Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2057 - Improving Sword's Transmigration

Chapter 2057 – Improving Sword’s Transmigration

Level 72 Elemental Guards wandered around the quiet hall supported by numerous stone pillars. They left no space for players to approach the hall’s center. As one approached the central crystal pillar, the Elemental Guards closed ranks.

The moment Shi Feng logged back into the game, he returned to clearing out these Elemental Guards.

Blackwater’s sudden business proposition and Zero Wing’s rapid development had helped Shi Feng realize that his Guild’s development had reached a bottleneck. Growing further would be painfully difficult with the Guild’s financial predicament.

Nowadays, Zero Wing’s fame and territory were growing. The Guild’s member count also continued to rise. Although he had been working to secure Zero Wing’s foundations and had restricted the recruitment conditions further, the Guild had still reached its financial limit.

Even an outsider like Blackwater could see this. It was easy to imagine that other Guilds had also noticed Zero Wing’s struggles.

Normally, a Guild would attempt to negotiate with companies and corporations for investment once it reached a developmental bottleneck.

Shadow had been the same in the past Due to the Guild’s rapid development, the Guild had desperately needed capital.

Only after receiving several large companies’ investments did the Guild continue its development, eventually becoming a second-rate Guild.

This was the most common option for upstart Guilds, although it also scattered the Guild’s shares, decreasing its cohesion.

Of course, there was another method to break past this bottleneck; a Guild could maintain its state or reduce its member count, ultimately slowing its development speed. Normally, Shi Feng might have chosen that option. At worst, it would allow other Guilds to surpass Zero Wing. However, now that the Auction Arena System had activated, the competition between the various major powers had reached a peak. If Zero Wing’s competition surpassed it now, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Guild were removed from God’s Domain entirely.

Hence, deliberately stifling Zero Wing’s development would only ensure a slow and imminent death.

Since he didn’t wish to share the Guild’s authority or abandon its phenomenal development speed, there was only one option available.

He had to earn a large sum of Credits through God’s Domain!

Shi Feng hadn’t had the means to do so in the past. God’s Domain’s resources weren’t easy to obtain, and converting them into Credits would be akin to putting the cart before the horse.

However, things were different in this life. Once he had entered the Ancient God’s Secret Maze, Shi Feng had realized that acquiring a large number of Credits through the game wasn’t necessarily impossible.

The Elemental Cores!

Not only could one synthesize Elemental Cores into Elemental Crystals, but they could also trade the cores for Stamina Gemstones from the Sea of Illusion’s 4-star Wandering Merchants.

Stamina was imperative to every player. Players’ Stamina largely restricted their activity in the fields. Hence, items that could increase one’s Stamina or Stamina regeneration were immensely valuable in God’s Domain.

Players could bind Stamina Gemstones to their equipment to improve their recovery rate. Each gemstone increased Stamina recovery rate by 7%, and the more of these gemstones one equipped, the faster they’d regain their Stamina.

Stamina Gemstones were one of the few items in God’s Domain that would never lose their value. No matter what level players reached, they still needed Stamina to move, and recovery took a long time.

However, players couldn’t obtain Stamina Gemstones from killing monsters; only 4-star Wandering Merchants sold the items. Moreover, each Wandering Merchant demanded a different price for the gemstones. The Wandering Merchants in the Sea of Illusion, a secret land in God’s Domain, required Elemental Cores for their Stamina Gemstones.

Several players had discovered the secret land early and made a fortune from it in the past. They had ventured across God’s Domain, purchasing Elemental Cores, and traded them for Stamina Gemstones in the Sea of Illusion. When the public eventually learned of this secret, the Elemental Cores’ prices had skyrocketed.

Now that Shi Feng could collect a large number of Elemental Cores from these Elemental Guards, he could use this opportunity to make a fortune by selling Stamina Gemstones. After all, no one had visited the Sea of Illusion, a Level 100 map, yet.

Realizing this, Shi Feng’s enthusiasm to grind the Elemental Guards reached new heights. He also began to use Divine Providence to increase his harvest.

Although killing these Elemental Guards was monotonous, Shi Feng considered it a good opportunity to refine his Bronze Combat Technique, Sword’s Transmigration.

High-Mana environments were extremely rare in God’s Domain, let alone one with denser Mana than Zero Wing City. He wouldn’t have to worry about his Stamina or Concentration consumption rates while using the Bronze Combat Technique here.

As Shi Feng repeated executed Sword’s Transmigration, he became more familiar with the technique. As a result, he could divert and use more of his enemy’s attacks.

Initially, he had only been able to take advantage of three enemy attacks at once, but after some practice, he could use four, then five attacks to his advantage. Moreover, the technique’s power increased substantially.

The closer he got to the central pillar, the closer the Elemental Guards clustered. If he weren’t careful, he would lure two Guards at a time, significantly increasing the time he needed to kill each. At first, he had spent nearly 30 minutes trying to kill the Elemental Guards that approached him in pairs, with more than 20 of those minutes focused on the first Elemental Guard. However, as he mastered Sword’s Transmigration, he eventually lowered that time to 20 minutes per pair.

Finally, after nearly two days of fighting, Shi Feng had eliminated all of the Elemental Guards in the hall.

During that time, Shi Feng had slain over 200 Elemental Guards, obtaining 727 Elemental Cores and 213 Epic Armor Kit Fragments. He now had enough to synthesize two complete Epic Armor Kits.

Even Shi Feng was stupefied by his harvest He had to admit that the Asura Mode trial was wondrous. He hadn’t even ventured past the Maze’s first hall, and he had yet to face the Guardian Boss, yet he had acquired enough of a bounty to make superpowers envious.

After organizing his loot, Shi Feng shifted his gaze toward the five-meter-tall, four-armed Elemental Prayer a short distance away. The Guardian Boss wore white robes and held a staff and a golden longsword.

Shi Feng hadn’t been particularly confident of defeating the Elemental Prayer earlier, but after improving his skill with Sword’s Transmigration, he was more than eager to fight the Guardian Boss.

As long as he won, he would obtain a Bloodline.

Stealthily, Shi Feng approached the Elemental Prayer from behind. Unsheathing his swords and activating Wind Blade, he transformed into a blur as he thrust his blades toward the Realm Lord’s back.