 2061 – Advanced Bloodline

A magic array surrounded the crystal pillar in the center of the hall, preventing players from approaching.

Although the seal seemed quite simple, not even a Tier 4 being could force their way through it.

When Shi Feng stepped up to the barrier and lightly tapped it, a system window opened before him, introducing the magic array.

Truly amazing. If I hadn’t already grasped the technique to decipher Advanced Magic Arrays, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything but stare at this barrier. Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise after gaining a general understanding of the array.

There were two types of magic arrays that protected system-generated treasure in God’s Domain.

The first type disappeared once the Guardian Boss protecting the treasure died.

The second type required players to unravel the magic array through their own abilities. This type didn’t care for players’ combat power, but their ability to understand magic arrays.

The first type was the easiest to remove, but as players leveled up, they’d begin to encounter more of the second type. Hence, it had been very important for players to take on the Magician subclass and develop it during Shi Feng’s previous life. Many expert players had to study magic arrays seriously even though they hated learning about them, especially magical class players.

Due to how common the second type of magic arrays had become at later levels, God’s Domain’s various Guilds had also turned more focus to the Magician subclass. During the game’s later stages, a Master Magician’s status wasn’t any lower than that of a Master Forger or Master Alchemist.

Meanwhile, to remove the magic array protecting the crystal pillar before Shi Feng, one had to be a master at deciphering Advanced Magic Arrays at the very least

Normally, players only encountered Basic ranked sealing magic arrays after Level 70. It was very rare to find an Intermediate Magic Array protecting items of this level, yet the array before him required an Advanced Magician to untangle.

Although the various superpowers had tasked many of their players to learn about magic arrays, there were very few Intermediate Magicians at this stage of the game, much less Advanced Magicians.

Once Shi Feng had inspected the array, he began to dismantle it

Dismantling a magic array wasn’t particularly difficult, although that didn’t mean it was easy, either. As long as a player knew how to draw the sealing magic array in question, it could be undone.

Looking at the array, Shi Feng was relieved that he had already become an Advanced Magician. Otherwise, he could only watch as a Bloodline slipped through his fingers.

Finally, after studying for five hours, Shi Feng finally learned how to draw the sealing magic array. The barrier around the crystalline pillar began to shatter, and shortly after, it fell away entirely, revealing the pillar before Shi Feng.

The crystal pillar was translucent, and the Bloodline within it shone with a dazzling light Due to the magic barrier around the pillar, Shi Feng hadn’t felt anything particular from the Bloodline, but now that he had removed the magic array, he could feel an intense pressure, the difference between his Life Rating and the Bloodline’s, press down on him.

Although he only stared at the Bloodline, he felt as if he were being suppressed.

Is it an Advanced Bloodline?! Shi Feng could not help his surprise as he felt the pressure.

Bloodlines fell into three categories: Basic, Advanced, and Peak. The Dark Iron Bloodline he had obtained from the Divine Shrine was a Basic Bloodline. However, since the Dark Iron Bloodline was extremely compatible with the Swordsman class, it was considered a top-ranked Basic Bloodline, yet despite that, he still felt an immense pressure from the Bloodline within the crystal pillar.

The only explanation was that his Life Rating was inferior to this Bloodline.

Hence, Shi Feng guessed that it was an Advanced Bloodline. Although he very much wished that it was a Peak Bloodline, Peak Bloodlines were as rare and valuable as Legendary items. The chances of finding one in the Ancient God’s Maze were abysmally low, even for Asura Mode. On the other hand, the chances of finding an Advanced Bloodline were relatively high.

Even so, Shi Feng was stunned.

Any Advanced Bloodline could make reaching higher tiers far easier for players. With a little talent and effort, reaching Tier 5 wouldn’t be a problem. An Advanced Bloodline would even help players when challenging their Tier 6 promotion, which was why God’s Domain’s various major powers had gone mad over Bloodlines in the past.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng strode up to the crystalline pillar and removed the crystal bottle. He then inspected the bottle’s Attribute Panel.

[Elemental Bloodline]

After obtaining this bloodline, a player will become one of the elements’ favored children, gaining increased compatibility with all Spells. Mainly improves Intelligence and Vitality, followed by Agility, Endurance, and Strength.

It really is an Advanced Bloodline! After inspecting the Elemental Bloodline, Shi Feng was ecstatic.

Although the Elemental Bloodline’s Attribute Panel did not indicate the Bloodline’s rank, Basic Bloodlines only focused on one Attribute, while Advanced Bloodlines increased two. Since the Elemental Bloodline concentrated on two Attributes, it had to be an Advanced Bloodline. Moreover, the ability it provided was incredibly powerful, increasing a player’s compatibility with all Spells. It was, at the very least, far more powerful than any of the Advanced Bloodlines Shi Feng had seen in the Divine Shrine.

If a magical class player used this Bloodline, their overall prowess would increase. This was certainly a top-tier Advanced Bloodline, even more valuable than top-tier Fragmented Legendary items.

Shi Feng carefully stored the Elemental Bloodline before he continued to explore the Ancient God’s Maze.

The maze was excruciatingly complex, and each time he entered a new hall, he had to face another group of Elemental monsters. Moreover, these monsters’ Levels were a notch above the first group he had faced, all Level 75 or higher.

However, after equipping the Twilight Blade, Shi Feng’s combat power had risen significantly, and as a result, he was able to kill these stronger monsters faster than he had the first hall’s Elemental Guards.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng only dared to watch the Guardian Bosses in these halls from afar. The easiest Guardian Boss he encountered was a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species, and some halls were even guarded by Mythic monsters. Without the ability to rely on summoned creatures, he’d only find an early grave if he tried to face these Guardian Bosses.

However, Shi Feng didn’t let any of the Elemental monsters off the hook, even if he couldn’t do anything about the Guardian Bosses. These monsters were walking Epic Armor Kit Fragments and Elemental Cores. Encountering an opportunity like this in the future wouldn’t be easy.

As such, Shi Feng grinded in the Ancient God’s Maze for 12 full days, wiping out every Elemental Creature, that was not a Guardian Boss, he came across.

After exploring the Ancient God’s Maze for so long, Shi Feng eventually discovered a unique hall. This one was far better decorated than its neighbors. Rather than stone pillars, this hall’s pillars were made of Mana Stone. However, due to the hall’s poor lighting, Shi Feng could only see 60 yards around him.

The moment Shi Feng set foot on the floor of Magic Crystal, he struggled to breathe. A deafening roar then assaulted his ears, and the entire hall trembled violently at the sound.

The roar faded, and before Shi Feng could regain his composure, a bright light illuminated the area.

In the hall that could fit hundreds of thousands of people, a 60-meter-tall Bronze Dragon loomed before Shi Feng. The Bronze Dragon’s incredible aura was so powerful that it warped space around it, and when bathed in this aura, Shi Feng couldn’t even move an inch…