Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2059 - Bronze Combat Technique's True Ability

Chapter 2059 – Bronze Combat Technique’s True Ability

The Elemental Prayer’s attacks were quite cunning. Since the start of the battle, it had used the eight golden longswords to attack Shi Feng from all directions. Moreover, the flaming weapons were far more nimble than the wind blades and could even alter their attack trajectories during their attacks. Even a Shield Warrior or Guardian Knight skilled with the shield would take a direct hit if they weren’t careful.

As soon as Shi Feng began to execute Sword’s Transmigration, he deflected five longswords, sending them in different directions. Two of them slammed into two longswords Shi Feng hadn’t deflected, nullifying the attacks.

Due to Shi Feng’s limited Strength, he couldn’t fully utilize the remaining three deflected longswords. He wasn’t able to send them toward the Elemental Prayer. Moreover, he wasn’t able to deflect or nullify the last longsword, and it cut through Shi Feng’s right shoulder.


Sure enough, I’m really pushing my limits. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his HP.

Just one of these golden longswords could deal enough damage to kill a Level 60 magical class player; even a Level 60 MT would likely be in danger. Fortunately, Shi Feng’s Defense far surpassed that of a Level 60 MT.

Amassing 80,000 HP alone was difficult for current players, but Shi Feng had already reached Level 70, had a Bloodline, and possessed multiple Fragmented Legendary items. Including the Ring of Brilliance’s effects, he had as much as 260,000 HP. He was even sturdier than a Level 70, Tier 2 MT.

This was what made monsters fearsome. Despite the fact that their combat standards were no match for players’, their extraordinarily high HPs rendered players helpless. Unless players’ combat power far surpassed the monsters they fought, they’d have no choice but to flee.

HP was one of the weaknesses solo players faced. Even if a solo player were stronger than a Boss, they’d never defeat the monster unless they had the help of certain tools.

However, after blocking the latest attacks, Shi Feng finally saw a ray of hope.

There was no doubt that his Strength was no match for the golden longswords, so his ability to deflect and direct the weapons was limited. However, sending the flaming weapons toward the Elemental Prayer wasn’t impossible. Only, his grasp of positioning and timing had to be perfect. This was also the first time he had to deflect five attacks with so much Strength, so he severely lacked the proper experience.

After taking a brief moment to consider his next move, Shi Feng began to attack the Realm Lord again.

Like before, the eight golden longswords flew toward him from multiple directions. This time, however, Shi Feng immediately activated Void Shield, the translucent barrier enveloping his body.

Sword’s Transmigration!

Boom! Boom!

Two golden longswords struck the Void Shield, and the five blades Shi Feng deflected landed near the Elemental Prayer’s feet, missing the Boss by a few inches.

Did I attack too soon? Seeing the flaming longswords land at the Elemental Prayer’s feet, Shi Feng knew he had been too hasty, resulting in an undesirable outcome. He needed to make some minor adjustments.

Despite seeing the Elemental Prayer launch another round of attacks, Shi Feng deliberately maintained his speed.


Three golden longswords flew into the Void Shield simultaneously. Fortunately, Shi Feng had sent one of the five longswords he had deflected into the Elemental Prayer’s foot.

A damage of over -300,000 appeared above the Realm Lord’s head, far exceeding what Shi Feng’s normal Skills were capable of.

This excited Shi Feng.

The outcome was almost as he had imagined. The system calculated the damage monsters dealt to each other differently than the damage they dealt to players. Although the flaming weapon had lost a fraction of its power after Shi Feng had deflected it, it still dealt far more damage than what he could manage.

Now, Shi Feng, more or less, understood why the various superpowers in the past had kept such a tight lid on their Bronze Combat Techniques.

Mastering a Bronze Combat Technique like Sword’s Transmigration was far more powerful than obtaining a Curse or Taboo Skill. Even without external tools, players would have the potential to solo high-ranked Bosses with such a technique.

The successful experience gave Shi Feng a far better grasp of his timing.

Following which, Shi Feng returned another dozen attacks to the Elemental Prayer. Moreover, his deflections became more accurate with each successful attempt. Initially, he had only been able to hit the Guardian Boss with one of the golden longswords, but eventually, he returned two flaming weapons, doubling his DPS and devouring the Realm Lord’s HP.

95%… 85%… 80%…

Although he wasn’t able to return the other three golden longswords he deflected, as he became more familiar with the process, he was able to nullify the remaining attacks. He no longer allowed any of the golden longswords to hit him.

Time quickly passed. When the Elemental Prayer’s HP fell to 30%, the Realm Lord went berserk and called down lighting to strike around it. This forced Shi Feng to activate Absolute Domain to survive.

“Foolish mortal! Burn to ash!”

The Elemental Prayer’s eyes lit with a scorching glow as it glared down at Shi Feng. Suddenly, the surrounding Mana began to surge toward the Guardian Boss, and the Mana storm that ensued prevented Shi Feng from approaching. The Elemental Prayer then raised its staff, manifesting a threefold magic array above its head that covered a 100-yard radius.

Raging Thunder!

Suddenly, arcs of golden electricity shot up from the ground.

A large-scale destruction Spell? Surprised, Shi Feng activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Fantasy Domain, which made him immune to all magic damage.

Magical-class Bosses generally possessed a few large-scale destruction Spells, but they didn’t normally cast the Spells when players were within melee range since such Spells didn’t differentiate between friend and foe. It was very easy to get caught within one’s own Spell if cast at close range. This was also why Shi Feng hadn’t bothered to use any of his own large-scale destruction Spells.

Yet, the Elemental Prayer before him cast its Spell without hesitation. The Guardian Boss intended to perish along with its enemy…

After Shi Feng activated Fantasy Domain, a sea of electricity enveloped everything within a 100-yard radius, with the Elemental Prayer in its center. Even the Guardian Boss suffered damage, his HP continuing to decrease. The golden arcs only began to dissipate after six seconds, having destroyed a significant portion of the hall. After its large-scale destruction Spell, the Realm Lord had only lost 5% of its HP.

What a powerful Spell. Was that a Tier 3 Curse? Shi Feng stared at the rising smoke on the Elemental Prayer’s body in astonishment.

If not for his Magic Immunity Skill, that attack would’ve killed Shi Feng. He barely had any Lightning Resistance, and his Magic Resistance alone wouldn’t have been enough. Clearly, the Elemental Prayer didn’t have that problem. As an Elemental Creature, its Magic Resistance was immensely high. Even after taking damage from its own Tier 3 Curse, it had only lost 5% of its HP, roughly 3,000,000 in total. If it were any other Boss, it would’ve lost at least 6,000,000 HP.

However, it was clear that the Elemental Prayer was slightly weaker after casting the Tier 3 Curse. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Feng fervently hacked and slashed at the Realm Lord. Fortunately, the eight golden longswords no longer had more Strength than Shi Feng, and as a result, he easily deflected the flaming weapons back at the Guardian Boss, taking more HP from it than before.

When the Elemental Prayer’s HP fell to 1%, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and finished it off with Instant Strike. With a short cry, the Elemental Prayer collapsed, transforming into countless particles of light.