Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2060 - Elemental Prayer's Loot

Chapter 2060 – Elemental Prayer’s Loot

The Mana density within the Hall rose sharply after the Elemental Prayer’s death. It went berserk as it gathered around the Realm Lord’s dissipating corpse, gathering the particles of light into a dazzling ball.

Slowly, the ball of light rose into the air, growing larger as it absorbed more Mana. The light illuminated the hall as if a miniature sun had risen. After several seconds, the gigantic light ball burst, and two dazzling streams of light flowed toward the ground.

Two items? Shi Feng watched the two beams shine before him in utter astonishment.

According to his understanding, every Guardian Boss players killed in the Ancient God’s Secret Key’s trial only yielded one item, but that item would undoubtedly be top-tier quality.

However, the Elemental Prayer had dropped two items, the equivalent of killing two Guardian Bosses. Shi Feng had definitely hit the jackpot.

When Shi Feng stepped forward and touched the two beams of light, the light faded and revealed two translucent globes, each containing one item.

When these two items revealed themselves, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have slain the Elemental Prayer within 30 minutes. You may choose one of the two items before you as your reward.

She Feng was speechless.

He had hoped that Divine Providence had doubled his loot, but in the end, he’d still walk away with a single item. This choice was simply a result of killing the Elemental Prayer within half an hour…

However, after giving the matter some more thought, Shi Feng found the situation reasonable. All of the items these Guardian Bosses dropped were the best of the best. Being able to double one’s loot with higher Luck would be absurd.

Let’s have a look at these two, then. After containing his excitement, Shi Feng tapped on the two items and inspected their Attribute Panels.

After a brief look, Shi Feng’s heart began to pound with elation once more.

Although he knew that these items would be top-tier, he couldn’t help his gasp after inspecting them. Both items were amazing; not even a Mythic Field Boss’s loot could compare to either item’s value.

One of the two items was an emerald bead named Elemental Protector. It was a bona fide Epic item that could summon four Elemental Beasts of the same tier as the user and five levels higher at no cost. Each of these four Elemental Beasts could use Skills and Spells that correlated with their element: earth, water, wind, and fire. However, this item could only summon up to Tier 4 Elemental Beasts, and it had a 12-hour duration and a 2-natura卜day Cooldown.

As long as a player reached Tier 4, they could use the Elemental Protector to summon four Tier 4 beasts to fight alongside them. It was an astounding ability. Tier 4 Magic Scrolls were even rarer than Epic items in God’s Domain, and Shi Feng had only heard of Tier 4 Summoning Scrolls, never actually seen one.

Regardless of the era, a Tier 4 summoned creature would be an immensely powerful ally, even after ten years in God’s Domain. Tier 4 and above combatants were extremely rare; first-rate Guilds would be incredibly lucky if they had a single Tier 5 player. Any first-rate Guild with a Tier 6 God-ranked expert would be considered a top-ranked Guild, no matter how weak the rest of its members were.

Without a doubt, the Elemental Protector was one of the best Epic items available in the game. It would easily fetch an astronomical price regardless of when it sold.

The other time the Elemental Prayer had dropped was called the Twilight Blade. It was the same weapon the Realm Lord had used against Shi Feng, and although it wasn’t a Famed Sword, it was a Replica of the Legendary Weapon, Afterglow.

Every Legendary Weapon had once been famous throughout God’s Domain. Some had even been treated as kingdoms’ heirlooms. Even a Legendary Weapon Replica was far beyond any Epic Weapon.

Most Replicas were the crafter’s failed copies when trying to produce the real deal. Some Replicas had even been crafted with the same materials as the true Legendary Weapon, and some included even better materials.

Meanwhile, the Twilight Blade before him was somewhat special. It was actually a prototype of Afterglow. However, the crafter hadn’t used high enough quality materials in its creation, so it hadn’t become a Legendary Weapon; this Replica hadn’t been a result of a flawed production process.

[Twilight Blade (Replica)] (One-handed Sword, Epic Rank) Level 60 – Level 120 Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,000 Attributes adjust according to user’s level.

Attack Power +2,360 (Level 60)

Strength +205, Agility +130, Endurance +157

Attack Speed +18

Ignore 40% of the target’s Defense.

When equipped:

Strength increased by 25%;

Agility increased by 10%;

All Sword Skills+1 Levels;

Ignore Levels +15;

All Skill Completion Rate increased by 2%.

Attacks have a 40% chance to trigger the Floating Light effect, splitting the weapon into three copies. The two duplicates cannot be blocked and deal 100% damage.

Additional Passive SkiH-

Twilight Glow: Twilight Power will corrode any targets the Twilight Blade strikes, decreasing their reaction speed by 15%. Additional Active Skill 1-

Twilight’s Shadow: Transforms the Twilight Blade into eight copies, each carrying 80% of the original’s Strength.

Duration: 5 minutes Cooldown: 3 hours Additional Active Skill 2-

Twilight of the Gods: Transform a radius of 100 yards into a Twilight Domain. While within the Twilight Domain, user’s Basic Attributes decrease by 25% and is split into eight physical doppelgangers. If the doppelgangers wield the blades Twilight Shadow summons, they will have 85% of the user’s Basic Attributes.

Duration: 3 minutes

Cooldown: 6 hours

The Famed Smith, Flock Bayer created this sword as a prototype for Afterglow. It is a masterpiece that was formed by combining all of Flock Bayer’s forging techniques.

In Shi Feng’s opinion, if not for Afterglow’s existence, the Twilight Blade would have been one of God’s Domain’s 36 Famed Swords. It could almost rival the Sacred Sword, Killing Ray. If he only compared the weapons Attack Power and Strength, it was even more powerful than Killing Ray.

Killing Ray had been crafted with a fragment from one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons, yet the Twilight Blade could rival its power.

Although the Elemental Protector allowed players to summon Elemental Beasts, boosting their combat power, the Twilight Blade was a top-tier Epic Weapon with amazing Additional Skills. If one combined the Twilight Blade’s two Active Skills, their combat power would skyrocket for a short time. God’s Domain’s experts would go crazy for either of these items.

“Let’s go with you.” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng chose the Twilight Blade.

The Elemental Protector might be the better choice from a Guild’s perspective, but it would only be useful if the Guild had a Tier 4 player. Tier 4 was still a long time away for Shi Feng and Zero Wing. Moreover, he had the Bible of Darkness, which was even more powerful than the Elemental Protector. On the other hand, the Twilight Blade could increase his combat power now. His Abyssal Blade’s level was too low at the moment; its evolution speed couldn’t keep up with his leveling speed. If he wanted to explore more of the Ancient God’s Maze and acquire its treasures, he had to prioritize his own combat power.

Following which, Shi Feng replaced the Abyssal Blade with the Twilight Blade. Although most players would struggle to fulfill the 2,000-Strength equipment requirement, it wasn’t a problem for Shi Feng. Once he equipped the Twilight Blade, Shi Feng felt his overall strength increase substantially. His Attack Power, in particular, rose by a whopping 15%.

Shi Feng then shifted his focus to the crystalline pillar in the center of the hall. After all, it was the most valuable item in the area.